Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Today wasn’t the worst day ever. We had lunch provided for us at work, I got a lot of work done during the day and got to vent to my boss (and got much-needed confirmation that I’m at capacity and not getting more work anytime soon), and then we had a little ice cream social. Some folks from Brusters came to the office with pre-scooped cups of ice cream and plenty of toppings to choose from. I went with Graham Central Station for my ice cream, which was a graham flavored base with chunks of graham cracker and chocolate flakes, and I topped it with nuts, Reese’s Pieces minis, mini M&Ms, and some chocolate sprinkles. Maybe it was because it was mid-day ice cream, or because it was free ice cream, but this was a bangin’ flavor combination. It was soooooo good. The only things that could’ve made it better would’ve been hot fudge and whipped cream, but I probably would’ve gone into a sugar coma if they’d brought those. As it was, I could only finish about half of it before putting the rest in the freezer. (Bonus: leftover ice cream tomorrow!)

Then on my way out of the gym, I saw that I had a missed call and some texts from one of my Dallas friends. The guy I spent most of my free time with while I was there does IT for our national headquarters (I’m a volunteer; he’s staff), and he ended up doing us a solid this morning when he expedited an IT ticket for my chapter and me. It was kind of funny – I submitted the IT ticket on Saturday on behalf of someone else and didn’t even think he’d ever see it. And then he called me today about it because he’d picked it out of the queue. Small world! Anyway, he called to discuss some things and also just to chat, so I ended up spending over an hour talking to him and scheming on some potential future plans.

Our call was interrupted by a volunteer calling me, so I’ve had quite the social day and night. For someone who’s traditionally an introvert, I’m not used to so much talking. But at the same time, good stuff all around.

Since I’m not used to so much talking, I think it’s time for me to go rest my voice. More talking is on tap for tomorrow. 😉 Later, taters.

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Tequila Tuesday

Tequila Tuesday

Forget Taco Tuesday (although, NOMS), today I celebrated Tequila Tuesday. A coworker and I headed out for lunch today, even though I had lunch waiting for me at my desk. While he ordered tacos at Condado, I splurged on a mid-day mango jalapeño margarita. It was delightful, although I think my favorite to-date is still the peach jalapeño – the mango was a bit sweet for my liking.

Mid-day margs should totally be a thing, because the rest of my day was so much nicer than the morning.

Tequila Tuesday: my new trick for getting through the work week.

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Let’s Save The World

Let's Save The World

You guys. I took the night off. Like, entirely. Turned my phone off and tucked it down in the bottom of a large dark bag where I couldn’t easily find it. I think yesterday might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, for reasons I won’t go into. I figured I should legitimately take the night off before a one night hiatus becomes something much longer and more serious.

So I went to the gym and then took myself out to the movies! I’ve heard nearly everyone rave about Wonder Woman for weeks now, so I figured a rainy evening was just as good a night as any to shut my phone off and veg out in a dark theatre. I went to see it at Penn Hills Cinema, which is kind of my own little secret – my ticket was $5, I got free popcorn, and there were only four other people in the theatre with me. Penn Hills Cinema > Regal/Lowe’s/Cinemark any day of the week.

Anyway, Wonder Woman. I knew nothing at all about the story going into the movie, aside from the fact that she wears a cape. Really – zero backstory. For a kid who grew up in the 80s, I feel like society somehow failed me.

So I watched it, knowing full well that everyone who’s seen it loves it. I’m skeptical, though, and I tried to hate on it (because everyone loves it). The best I could do is that they never really show or explain how she mysteriously manages to keep that unwieldy sword and shield with her everywhere she goes (honestly, one second she’s on a horse; the next she’s dodging things with a shield – was she sitting on the shield while on the horse??), and it seems highly unlikely that her hair and makeup would look that amazing after she’s been traveling with dudes and not showering for days during WWI. I mean, come on, at least smudge some dirt on her face (no, don’t, it’ll probably make her hotter).

So yeah, it’s safe to say I loved it. I laughed. I cried. I left the theatre wanting to save the world (and to hit the gym more). Honestly, though, it was great and I love the positive message and the fact that there were so many strong female roles in the movie. I wish I’d seen the original series (maybe my next no-phone night); it makes me wonder if I would have started on my quest to change the world a lot sooner if I had.

