Blame It On The Rain

Blame It On The Rain

When I left the gym this evening, I was so exhausted that I felt like collapsing in the middle of the street with rain falling on me. The thought of walking to my car was almost too much to bear. Between the workout and the day I had at work, I was pooped. I’m sure the cloudy, rainy weather didn’t help the situation much, either.

The workday was so tiring because I had to keep fielding the same question over and over – “Did someone punch you?!” No joke, I must have answered that question a good eight times today. Most of the time I played it off as a joke (“Ha, yeah, things get a little squirrelly over here!”), but at one point, my boss’s boss pulled me into his office and asked me if I was okay and asked what happened to me. Eye troubles are what happened to me, obviously, but it’s weird since it seems to look even worse now than it did two weeks ago. The same people that asked me if I was okay today are the same people who saw me when most of the left side of my face was swollen; now it’s just the corner of my eye. People must think I’m a legit hot mess.

So yeah, work and the gym were exhausting. So exhausting, in fact, that I couldn’t even be bothered to eat more than a quarter of a frozen wedding cookie for dessert. A few bites in, and the chewing was just too much work for me.

Sort of makes me wonder how I’m still awake now and it’s after 11:30 pm. Hmm…

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I’m supposed to be in Baltimore right now, eating dinner at a place called Chaps Pit Beef and then rolling over to Dangerously Delicious Pies for dessert. Yet, here I am, in Pittsburgh, on my couch.

My business trip that I was supposed to leave for at around 2pm was canceled at around 1:10 – talk about last minute. The cancellation had nothing to do with me, but it did mean that I had to cancel my hotel reservation and my dreams of beefy sandwiches for dinner. I was actually pretty disappointed – I’ve only been to the airport in Baltimore; never in the city itself. Also, all the food that I researched looked mighty fine. I had some dinner envy tonight.

But while I was working on cancelling my room for the night, my mom was emailing me, yelling at me to go to the doctor again for my eye. Yes, the same eye that has been in pain for the last two weeks. I got tired of whining about it, but it’s still painful, and as you can see, it’s still a hot mess. ;) So I tried some new search terms and did a little Dr Google diagnosing, and then called my regular eye doctor to see if my issue is even something they normally handle. They were able to fit me in at 4:45 this afternoon, and wouldn’t you know, what I thought was wrong is what’s actually wrong – dacryocystitis. When I told the doctor I’ve been dealing with this for two weeks, she visibly shuddered. I think it’s because my eye is so darn sexy right now. ;)

This means that MedExpress is useless (which I kind of knew already), but to be honest, the first step would have been the same anyway – antibiotics. The antibiotics obviously have not done their job, so the next step is to go see an oculoplastics surgeon. She told me that there’s a decent possibility that, given the fact the antibiotics didn’t work, I might have to have surgery. Luckily, I’m a pro at surgery, so that’s no big thing. Hey, medically-necessary nose job, what’s to hate? (The issue is inflammation of the lacrimal sac, which is between the eyeball and the nose, which could be caused by growth in my nose bone. This means that my lacrimal sac is not draining as it should. Treatment could mean shaving part of the bone on my nose.)

So while I’m bummed that I’m not eating awesome food in Baltimore, and that I might need to have surgery (at the very least, this means more doctors, which, YUCK), I do feel a little self-righteous knowing that I was right about my eye. I’m practically a doctor, you guys. All I need is one of those little prescription pads… :)

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My (our?) parents came home from their camping trip today, and Tank was pretty pumped. We had a fun time together, but he missed the rest of his people… and his big brother. We’d be in the middle of fetching balls or snuggling on the couch, and he’d whine a little bit; if we were in the house, he’d go lay where Taco normally lays. So yeah, even though they beat up on each other and sometimes I think they might kill each other (like, actually kill – they bare teeth and growl and it’s a little scary), I think they really do love each other. When we picked Taco up at the doggy spa, Tank couldn’t contain himself and he pounced on him in the parking lot. I swear I saw them kiss hello, but they may have just been trying to eat each others’ faces.

Once we got them both home and they were “free range” again, it was mayhem as they chased each other around the house. I thought Tank was a handful by himself at times (so! much! puppy! excitement! all! the! time!), but the two of them together equals insanity.

But still, they’re so darn cute together. Even if they won’t look at the camera at the same time. :)

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Precious Moments


Tank had his first taste of ice cream tonight, and I got to live up to the title “bad influence” big sister. My mom was a little sad that she wasn’t there for his first ice cream, but she enjoyed the pictures anyway. 

Other than the ice cream trip, we played a lot, watched tv, and I tested just how terrible he is at catching things. I threw chunks of baby carrots at him (both he and Taco love carrots and apples), and each time, they hit him square in the forehead and he just blinked. Not much of a catcher, this one. But he sure is cute. :)

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Furry Face

If anyone needs me this weekend, just search for this fur face, since I’m puppy-sitting him this weekend (Taco is at the doggy “spa”) and he’s stuck like glue to me. :)

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Gone Nuts

Gone Nuts

It seems like once a summer, we have a night where PSL cancels our sand volleyball games even though there are sunny skies… but then on a night like tonight, when it’s raining, they don’t cancel the games. It makes no sense to me, and frankly, it’s hard to plan for.

Not wanting to miss out on a workout when our game would most definitely be canceled (spoiler alert: it wasn’t), I headed to the gym directly after work. I really thought our game would be canceled, as it was pouring down rain in Squirrel Hill at the time of the first game. I was so sure of it that I grabbed the one and only thing available in my car for a snack instead of planning for a real snack; it just so happened that I had a bag of peanuts from last night’s baseball game hanging out in the car. The problem was, I was trying to eat shell-on peanuts while I was driving to the gym, so I didn’t get to eat very many. Certainly not enough to power me through a workout and then a sand volleyball game. So yeah, by the time volleyball rolled around, I was pretty hungry and tired.

But it was sand volleyball, and as much as I wouldn’t have minded our game being postponed tonight, I was (as always) very glad I got to play. :)

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