Early Bird

I can’t say I like waking up when it’s still dark out, but at least I got to see this gorgeous sunrise on my way out the door on this early morning. I’d better get used to it, too – I have to get to work super-early tomorrow and Friday to continue a multi-day (allll day long) class at work. Good thing I like learning.

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Don’t Spray It

Sometimes I try to analyze the graffiti at the bus stop. For this one, what I believe the artist is trying to say is, “Say it, don’t spray it.”

I never said I was good at art analysis.

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Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

While out on a walk today, I saw this gigantic cluster of yellow daisies (or what I assume to be yellow daisies, anyway) that was taller than me.

Imagine all the cute updos a person could decorate with all those flowers!

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Hoity Toity

Today after work, I did something that I never ever thought I’d do – I bought something at Nordstrom.

I’ve held out for so long because I generally don’t feel welcome in that store – I’ve always gotten the impression that it’s for the independently wealthy and doctors or lawyers; i.e., people with a lot of disposable income. I, obviously, am not one of those people… and the salespeople can tell (I’m sure my Old Navy flip flops don’t help matters). So I generally feel completely out of place in there, and I usually avoid it so that I don’t feel poor.

Except today.

I’ve been looking for a new pair of boots for about a month now – both in stores and by scouring Amazon and Zappos – so today was sort of my last-ditch effort. I tried Macy’s, then Penney’s, then Journeys and a few others… and finally I decided to just have a look around the shoe department at Nordstrom’s. I knew basically what I wanted (Frye boots), but I didn’t want to spend $400 if I could help it. After just a few minutes of wandering around in the store, I found a pair of clearance Sam Edelman boots that looked pretty cute. The price, less than half of the price of a pair of Fryes, was just a teensy bit more than what I wanted to pay, but considering they were on sale and I was tired (I hadn’t been home since 9am), I examined them closer. And as is typical with me, I knocked over two other boots as I picked up one of the Sam Edelmans. A nearby saleswoman stifled a laugh, but it was a good-natured laugh; not the derisive kind. She asked me if I wanted a different size, and then hung out with me for a few minutes while I tried on a couple different sizing options, cracking jokes all the while. Honestly, I like the boots a lot, but her nice attitude is probably what pushed me to buy the boots. I was just surprised. Very pleasantly surprised.

Now, will I seek out more deals in Nordstrom? Probably not on a regular basis. Maybe once I win the lottery or marry Sidney Crosby (or Neil Walker… I’m not picky). But for now, I’ll just be satisfied with my boots. :)

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Coffee with Cream

I’m actually really excited to go back to work tonight, but before I do, I need to finish today’s little project. I’ve been slowly working on the base for some coffee ice cream {decaf} all morning; I still need to put the finishing touches on it, though. Hopefully, after I’m done with work tomorrow, I’ll get a chance to actually do the churning part of it. And if not? Well, there’s always Monday.

Happy Saturday, y’all!

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Sundae Kind of Love

Fearing the impending cold weather, I jumped at the chance to head to Page’s Dairy Mart tonight, for perhaps the last time this year. Instead of my usual South Side Shake, though, I opted for the infamous Yinzer Sundae. This concoction… wow. There are no words for how amazing it was. Page’s regularly delicious vanilla soft-serve was smothered with hot caramel and heath bar crumbles, gently smooshed by a piece of warm blondie on either side of the dish, and then topped with whipped cream and nuts.

I didn’t stand up to the vacuum nickname, though, and could only down a few bites before I had to give up. I blame it on the sinus infection that makes me want to fall asleep by 9pm every night. But true to form, the leftovers are in the freezer, so I’ll probably be able to have a little bit of Yinzer Sundae every day for the rest of the month.

I think I may have found my new ice cream love. Sorry, South Side Shake, you’ve been replaced. :)

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