Meat Head


To the delight of many in the office, today’s FLW was Buca di Beppo. Under ordinary circumstances, I’d be pretty thrilled with it too, but since about halfway through the trip to Portland, a lot of food has just been… unappetizing to me. It kind of makes me sad, to tell you the truth. It’s like I’ve lost part of my identity (ahem, the part that wasn’t stolen, that is). But I digress…

We filled our plates with pasta, salad, and meatballs the size of my head. Not really feeling pasta or meat, I only took a bite or two of each thing before packing up my leftovers for later, but I chowed down hardcore on the salad. I anticipate I’m going to be a very happy girl when food starts appealing to me again and I can scarf down my leftovers. :)

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Breaking The Law


I don’t always spend my evenings inside police stations, but when I do, it’s [usually] outside of the holding cell.  ;)

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Washed Out


I didn’t plan on working from home today, but that’s accidentally what happened. At least there was one good thing to come of it – I was able to wash all my clothes from the trip to Portland. My washing machine is still broken (along with my lawn mower… they both died within the same week or so), so I headed over to the BFs house while he was at work and put in a load or two. Multi-tasking is the best!

I managed to get all of my laundry done while getting caught up on work stuff, so now I feel much, much better. It feels soooo good to be back on a schedule… at least for the next month or so. ;)

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Contrary to popular belief (ahem, MOM), I did buy some things that weren’t food out in Portland. One of those things was this super-cool bracelet, made out of forks. Yes, forks, the things you eat with. There’s a stall called Spoonman at the Portland Saturday Market (also open Sundays) that sells jewelry and other goods made out of utensils. Right up my alley, eh?

I also snagged a ring made from a spoon handle; it’s pretty neat as well. But the fork bracelet? By far my favorite thing I’ve bought in a long time, and I’m not even really into jewelry. It’s just so perfectly me that I couldn’t pass it up. At least it makes me smile every time I wear it, so it was well worth the money. Plus, if I’m ever wearing it and I’m in need of a fork, well, I’m good to go! ;)

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Turn Down For What


The past 48 hours:

39,287 steps tracked

2,554 miles flown

5 hours spent flying

3 hours spent in airports

2 hours slept (TOTAL)

9 hours bartending

Pshhht, who needs to rest and relax during vacation? Wimps.

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Forever 21


I think I’ve seen just about everything that Portland has to offer over the last week, so I wasn’t sure what I’d do today. I got about 45 minutes of sleep, and that happened right before housekeeping kicked me out of the hotel room. Needless to say, I’m a little… disoriented right now.

So I checked my bags at the front desk and trooped around Portland for one last day.

My first stop was for lunch since I’d missed breakfast while helping the BF get to the airport in the morning. I’d read good things about Nong’s Khao Man Gai, and it just so happened that Nong has a cart at the Portland State campus, just minutes from the hotel. So I traipsed through the campus and masqueraded as a college kid for a while. I seem to have fit right in. :) I ordered the khao man gai, which is a Thai dish of poached chicken breast, rice, and broth. Sounds bland and boring, but it was rather tasty. Plus, there’s a ginger-pepper sauce that comes with it, so that livens it up a bit. My stomach was really off today (no doubt due to eating out all week), so the bland-ish food actually hit the spot.

Later in the day, after wandering around for a few hours, I stopped and got a Greenleaf green juice (the namesake one), just for kicks. It was surprisingly spicy, and it made me feel a little better. I’ve decided that the prescription for making myself feel better and allowing myself to maybe possibly sleep when I get back to Pgh is to OD on veggies over the next 24 hours or so. I’m sure there are worse prescriptions.

Finally, for dinner, I grabbed a chili veggie bowl with quinoa from Prasad and took it back to the hotel. Now I’m sitting here in the lobby, passing the time until my train to the airport comes. Next stop: Pittsburgh! But not until tomorrow morning. :(

Wish me luck in not being super-cranky tomorrow at work.

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