Five Things Friday: 7/31/14 Edition

Five Things Friday: 7/31/15

Gooooooood morning, friends!

I’m a little bored, and lacking some inspiration, so I’ve decided to do a little Five Things Friday post. Personally, I love reading quick little posts like these, so I imagine keeping up a weekly series of them will be fun – plus, it’ll allow me to look back and see the different things I was into as time goes on. So without further ado, here’s today’s Five Things Friday!

1) Currently Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I’ve been trying to get through this book for over a month now – it’s so loooooong! – but I like it a lot. It’s worth the time investment. However, spoiler alert: I’ll probably still be stuck on reading this next week, too. And maybe the week after.

2) Currently Eating: Leftover Salem’s from this week’s Free Lunch Wednesday at work. Salem’s is one of the best – if not the best – place that we get lunch from, and since there was a ton left over (thank goodness for everyone being on vacation!), I stocked up on some leftovers. I’m pretty sure I could eat this all day, every day. Mmm, so good!

3) Currently Craving: Page Dairy Mart. Like, I don’t even want anything specific (though SouthSide Shakes are my jam); I’m really just craving the experience of standing in line and looking at all the delicious sprinkles-covered possibilities.

4) Currently Loving: Puppy pictures and videos of a groggy Tank. Our little chocolate bruiser was fixed yesterday, and his normal craziness has been… diminished, from what I hear. Since I can’t be there to cuddle up to him, my parents have been sending me pictures and video of him being all cuddly, but with sad “something’s missing” eyes. I’m sure Taco is just loving the peace and quiet for a change. :)

5) Currently Anticipating: Kennywood! We have our annual Kennywood day for work today, so I’m peacing out early and meeting some friends in a parking lot so that we can get our brains scrambled by roller coasters. Huzzah!

So that’s it for today. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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Tricks Are For Kids

Tricks Are For Kids

I learned a new trick tonight – when confronted with sand from head to toe, pat baby powder all over yourself to get the sand off easily.

Tried and true, and thanks to Pinterest for the idea. :)

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Some friends convinced me to treat myself to a movie, so I took the night off from the gym and other obligations tonight and headed to a new-to-me theater to watch Trainwreck. I freaking love Amy Schumer, and the entire movie, it felt like I shared her brain. I mean, she says all the things I think (maybe that makes me a horrible person, but… merp). And I felt soooo much like her character in the movie. I mean, the part where she stays over at the muscle dude’s place and she’s all, “I don’t want to feel you touch me, I don’t want to feel you breathe…” and then she places a pillow between them so that he doesn’t annoy her while she’s trying to sleep because she’s a light sleeper  – been there, done that. She’s basically a funnier, prettier, much more famous version of me. Amy Schumer is my raunchy spirit animal (though I didn’t think the movie wasn’t that raunchy at all).

So yeah, I really liked the movie. And yes, LeBron was actually rather funny in it… but so was the rest of the cast. Bill Hader? Dave Attell? Love love love.

I’d say it was a night well-spent. :)

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Rush Hour Protest

Rush Hour Protest

Just as I was dialing into a 9am call today, I noticed there seemed to be loud drumming coming from outside. I’m on the 24th floor, so the drums on the street would have to be pretty impressive to be so loud where I was. A few coworkers headed towards the window to see what was going on, and we determined there was a protest happening.

At 9am.

In downtown Pittsburgh.

You can imagine how long it took for drivers to lay on their horns, which was great, because 9am conference call. But really, I can’t blame the drivers – I’d be beyond ticked if a protest started up within a few feet of my parking garage and I was stranded in my car. Is it too much to ask to hold a protest in the middle of the day, and not while rush hour traffic is still going strong?

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Fill Me Up With Color

Fill Me Up With Color

Peppers are red,
Yellow, and green too.
My snack’s better than yours,
But that’s nothing new. :)

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Advance Payment

No lie, leftover Fat Head’s is pretty awesome incentive to get out of bed to go to work when it feels like I just left work. I’m considering it advance payment for a job well done today/tonight. :)

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