For now, I’ll have to settle for saving the world as much as I can with the time I have left. Time to buy a cape!

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These two guys were SOOOOOO excited to see me today!

I visited my parents and pupperonis today to celebrate Father’s Day, and the pups had plenty of playtime. My dad worked until 2, so it was the four of us (me, mom, 2 pups) on our own for a few hours. We filled up a little plastic baby pool with water and let Taco and Tank take turns splashing around and getting cooled off. Apparently Taco isn’t much for the baby pool, but he did get in and splash around a little today – but only when we put Tank on the leash that couldn’t reach the pool so he wouldn’t be bothered. Taco is kind of a loner, but he’s frequently misunderstood as being a snob. 😉

In between dips in the pool (and the weird digging that all dogs seem to try to do in baby pools – WHERE ARE YOU TRYING TO GO, DOGS?), we played ball. Taco was tied on the longer leash because he likes to run, so we gave him the big bluish/purplish ball to fetch. Tank enjoys chasing a red rubber ball into the baby pool and dunking his entire head under water to fish it out, so we put him on the shorter leash by the pool.

At one point, my mom was playing fetch with Taco and I was on Tank duty when I managed to snag this picture of the two of them. It reminds me a little of this one – not because it’s the same pose, but because of what’s happening. In both of them, Taco has a ball and is either trying to get away or stay away from Tank. And Tank is running towards a ball with the goofiest running form ever – mouth open and ears flying. Taco has an expressive tongue, whereas Tank has expressive ears. So goofy! I told him he had his crazy pants on today because he was just full of all the energy in the world (fun fact: another nickname I call him frequently is “Crazypants”).

Of course, when we got ready to go for dinner, both pups were ready to crash hard. They’ll be sleeping well tonight! ❤

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Time Out

Time Out

This morning was supposed to be mine. All mine. I was supposed to be completely oblivious to the goings-on at the volunteer office. And yet, I was woken up by a flurry of texts at 5:30 this morning and it’s been go-go-go ever since.

I’m not quite sure how I got involved with things, since I’m clearly not on the schedule today and I told everyone in earshot that I wanted just one morning to myself, but involved I was.

Later in the morning, between incidents, I logged into my volunteer email and saw that I had some regular day-to-day operational stuff to take care of, so I did. Part of that necessitated a text to our manager, but that was a huge mistake. The response I received back was something along the lines of, “Can’t deal with this right now.” Then I was mysteriously added onto another text string to handle an issue because I guess the person who was supposed to handle it just couldn’t… ?

Needless to say, I ended my morning just a liiiiiiittle bit frustrated. I understand we have a lot going on right now – I’ve been in the thick of it for the past week. But at the same time, I’m trying to keep the everyday stuff running smoothly in order to free up our staff for more pressing matters. The last thing I needed today was a snippy text when the question I asked required a simple yes or no answer. Plus, I’m just a volunteer, and I’d appreciate it if people asked if I could help with things instead of throwing me into them and assuming I’ll handle them. Is that asking too much?

Anyway, I’m heading into work just a bit annoyed, and frankly glad that I have a good excuse to get away for the afternoon and evening – I truly can’t do the volunteer stuff while I’m bartending, so they’ll have to deal with things without me for the rest of the night. In short, work is the forced time out I’ve been waiting for all week.

In the meantime, I have some comfort food for lunch to try to de-stress before work. I’m not big on mac & cheese, but sometimes it’s warranted… and adding Everything Bagel seasoning onto it? Genius, if I do say so myself.

Wish me luck at not losing my mind tonight, and fingers crossed that people stop texting me early in the morning when I’m clearly unavailable. Argh.

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Five Things Friday: 06/16/17 Edition



Allegheny County is pretty much entirely under water, if we’re judging by all the disaster calls we’ve gotten over the past three days. Last night I was hopeful that the rain was over because I didn’t want to go back to the volunteer office today, so guess what happened. Yep, I ended up spending my evening there with the staff folks. I think this was my 8th day straight where I’ve been in the office, so I’m ready for a break. There are things going on tomorrow, but I think I’ve gotten out of my primary responsibility so I might just take the day off from the volunteer stuff. We’re supposed to get more storms on Sunday, so I may as well seize the day while I can.

