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Ugh. I need to get the concept of a “cheat day” out of my mind for good. Back to normalcy on Monday, but in the meantime… maple bacon paczki. NOMS. 🙂

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Five Things Friday: 02/24/17 Edition


It. Is. Freaking. GORGEOUS out there today, Pittsburgh peeps. I know we’re going to pay for this awesomeness in the long term, but for right now, get out there and take a walk or just do something outside. I just came back from a 2-hr long walk that was completely necessary in order for me to 1) enjoy the weather and 2) work off some (read: LOTS OF) nervous energy. I’ve felt sick all morning long due to emails I’ve received that may or may not have something to do with the interview (it sucks when you’re in the circle just enough to know something might be happening, but not enough to actually ask questions), and because I’m just generally really anxious about this process. It would be a different story if the outcome of this interview would only change my life a little, but its impact could be enormous. Hence, I’m appropriately nervous.

BUT, in just a few short hours, it will be out of my hands and I can go about the rest of my day enjoying the amazingness that is 75 degrees and sunny weather in late February. ❤

  1. Currently Reading: I finished Sweetbitter and moved on to The Vacationers. I freaking LOVE The Vacationers! I can’t explain why without sounding like a complete nutjob, but I’ve been loving it and reading it in every moment of my spare time. It’s the first book I’ve read by Emma Straub, but I can guarantee it won’t be my last.
  2. Currently Eating: We had DiBella’s yesterday, and if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a half of a Godfather sub. So I had a “cheat lunch” yesterday, and I’m having a “cheat dinner” tonight – I have plans to meet up with a friend at The Vandal in Lawrenceville. Didn’t realize they’re BYOB, and after this whole interview process I’m going to need a drink, so if I can manage to make it to Lawrenceville early, I’ll be grabbing a drink (or two) somewhere. I’ve heard great things about The Vandal, though, so I’m cautiously optimistic. And besides, it’s obvious I’m pretty tightly wound after these last few weeks – I could use a night off without responsibilities.
  3. Currently Watching: I finished season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and then watched all of the new season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix (finally, I know). I finished that this morning, so I’m kind of at a loss for what I might watch when I get home tonight. Maybe I’ll just read instead?
  4. Currently Loving: OMG. If you do nothing else that makes you feel warm and fuzzy today, please please PLEASE check out the WeRateDogs twitter account. I’m completely obsessed, and it makes me giggle every time I read through it. I love it so much!
  5. Currently Anticipating: 3pm and 4pm. Finding out whether life is going to drastically change or stay the same. Finding out the answers to the emails that tripped me up this morning. Dinner at The Vandal. Work tomorrow. Beautiful weather. In short, lots of things I’m anticipating and have little control over. 😉


Happy weekend, folks! I hope you the weather is amazing where you are and that you get to enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂 ❤

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I’m Walkin’

I'm Walkin'

I took every opportunity possible to enjoy the amazing weather today – I walked everywhere!

For the first time ever, I went into the office but didn’t drive at all – I walked from home down the big hill to the bus and then walked back up it at the end of the day. It didn’t take as long as I’d expected – maybe 10 minutes walking down and about 12 walking up? It was a nice way to get in some extra exercise, especially in the morning. I anticipate I’ll be doing that a lot more often when the weather is consistently nice, assuming life stays the way it is right now.

We had a late volleyball game tonight, so I took some time before our game to walk around Polish Hill. Since I’m very likely taking the spring season off from playing (no matter what happens – all my favorite things seem to happen on Thursday nights), I wanted to soak up the atmosphere in the neighborhood while it was nice out. I think most – if not all – of us expected this to be our last game of the season – tonight was the first night of playoffs and we historically fail pretty spectacularly during the playoffs. But to our surprise, we won and we get to play again next week. So I guess I’ll have one more night to wander around and take random pictures, if I so choose.

All the walking gave me some quiet time to think, and it thoroughly tired me out. Here’s hoping I’m able to get some sleep tonight! 🙂

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My life this week so far has been consumed with thoughts of Lasts and Firsts, and just a lot of nostalgia in general. There’s no guarantee that Friday’s interview will go well, or that I’ll get the job I’m trying to get… or even that I’ll accept it if it’s offered to me. It constitutes an enormous change that would completely turn my life upside down – and even if life is turned upside down for the better, it’s still turned upside down. There would be no more working in Downtown Pittsburgh, no more business trips that I can use as an excuse to explore a city’s food and drink scene, no more volleyball (at least until summer, when I’ll need to work something out), possibly no more bartending, and possibly (probably) no more volunteering (which might truly kill me). Everything is kind of in limbo at the moment, as I wait to see if I even get the job, and if so, whether or not I decide to accept it.

