Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes To The Dress

Hello, internet friends!

I’ve spent more than my fair share of shopping over the past few days, trying to find a dress to wear to a ball. Yes, an actual ball. I’m not even positive I want to go, but I was invited and then rsvp’d, so it looks like I’m going whether I want to or not. The only problem is, I am terrible at making decisions. Hence, I bought four dresses for one ball.

The two on the left are very similar, except for color – they’re both lacy and fit fairly close to the body (yet not too close), and they’re the perfect length for a long dress on my short frame. The bodice is lace and then sheer above the cleavage line – both dresses are tasteful and don’t show too much skin.

The two on the right are shorter – the navy one is navy lace over a nude dress, and falls to just below my knees. Truthfully, it was probably made for someone taller than me, and it’s a size or two too big, but it’s supposed to be tight-fitting (and hey, I like to eat), and it looks cute on… except it’s a little too loose in the shoulders, maybe. The black and white one is the shortest of all four, and also looks cute on, but may not really be considered “ball gown-y” enough.

So I need help – I need to know which one I should wear on Saturday, and which three I should return. All four look fairly cute on me, 3 of the 4 fit nicely, and 2 of them could potentially be re-worn to other events (the shorter ones). None of them was expensive, which is how I ended up with four.

For what it’s worth, I’m leaning towards the two on the left, probably the teal one, but I really truly hate making decisions. So help me out, friends – which one should I wear?

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Taste The Rainbow (Twice)

Taste The Rainbow (Twice)

This past weekend at work, the bride & groom’s families told our staff to take as much leftover candy and cookies as we wanted – they didn’t want to take any home with them. For the record, that’s suuuuuper nice – not everyone does that, but really, what are you going to do with 10 lbs of loose Skittles? May as well make the staff’s night, right? We certainly appreciate it.

I put some Skittles in a to-go bag and called it a day, and I’ve been snacking on the Skittles ever since. I probably only ended up taking a packet or two’s worth, so I wasn’t concerned about it, but today as I worked from home and caught myself absentmindedly picking out one Skittle at a time while working, I started to think maybe I needed to stop. Not ten minutes after closing up the bag, I was in pain. Let’s just say I tasted the rainbow twice, and I spent the next hour or two curled up in a ball in bed. I’m not sure if it was a case of too much sugar, some other food that was bad, or what, but it was not a fun time. And now the thought of finishing off the bag makes me wanna hurl. So.

I guess a paradoxically easy way to cut down on your sugar intake might be to eat too much of it in one sitting… oof.

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Oh, Brother(s)

Oh, Brother(s)

I took the day off from everything and went to see these two handsome boys today!

We had such a nice day – we had the perfect weather for playing ball in the driveway and I wore them out. They snuck a quick nap when we left for an hour or so, but they were still pooped when we got back. The rest of the day and night was spent curled up on the couch with them, watching tv. They took turns using me as a jungle gym and climbing all over me – at one point, Tank was on his back on my lap and had all four paws latched onto my arm while he tried to kiss my hand. Then he untangled himself and tried to eat the hair on my head. Such a silly little boy. Taco is still much tamer, but he very much appreciated his butt rubs – they seem to be my specialty (a dubious honor).

I was glad I finally had some time to spend with them, and it was a full day well-spent. 🙂

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Good Morning, Beautiful

Good Morning, Beautiful

I bought and cut my first fresh strawberries of the year from Costco last night, and they made a mighty fine addition to my breakfast this morning.

So glad that winter nonsense has seemingly disappeared. Bring on spring and summer!

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Five Things Friday: 03/24/17 Edition


Ahoy, friends!

Another week is somehow in the books, and I have no idea where the days went. Seems like it was just yesterday that I was stressing out about working Friday and Saturday and then catching a flight on Sunday morning. In all honestly, the frenetic pace was kind of nice – it didn’t leave me with much time to think. And getting away, even though it was for work, was fantastic. I’m almost at the point where I want to ask my boss for another kickoff, just so I can travel again. Maybe I should switch over to being a traveling consultant instead of office-based – then I’d be out of town most days (and make more money). Hmmm…

