Getting in the Spirit

I bought these little jelly window clings probably two or three years ago, and I just found them the other day, still sealed in their packaging. Even though I like celebrating one holiday at a time, I figured these are kind of holiday-neutral – they’re really just winter decorations, no? Nothing about them is specific to Christmas, so I’m still free to celebrate Thanksgiving without the fear of encroaching Christmas decorations.

Even so, I’m kind of digging the feeling of being in the holiday spirit early this year. It’s sorta nice. :)

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Flip-Turned Upside Down

When the best part of the day is work (and free Greek food), and the absolute worst part by far is volleyball (as it has been for a few weeks now), I can’t help but feel like down is up and left is right. The fact that I dislike one of my teams so much that I’m desperate to quit just 1/3 of the way through the season is a testament to just how strange things have been. I’m usually the rah-rah person on the team and I’d typically choose volleyball over almost anything else… but now I’d choose everything else over this team. It’s perplexing and frustrating and just downright stressful.

So if anyone wants to play on a semi-competitive volleyball team on Wednesday nights, please let me know. I’m not the type to leave my team in a lurch, but it’s to the point where I spend the entire week dreading Wednesday nights and why be miserable if I don’t have to? Bonus: if you love playing volleyball, it’s a year-round team AND it’s relatively cheap!

For real, though, somebody please take my spot before I throw a nutty on the court. Please please please. I’m literally begging.

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Changing States

Word on the street is that it’s a little chilly outside. You’d know this if you worked in my office or rode my bus – it seems to be the only thing people are talking about.

Even my body wash is in on it – it must have gotten so cold in the bathtub today that the body wash started changing states from a liquid to a solid. It’s usually a dark translucent brown; now it’s an opaque milky brown. I’ve got to say, that’s a first…

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Against The Wind

While everyone else in the office was whining about the cold and trading weather forecasts, I was bundling up to brave the elements for tonight’s run. 2 pairs of pants (1 was running tights), 3 tech shirts, a zip-up fleece, and a hat later, I was ready to go… except I forgot to bring along gloves. Luckily, the sleeves on one of my shirts were extra-long and I was able to cover my knuckles until I warmed up.

When I set out, I didn’t realize that I’d be running against the wind for over half of the journey, and every time the wind blew, I felt like I was doing tackle dummy drills. When I got close to the Point, a gust of wind came at me from the side and knocked me off balance a bit, which wasn’t fun, but it really sucked for the poor duck in front of me that got swept off the sidewalk and into the freezing water. The poor thing was very surprised and didn’t seem to understand how he’d ended up wet. :)

And then it was sleeting or snowing, I’m not sure which, and my eyeballs were being pelted by what felt like shards of glass. I remember when I had a scooter, I had a pair of anti-glare glasses that I wore at night to protect my eyes from wind and rain (and one time, hail)… I’m thinking I need to dig those out of storage and take them with me on inclement weather runs. Wouldn’t that be quite a sight – a girl dressed all in black, running/dancing/skipping/grapevining along the river, wearing anti-glare glasses… :P

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Red Eye

In what is quickly becoming my favorite part of the week, the BF and I headed out to brunch this morning. Because I work a lot, the BF and I usually don’t get to go out on Saturdays, and if I’m working on Friday too, then we hardly get to see each other for that week. But working Sundays is rare (though not nonexistent), and I can usually count on at least seeing him then. Plus, it’s great timing-wise – it allows me to sleep until 8:30 or 9 after not getting to sleep until after 2 (or 3:30 last night), and then I get to eat both breakfast and lunch at the same time. It’s such a win. I wish brunch could happen every day.

Today we tried 1947 Tavern, which is right across the street from my beloved Harris Grill. The server was quick to bring us coffee and water, both of which were much-needed after such a late night last night. After browsing the menu and inquiring about the bloody mary bar, I placed my order for the Chicken & Biscuits meal and the BF got the Home Skillet. The prix fixe brunch special allows for 2 bloody marys or 2 mimosas, but we opted for just one and the server said that was fine… but after the BF paid, he noticed that we were charged for the prix fixe anyway… so that was a little odd. Also strange was the fact that the server was talking up the cheddar bacon biscuits as an appetizer… but when our meals arrived (they both came with a biscuit), we both thought the biscuits tasted freezer-burnt and kind of tough and hard, like they’d been thrown directly from the freezer to the oven without thawing and they’d gotten too rough around the edges.

The rest of the meal was pretty good, though. The fried chicken on my plate was a little unflavorful, but it tasted fine enough to eat. The bacon fat potato hash with red eye gravy was the highlight of the meal. My meal was also topped with crispy homemade onion rings, and they were quite tasty. I didn’t even make it through a quarter of my meal before I had to stop – there’s a TON of food on the plate/skillet. For someone who was so hungry before we got to the restaurant, it seems my eyes were much bigger than my stomach. What I could have done with more of was coffee, but the server never asked if we wanted refills. Of all days, today was a day when I could have used a hefty refill or two.

Honestly, I’m not so sure how I feel about coming back to 1947 Tavern. I really wanted to like it, but the stale biscuits + the tasteless chicken + the weirdness with being charged for the prix fixe when we didn’t order that + the lack of coffee refills (which seems to be a breakfast/brunch prerequisite)… I just don’t know if I’d be willing to go back. There are so many great brunch options around town, and it doesn’t make sense to pay that much for something that’s just mediocre when you can pay the same (or less) for food that’s much much better. Who knows, though, maybe it was an off-day, or maybe they had some new staff… without having intimate knowledge of a restaurant, it’s hard to tell what the real issues are. But for the time being, I think it’s safe to say the BF and I will be choosing other brunch spots around town.

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Time Warp

Back in November 2004, my roommates Carrie and Allison dragged me along to my first ever viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We were in Paris, and we were going to some little theatre I’d never noticed, on a street I’d walked down a million times before. As we stood outside and waited to get in, they wrapped a hot pink boa around me and told me, “Don’t think, just have fun.” Great advice in most situations (I’m a chronic over-thinker), but especially apt when going to see RHPC for the first time.

I wasn’t prepared for all the actors acting out the scenes on a stage, and I wasn’t prepared for rice being thrown (or anything being thrown, for that matter). But I came out of the theatre and immediately regretted not going sooner – it was such a blast!

Sadly, it has taken me almost exactly 10 years to go see it again, mostly due to the fact that I work almost every Saturday. But as luck would have it, we got out of work an hour or so early tonight, and I finally got to cross this one off my 14 in ’14 list. Full disclosure, though – The Oaks Theatre is temporarily shut down, so we went to The Hollywood Theatre in Dormont instead. A little annoying to get to with the tunnels closed, but I made do and met the BF there after I was done restocking the bar.

The big difference I noticed between the French version of the show and the American version is that there was a lot more shouting during the American version. Both versions were screened in English (contrary to what you might expect while in France), but the audience tonight was following along with the supplemental script that’s provided online. So if you’d never seen the movie before (like the BF’s friend who joined us), you’d probably have no clue what was going on. But it was a lot of fun, and I have to give the volunteer actors all the credit in the world – girls were running around in skimpy lingerie totally unselfconsciously… and the girl who was cast as Brad tonight went topless, save for a pair of pasties. That takes guts.

I’d definitely recommend going to see the movie/stage production sometime, even though it does start late (doors open at 11:45pm). It’s super fun, and it’s a great way to wind down an evening. :)

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