  1. Currently Reading: I’ve started back in on Naked At Lunch, and I’m just about 50% through it. I have a feeling it’s going to be due back soon, so I might need to work on renewing it.
  2. Currently Eating: When I finally left the volunteer office tonight, I headed straight for Sheetz and got a tots platter (pictured above). I put nearly every condiment available on it, just because I was hungry, tired, hot, and a wreck. I ate about a third of it when I got home, so I have lots of tot mess left for the rest of the weekend. It may look absolutely disgusting, but it actually tasted pretty good. That might be the stress talking, though.

    Otherwise, it’s been a pretty standard week. Nothing all that exciting food-wise, but I’m okay with that.

  3. Currently Watching: I finished the latest season of House of Cards and immediately moved on to the latest season of Orange is the New Black. Netflix is killing the entertainment game these days!
  4. Currently Loving: Despite a little bit of whining about it, I’m kind of loving how people are becoming needy with me at the volunteer office. Some people text me a lot, some call, and others email. I like that I’m being trusted to stand in for our manager, but it’s also becoming a little… exhausting. Like today, I arrived and got straight to work. I was giving updates to the manager and my brain turned to mush mid-sentence. Like, I suddenly couldn’t form words. I kind of thought I was having a stroke, but she said it’s probably just from being so tired. Earlier in the day, I was typing the word “field” and it just looked wrong – so so wrong. So yeah, my brain is kind of fried.

    On the plus side, our new Specialist person is very nice and she told me yesterday she’s looking to me as her mentor. Which makes sense since I was told to train her. I’ve literally spent time with her for every day of her employment thus far, so I guess we’re on the right track.

    And though it really (REALLY) sucked earlier this week, I got a TON of work done. Real work. I worked really hard through the week and managed to get caught up on nearly everything from the week before since I was in Dallas. It was rough, and there’s still one fairly significant thing outstanding, but that’s nothing compared to what I was met with last Friday when I turned on my computer. So while I hated the process, I love the fact that the week is ending on a much calmer note (work-wise, not really volunteer-wise).

  5. Currently Anticipating: Maybe having the entire morning and early afternoon off from responsibilities tomorrow… but then I have to go to work, so I’ll be back at it by around 2.

    Father’s Day is this Sunday, which means I’ll likely head to my parents’ house. I don’t really have a gift at all, but my dad doesn’t really care about that stuff. We’re all trying to minimal-ize a little bit, so we did a minimal Mother’s Day and I’m planning to do a minimal Father’s Day as well. Like, I plan to buy some pastries from Moio’s to take home and then take them both out for dinner. Family time + food = a nice time, in my opinion. Plus, puppies. Always with the puppies.  ❤

    So far, I only have two things planned after work next week, so I’m cautiously optimistic that next week might be easier than this one. Then again, the thing that I was supposed to do tomorrow morning is likely going to be rescheduled for one of the evenings next week, so I’m now up to three nights tentatively planned out. On the plus side, it can’t possibly rain every day for the rest of the month of June (can it?), so maybe some of the volunteer stuff will lighten up.

    I keep fantasizing about taking a big chunk of time off from work and not doing anything at all, but I just don’t know how I can swing that these days. I have the money to travel; it’s the time that’s the problem. Specifically time at work – I have a million vacation days to use, but things are way too crazy right now to use them. And besides that, apparently I’ve become fairly integral to the success of our volunteer team, and I need to schedule things around our meetings. If I don’t, I’m met with the following message: “Ugh.” I don’t like the “Ugh” texts, and I try to avoid them. They make me feel guilty (you’d think I was Catholic or something), and I hate feeling guilty on vacation. On the other hand… if I keep up this 8 days a week pace and I’m already having trouble forming words between my brain and my mouth because I’m so exhausted, I can’t think it’ll be too much longer before I fizzle out. So yeah. Need to find some time I can take off, definitely.

That’s it for this week. Happy weekend, friends, and stay dry!


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