  1. Currently Reading: I did almost zero reading this past week, just because traveling/exploring is exhausting. I didn’t read a single word of Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, but I did read through a couple chapters of The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo on the plane ride home Wednesday night. Kind of like watching Sausage Party at the gym, reading TGwtLBT was kind of awkward when my nearest seatmate kept glancing over to see what I was reading. If you haven’t read it, let’s simplify things and say that it’s not exactly a book that would be rated PG or even PG-13. Still, I didn’t know the dude beside me, so I didn’t care all that much. As for the book itself, I’m not sure how I feel about the writing style just yet, but the stories themselves are what I’d expect from Amy Schumer.
  2. Currently Eating: Leftovers from Birmingham. Some people think it’s a little strange to take home leftovers from a business trip, but here’s why it’s not – it’s incredibly helpful to have food ready and waiting for you when you’re jet-lagged and/or travel-tired. I didn’t have to worry about making any meals yesterday, and I don’t have to worry about it today, either. In turn, this allows me to focus more time on catching up on work and extracurricular things I missed while I was away, AND I get to enjoy more tastes of the food I loved so much. It’s kind of like extending the very best parts of the trip.

    So today, I ate my last biscuit from the trip, from a place called the Alabama Biscuit Co. When that’s your name, you’d better have some darn good biscuits (that’s like saying you make the official biscuits for the entire state), and they did not disappoint. I slathered it with some butter and honey for breakfast, and enjoyed it with coffee out of my new favorite mug. Not the worst way to start the day, that’s for sure.

    Likely back to eating like normal next week, once the leftovers are gone. That’ll only last until Friday, when I have an event to go to, but it’ll be nice to get back on the wagon for a little while.

  3. Currently Watching: All of my flights were short, so my in-flight entertainment kept getting interrupted, but I managed to watch Suicide Squad over the course of all four flights. I didn’t know anything about the story, only that almost everyone I know flipped out and had joygasms over it, so I expected I’d like it (and I did). Wish I could’ve watched it all in one go instead of over the course of 4 days/4 flights, but I was also relieved that my flights weren’t long. So. Trade-off.

    I didn’t watch any Netflix while I was gone, but last night I got back to watching Archer. Still on season 4, and it’s still making me laugh.

  4. Currently Loving: Birmingham leftovers.

    Looking at apartments/condos/houses elsewhere (anywhere) and imagining a little fantasy world where I can just pick up and move.

  5. Currently Anticipating: I’ve turned down all plans for tonight, so it’s just me, the gym, Netflix, and hopefully an early bedtime. I can’t wait.

    I’m oddly excited to get back to bartending tomorrow – things have been going well there lately. I still need to deposit my tips from last weekend, too, so right now I [artificially] feel like I’m rich – so many stacks of cash on my kitchen floor!

    The weather forecast seems to be pretty beautiful this weekend and ongoing – maybe I missed the very last of the winter weather while I was in Birmingham? I can only hope.

    A trip to see the pupperonis is probably in order this weekend, since my dad says they don’t remember me anymore. (How mean!)

    Still need to work on planning some vacation time. I’m supposed to go to an event next Saturday (4/1), so I’m off work, but I don’t really want to go at the moment. Part of me wants to do a quick getaway instead. Final plans are yet to be determined.

That’s it for now. Happy weekend, kids.

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Just Enough

Just Enough

This morning was r.o.u.g.h., so I needed a lot of coffee. It cheered me up a little to use my new Birmingham mug I bought at the airport, but then it made me sad because I’m back home and back to regular life. I think I might have been truly happy in B’ham. These days in Pgh? Maybe not so much.

I had a lot on my mind last night, and I barely slept. It’s strange timing, because a friend emailed this morning and brought up the thing I’ve been thinking about so much, as though he could read my mind. To put it mildly, something is bugging me and I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut about it for an entire week – as in, I literally haven’t told a single soul, not even my usual small circle of confidants. When I was traveling, I had enough other things going on to keep me occupied, so I didn’t have the time or energy to think about it… but now I’m back and the problem isn’t going away on its own.

This morning, via email, my friend tried to get it out of me and I still didn’t budge. That’s how I know it’s a more serious issue than I’d thought – when I can talk about a problem, it means things are on the upswing. When I can’t even talk to one of my favorite people about it, that’s not a good sign. But the emails, though I deflected them, did help a little. My friend seems to know just how hard to push before backing off, and he said just enough to let me know that I can talk to him if I need to.

Knowing for certain that you can call a person in the middle of the night and they’ll meet you in the middle of nowhere, no questions asked, to let you cry and scream and they’ll do what they can to try to make you feel better… that’s as close to a hug as I think you can get without physically being in the same room. Some people might say they’ll do that, but when you know without a doubt that the person is genuine and serious and wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever they can to try to fix the problem, that’s something special.

For now, having that offer might be just enough to get me through.

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