Wrong Way


I had one heck of a morning.

Knowing I had to go to a different bus station because apparently street cleaning starts in April in Wilkinsburg (according to the street signs, at least), I made sure to leave the house with plenty of time to make my 9am meeting. When I got to the other station, I had to park wayyyyyyy far away, so I was running. I saw a bus up ahead at the stop, so I started booking it. As I ran, I stared at the bus, telepathically willing the driver to wait for me. This is how I’m sure the bus said P1 – from staring at it while running. Lucky for me, she did wait, and I was happy that I’d arrive at work with plenty of time to eat (drink) my breakfast and grab coffee before the meeting.

About halfway through the ride, as we were pulling away from the Negley station, I noticed that the next stop did not advertise Herron Avenue like it normally does, but instead it showed Negley at Centre. Before I even knew what was happening, we were heading off the ramp, into Oakland. Somehow, some way, the bus had morphed from a P1 to a P3. It was around this point that I panicked.

I knew from attending classes at Pitt that it’s easy to get a bus into Downtown from Oakland… but since I had panicked, I got off at one of the first Oakland stops, instead of a stop that more busses would hit. Rookie mistake. So I waited about 10 minutes until a 71C came along to take me Downtown. At this point, I was resigned to arriving late to the meeting, so I was able to sit back and enjoy the scenery a tiny bit.

In the end, I was only about 5 minutes late… but taking the wrong way into work sure did a number on my nerves for the day.

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Painted Sky


I’m going to be honest – I have no idea where today went. I was so busy and had so many lingering computer issues at work, that before I knew it, it was after 5 and I still felt like I had so much work to do. Eventually, I gave it up and caught the bus.

The first time I really had a chance to breathe and look around, it seems, is when I headed into Monroeville to start shopping for a friend’s wedding. As I heading back to my car with purchases in-hand, I looked up and saw what appeared to be a painted watercolor sky. Obviously, the iPhone camera doesn’t do it real-life justice, but it’s what I had on me. It was nice to take a second to just enjoy the colors… until someone almost ran me over.

Next time I’ll have to remember to look at the pretty colors from the comfort of my car and not the middle of the road. ;)

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You Better Think


Today was basically a wasted day at work, but a necessary day. Several months before I started working at this company, it was bought by a much (MUCH!) larger global corporation. Since that time, the company has s-l-o-w-l-y changed little things to incorporate more of the parent company ideals. For example, our logo changed a bit to include the parent company’s name. As of January 2014, we are now on the parent company’s holiday/vacation/compensation schedule and we switched over health care and 401(k) plans. And now, computer by computer, we are becoming nearly inseparable from the parent company. By the end of this week, all Pittsburgh office workers will have new parent company laptops, usernames, and email addresses. We’ll still temporarily have access to the old stuff, but they’ll be going away soon enough.

So today was my turn to get migrated to a new computer. I walked into the migration room with my old (trusty, perfectly-functioning) laptop at around 10:10 and I didn’t get to leave until after noon. When I got back to my desk with the new laptop, I had problem upon problem with connectivity issues and access. So did everyone else. We all pretty much spent the entire day trying to figure out how to access things that should be easily accessible (but for some reason, aren’t) and learning how to sync things like email and calendars on our phones. Add to that the sporadic network outages we were having, and I just had a super fun day.

For a computer named ThinkPad, you’d think it’d be a bit more intuitive… instead, it just caused a world of trouble.

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Reuse & Recycle


I’m a big fan of leftovers. Huge fan, really. They’re especially wonderful on dreary-looking days like today when all you want to do is take a nap.

I reused yesterday’s grilled salmon and veggies (and mango chunks!) for dinner tonight and recycled them into a ginger-teriyaki feast with some brown rice. The marinade I used yesterday pre-grilling was a balsamic-rosemary concoction, so I wasn’t sure how the addition of ginger and teriyaki was going to turn out… but it ended up tasting pretty awesome.

Plus, I still have even more leftovers in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. I’m going to be salmon-ed out after this week!

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Sunday Bloody Sunday


Earlier this week, the BF suggested we head to brunch on Sunday. I had a pretty terrible night at work last night, so brunch this morning sounded amazing. It’s like… he gets me. :)

Our first choice, E2, had a huge line, so we decided to travel south to the South Side, where we found that Double Wide Grill had plenty of available seating. I’ve never been to DWG, but I’ve heard good things. I also liked the fact that it has a full bar - I opted for a Bloody Mary, being an official brunch drink n’at. The BF got some sort of SoCo + Malibu drink that tasted like the beach. I also rocked some coffee and some water. I was well-hydrated by the time we left.

For our meals, the BF got the Pulled Porky Pancakes and I got the Carnivore’s omelet with egg whites. Maybe it’s because I’ve been rolling breakfast smoothies at my morning routine for the past 2+ weeks, but I really liked my omelet and the rosemary sea salt potatoes that came on the side. There was a lot of meat, a respectable amount of cheese, onions, peppers, and fluffy egg whites. I was a happy kid.

I didn’t read any reviews of the place before we went there, but I checked them out after. I’m happy to report that we had no issues with the service, and everything was really good. I would absolutely go back again, though most likely not on a Friday or Saturday night (ahem… OLD).

The brunch set us up for a good rest of the day, too – we went to Costco (my new favorite place), where I purchased what amounts to a year’s worth of allergy pills and sunscreen; afterwards, I gave Winnie Cooper her first bath of 2014, grilled some salmon + veggie kabobs, and cleaned up a bit around the house. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel energized and ready to start a new week. So happy it’s finally starting to feel like spring. It’s funny how weather changes everything. :)

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