Pretend You Don’t Know Me

Pretend You Don't Know Me

All day long, I daydreamed of a quiet, uneventful night tonight. Then I realized I’d agreed to attend a special volunteer meeting after work, and still I thought I might make the uneventful thing happen – after all, I consider volunteer meetings to be like “coming home,” as I told someone tonight. So I hustled to take the bus to my car after work, and then drove back into town. Normally with a 6 or 6:30 meeting after work, I just walk from Downtown, but I was on-call tonight. A very big part of me didn’t want to deal with the hassle of driving back in, and I was soooo close to just walking there and leaving my car at the park & ride, but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry – if, in the unlikely event, I received a call while I was at the meeting, I’d need my bag with me (and the bag was in the car). Never mind the fact that I didn’t have my “disaster shoes” with me; I was wearing crocs ballet flats (don’t judge me).

So off I went to Wilkinsburg to get my car, and then back into town. I still managed to be early, so I dropped my stuff off, grabbed an on-call sheet as a precaution, and went out for a walk. Welp, the walk turned into a run, because not 10 minutes into the walk, my phone rang with a call from our Philly office. This meant I had to run back to the chapter to get the info I’d missed (because I was standing on the corner of a very busy (LOUD) street and it was hard to hear the dispatcher). When I got back inside, everyone was all excited because we haven’t seen each other in like five days (warm fuzzies!), but then I had to explain that I couldn’t hang out for the meeting because I had to leave. Luckily, the person I was on the schedule with also decided to come to the meeting, so we were able to save some time.

The scene was unlike anything I’d experienced before, but luckily it wasn’t too bad. There was caution tape everywhere, though, and the fire chief led us behind it and into the scene. It was at this point that I noticed the news crew filming, but I tried to ignore them; we had stuff to do. We managed to do our thing and then we left. As we were walking away, we heard the news reporter finishing up what must have been her millionth take, and we heard her talking about our organization… and then I realized that we’d been walking in and out of her shot all night. I don’t care about a reporter having to do re-shoots, but I do care about appearing on TV… meaning, I don’t want to. Especially when I’m not expecting it. But lo and behold, my mom just confirmed that she saw me on the news. Crocs and all.

Maybe she should just pretend she doesn’t know me, and not tell anyone about this tomorrow. People are going to call her parenting into question if they see the dubious choices I make in footwear.😉

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Started From The Bottom

Started From The Bottom

I’ve had a pretty darn crazy – but really good – day, especially considering the hour it started.

I was woken up at crazy o’clock for a disaster call, but it was the kind of call where I needed to call and wake up staff members instead of actually heading out. Because this incident was a special case, we needed to create a report to send to our regional office. Since I’ve been getting my feet wet in some staff stuff, I offered to create the report and send it to a manager for final edits and approval. Only after everything was sent and I was cc’d on the communication was I told that the report was routed through our chapter and our region, then our division, then it went to Headquarters and the CEO of the whole company. As if that weren’t terrifying enough, the report was then routed to the President of the United States. Yes, friends, I sat half-naked at my computer before 6 am and drafted a report that President Obama saw. From lowly volunteer to presidential adviser (not really, he probably barely even glanced at it). Still. Started from the bottom, now we here!

All of this hustle and bustle meant that I was wide awake by 6, and then couldn’t fall back asleep because my neighbors thought it was a great idea to start cutting down trees at 7 am. I wasn’t such a happy camper… but I did manage to get a TON of work done today. I don’t want to make this the start of a trend – I despise mornings and believe they shouldn’t be allowed to exist – but there’s something great about getting most of your work done by 1 pm.

Plowing through work in the morning allowed me much of the afternoon to work on my to-do list for the day. Part of that list entailed cleaning up my living room, my kitchen, my “hammock room”/office, and my bedroom. Through the course of the afternoon, not only did I find some papers I was looking for, but I also found a crisp $20 bill, an unused $25 AmEx gift card, a bunch of change, and insane amounts of Easter candy. I feel like I’m swimming in money right now. Who knew $45, some change, and some candy that I don’t even want to eat could make me feel so rich??

I still have a few things left on my to-do list, but I’ve offered myself up for another incident that happened earlier today, so I’m not sure I’ll get to finish it up. The last item on the list is “get a decent amount of sleep,” so hopefully I’ll at least manage to cross that one off!🙂

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I’ve been waiting soooo patiently for the leaves to turn colors. We’re rapidly nearing the end of October, and will you look at those leaves? I mean, really. I love the [mostly] warmer weather that’s no doubt the reason for the forever-green leaves, but I’ve been trying to keep a schedule for the 16 in ’16 seasonal photo documentary pictures. The spring one was taken in March, the summer one in June, and I was aiming for September for the autumn one. But back in September, the picture looked almost exactly the same as June’s. In fact, today’s doesn’t look all that far off either, except for one thing – the Phipps Conservatory people moved the bench back to the other side of the sidewalk. Lest you think I’m losing my mind, here’s proof. I know that if I were to wait until my next opportunity to get to Phipps, it would be raining (or snowing – eek!) or the leaves will have completely fallen… today was probably my best shot for a “fall” picture. Darn you, Mother Nature.