So bearing all that in mind, you can maybe sort of understand why I almost started crying when I stepped into the gorgeous spring-like day to head to the bank this afternoon. I felt the warm breeze on my skin and glanced up to see an almost-perfect sky with a few fluffy clouds reflected in the windows of my work building. I took a deep breath and smelled the city smells I’ve come to take for granted, and then I almost cried. I love it here. I never thought I’d love working Downtown; I’ve always hated the commute and the crowds of people and the fact that it costs a gazillion dollars to park in a garage, and yet… if I were to leave, I would miss it terribly.

Early in the evening tonight, I stumbled on a friend’s video of the game-winning hit from last spring’s Pirates home-opener, and I almost cried again – I remember attending my first (and only) home-opener a few years ago, and I have fond memories of pausing work conversations over the years to celebrate each batch of home run fireworks that I could see and hear from my office. If I leave, no more watching the games from the 21st (previously the 24th) floor. No more excitement in the air on game days, and no more staying late at work to catch part of the night games from the office window.

I’m totally jumping the gun here, but as I told a friend recently, “I’m trying to plan for the most life-altering outcome.” It’s entirely possible I won’t be offered the job – I’ve doubted my qualifications from day one, even though others have said I’d be perfect for it. It’s also somewhat possible I won’t accept if I am (though that’s unlikely). But man, if I get it and take it, it’s going to be so bittersweet – I know it’ll be amazing and possibly the greatest thing I’ll do in my life, but there are so many things I’ll miss. The good news is that there’s really no downside to any of this – if I don’t get it, sure, I’ll be a little disappointed, but I’ll also be relieved that I won’t need to make a tough decision (and I won’t need to worry about trimming my monthly budget to accommodate a vastly minimized paycheck). And if I do get it, well, I think it has the potential to truly make me happy – and isn’t that the point to life?

Regardless, two more days until I get through the hard part. After that, who’s to say what will happen.

Two. More. Days.

Assuming I don’t have a panic attack or a heart attack before then. 😉

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Hog Wild

Hog Wild

I sort of “accidentally” worked from home today, mostly because my bed was the perfect temperature in the morning and I couldn’t bear leaving it. So I stayed in it and eased into my day, not bothering to fully put on clothes until after 5pm.

I managed to get some stuff done while I was working, though, including cleaning the bathtub and cleaning out the freezer. I moved a bunch of the almond flour brownies to the downstairs freezer, where I’ll likely forget about them until the next time I do a freezer inventory. But judging by my afternoon snack of brownie, ice cream, and whipped cream (shot straight into my mouth), you can hardly blame me for wanting to keep the brownies out of sight. 😉

Back to the office tomorrow. Wow, this week is flying by!

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Happy Monday, friends. Rumor has it a good portion of the country had off work today for President’s Day, but not yours truly. That’s okay, though, because I’m taking Friday off instead. Friday > Monday, right?

I’m taking Friday off because I have the final interview for the potential new job on Friday afternoon. I got a call this past Friday evening with the news that I’m moving on to the final round, and then today I got an email confirmation with the date/time/location of the interview. Within the email today, I also received information on the benefits package, which means I’ve been obsessively comparing and contrasting my current benefits to the new ones. I had a minor freak-out when I saw the PTO days, but it turns out I was looking at the wrong area – as a salaried employee, I’d be “exempt,” which means my starting days off would be close to what I currently have. There are a lot of things to think about, but at least the benefits are similar enough to not make too much of a difference.

If nothing else, even if the job doesn’t pan out (and I’d be fine with that… and not to mention a lot richer), this process is forcing me to think about what I really want out of life. Plus, it’s making me realize what I already have – I didn’t realize how awesome our benefits are until I started comparing them, and the spreadsheet doesn’t even account for the little perks, like Beer Friday, free lunches on Wednesdays and Thursdays, free Starbucks coffee (drip), free fresh fruit delivered to the office on Tuesday and Thursday, and a hefty per diem when we travel.

So no matter what, I’ve come to realize that I’m in a good place and I’ll still be in a good place even if I switch things up a bit. It’s nice to finally feel “comfortable” in life after needing to be scrappy for so long. 🙂


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