Luckily (?), I assume the next one won’t be so difficult to take – once the leaves fall, they FALL, and the trees should be fairly bare by the time December or January rolls around for the winter picture. Thank goodness I was able to enjoy a little more of the nice weather today before that season starts! ::shudders::

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Comfy Cozy

Comfy Cozy

Today was such a blergh day, weather-wise, that I decided to spend almost the entire morning in bed. My plan was almost foiled by a fire call, but it was a mistake, so I was able to get back under the covers. I did a little volunteer work with documentation stuff, but other than that and getting some coffee, I stayed comfy cozy all morning.

The afternoon and evening were another story entirely since I had to go to work, but at least I had part of the day to rest up a bit. Thank goodness tomorrow’s supposed to be a little warmer!🙂

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Five Things Friday: 10/21/16 Edition

Another week is in the books, folks, and it flew by at warp speed.

Someone asked me recently after taking a peek at my calendar, “Why do you pack your schedule so tightly? That’s crazy!” My answer at the time was that I don’t like having time to think – thinking leads to overthinking, which leads to bad things – but another answer might be that it keeps me on my toes and my life is never boring. Another unexpected side effect is that entire weeks go by and I have no idea what I’ve done because it’s all just a blur. Welcome to my life.

  1. Currently Reading: I’m still working on Wheat Belly Total Health, but I’m taking a little break from it. That’s because I got sidetracked by a book that is nothing like anything I’ve ever read before (nor wanted to read before), Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People. I hesitate to include that in my list for today, because this is hardly a religious blog, and I’m not at all religious myself. To be honest, I’m kind of lost on the subject, and I hate thinking about it (and this is not my invitation to turn the comments section into a debate forum, so please don’t). But for whatever reason, I was drawn to this book as though it had a magnetic pull, and I haven’t been able to put it down. I love it because the author is completely real – she’s a Lutheran pastor and she swears a lot and talks about her past of addiction and promiscuity, and her relationship with religion seems to be a begrudging one. The experiences she details in the book very closely mimic a lot of things I’ve gone through myself, and she seems to approach them the way I do (although with a bit more of a hat tip to the whole religion thing). Especially these days, as I’m struggling to be a better person and to forgive and forget, I’m finding a lot of unexpected comfort in this book. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s legitimately funny at times. So yeah, I’m so glad I was drawn to the book, and it’s proving to be a great read.
  2. Currently Eating: Still mostly avoiding grains and added sugars, and I feel amazing. I can’t believe how easy it’s been; I really thought I’d have a hard time with it and try to bargain with myself. But nope, I have very little – if any – desire to eat grains and added sugars these days. I did briefly consider getting ice cream earlier this week – it’s the last week/weekend for Page Dairy Mart to be open this year – but once I gave myself “permission” to go get some, I found I didn’t want it anymore, so I didn’t go. It’s funny how contrarian I am with myself.

    Eating this way has forced me to be a little more forward-thinking than I’m used to, and that’s proving to be a good thing. For example, earlier this week we had Moe’s for lunch at work. I knew this the night before, so I went to Aldi, picked up some salad fixins, and took them as part of lunch that day. So when the email came out that lunch was ready, I was able to make myself a chicken salad with my lettuce plus some Moe’s chicken, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, and salsa. I was able to plan ahead so I wouldn’t miss out – and I think that’s what would have bugged me, the missing out aspect since Moe’s usually consists of tortillas and/or tortilla chips.

    I was also prepared for our volunteer meeting last night, since we normally have pasta-based dishes for our team meeting. I brought some jerky and a string cheese with me to tide myself over through our volleyball game, but it turns out I didn’t need either one of them – whoever did the catering this week ordered rotisserie chicken, roasted vegetables, and fruit (along with a vegetarian pasta dish that I avoided). It’s as though whoever ordered has been reading this blog (don’t worry, I’m not so self-absorbed to believe that’s true). So once again, I didn’t have to miss out on stuff and I was able to enjoy dinner with the rest of the team. This grain-free/no added sugars lifestyle is easier than expected.

  3. Currently Craving: Nothing at all. No, really, nothing. It’s the weirdest thing. There’s so much space freed up in my mind these days now that I’m not thinking about what exciting things I’m going to buy at the store, or the ice cream I’m going to get later. I’m channeling the freed up brain space into volunteer stuff, so this is turning out to be a win-win for everyone. I really had no idea how much time I was spending on thinking about food before, maybe because it was one of my favorite things to do. But now that I’m not craving random things and I’m not wasting time or energy thinking about what I’m going to eat, I feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted from me. So weird.
  4. Currently Loving: Dudes, the Chile Lime seasoning from Trader Joe’s is ridiculous. I especially love it on egg whites, and it’s taken the place of ketchup for me. While it doesn’t have added sugar, it does have sodium (it’s a salt blend), so I’m trying to be careful with how much I use, but it’s fantastic. Highly recommended.

    Last night, after our team meeting, I stuck around to discuss some things. Eventually, there were only like 5 people left in the room, and I had just about the strangest (and nicest!) conversation ever. We were all talking in a little clump in a corner, and one person started off the conversation by saying to me, “It’s so funny, the stories everyone tells about you. You’re like an urban legend, but real. The bartending, the full-time job, volleyball, BBBS, the work you do with new volunteers, being on the schedule 7 days a week…” That’s both awesome and terrifying. Terrifying because really? People are talking about me? That’s scary, and I’m not sure I like that. But awesome because what a nice thing to say! Granted, I don’t know what else has been said, but at least there’s something nice in there! This was probably the first time in my life I’ve experienced chills and warm fuzzies at the same time.

    Also loving our volleyball team this season. I wasn’t 100% on board with this season thanks to injuries and a crazy-packed schedule, but we had an awesome time last night and we don’t suck nearly as bad as we did over the summer. At one point last night, I actually hit like a real volleyball player, with air time and everything. It’s not all that often that I “catch air.” It was so, so fun, and now I’m all-in. My foot doesn’t feel so great today, and I felt the bones moving around last night (what a weird feeling), but it was worth it.

  5. Currently Anticipating: Believe it or not, I’m kind of really excited for bartending tomorrow. Not for any real reason, but just because we’ve been having a really decent month for the first time in a loooooong time. I’m hoping this month is the gateway for a few more lucrative months due to the holidays. Regardless, we’re earning some money, and considering my full-time job’s paycheck was a few hundred short this month (they opened up stock options for us and I’m taking advantage of it), the extra money is very welcome.

    Also anticipating what will hopefully be a fun weekend on-call. I have a bunch of things I’ve agreed to take on/knock out, so even if we don’t get a call this weekend, I’ll still have plenty of things to do. Also, a lot of people who have been deployed for Hurricane Matthew are coming back this week, and I’ve had kind of an empty feeling without them the past couple weeks. I never realized how much I rely on some of those people, so I’m (selfishly) excited to have them back. The more I think of it, the more I realize I’m kind of like a really needy Labrador retriever – kind of like Taco is with me when I come home. All I want is for my favorite people to be around, and I will do absolutely anything for them.

    And now that I’ve compared myself to a dog, I should probably end this blog post.😉


Have a great weekend everyone, and stay dry!🙂

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

My day today is poised to be suuuuper long, but hopefully fun.

To start off the fun (maybe that should be in quotations? “Fun”), I went for my annual biometric screening and flu shot at work. I have a love/hate relationship with this process – on the one hand, I love that nurses come to our work and do this stuff for us and it’s a perfectly acceptable reason to disappear for a little while in the middle of the day. On the other hand, my results are always a little misleading. On paper, and specifically with these biometric screenings, I am the absolute picture of health. For real – normal weight, good BMI and body fat % (lower than I expected, actually), good waist circumference, excellent blood pressure, great cholesterol, amazing HDL, low/no risk TC/HDL ratio, and fantastic glucose. In fact, almost all of my numbers were lower than my last set of blood tests back in June, so that’s encouraging. But the problem is, these types of screenings give me false hope since my doctors look at different stats. So while I feel uber-healthy right now, I know that the next time I go to the doctors I’ll be completely dejected. So. It’s a little frustrating. But, I’m going to enjoy my “perfect” health today and then worry about the doctor stuff later.🙂

The other downside of this biometric screening business is the flu shot – this is my third year getting one, and it didn’t hurt going in (that’s what she said!), but my arm sure is sore now. Perfect timing, with such a busy and active day planned. Argh.

After work, I need to rush to get my car and then drive to the Strip for our monthly volunteer team meeting. I received an email last night asking if I’d be willing to lead part of the meeting tonight, so that should be interesting. I don’t know if I’m actually going to lead it, like in front of the podium, or if I’m just going to contribute from my seat. Lots of mysteries involved, but that’s what keeps me on my toes. I also need to meet with someone after the meeting, if not before, to discuss some things. I’m super-duper looking forward to this tonight.🙂

And finally, after like 7 weeks of delays, we have our first volleyball game of the season tonight. I fully intend to make it to both the volunteer meeting and the volleyball game, but I’m afraid I might have to run late to the game – especially if my side-meeting needs to happen after the regular meeting. I’m both excited and nervous to play tonight – not only do I have a sore arm (whine, whine, whine), but my foot still hurts from when I hurt it on vacation. Yes, STILL. Also, I haven’t so much as touched a volleyball since August, so I’m not expecting great things tonight. But, I’m glad we’re back, even if the season was delayed an unnaturally long period of time.

That’s it for me today, wish me luck on not going crazy or passing out somewhere between the work stuff, the meeting stuff, and the volleyball stuff.🙂

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