Five Things Friday: 3/15/19 Edition

Greetings from my post-surgical, well-rested world!

I had a right salpingo oophorectomy on Wednesday, and hooboy was I out of it all day Wednesday and Thursday. The surgery went well, and – good news – everything is benign. My cancer markers were up because my ovary had twisted in on itself (torsion), which is very painful. Self-high-five because that’s the type of pain the doc said most people go to the ER for… and here I was, walking around with it for over two months. #toughgirl

I had some milestones to pass before heading home Wednesday night, and by far the hardest one was staying awake. I just could not keep my eyes open for the life of me. Eventually they let me go and my parents drove me home, but I slept over 40 hours between Wednesday and Thursday. Thanks, anesthesia.

Today I managed to stay awake for most of the day – I woke up at 8:15 and then took an hour and a half nap at around 1pm – so I’m doing better. I even took a walk to the fire department as the fish fry was getting started so I could say hi to everyone. I also had a bit of homework to do for tomorrow’s Haz Mat Ops class, so my visit was successful on two fronts.

Now the real recovery begins, and I have plenty of time to try to not lose my mind. Hooray!

  1. Currently Reading: I didn’t really read this past week, but I read another chapter of The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind this afternoon. I imagine I’ll have plenty of time to finish it up soon enough.
  2. Currently Eating: I made two recipes to have on-hand post-op – goulash (the beef/noodles/tomatoes kind, not the Hungarian kind), and a ground Korean beef with rice dish. With the exception of yesterday, I’ve been surprised by the energy I have – I want to go do things. It’s great to have food pre-made, but cooking is one of the things I enjoy doing when I have the extra time. So who knows, I might freeze some of the pre-made meals and make some dinners over the next few days/weeks so I can occupy my mind.
  3. Currently Watching: I’m getting myself caught up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I’m surprised by how far I’d previously watched. I thought I’d only seen through season 7 before, but it turns out I’d watched through season 11.

    I’ve also been saving up new episodes of shows that I’ve caught up on, so I have “proven” shows to watch while I recover. No one wants to be stuck watching something new and potentially crappy when they’re recovering from surgery, so I’ve made sure I have a few tried-and-true shows to watch. I really did a great job of planning for my recovery.Β  πŸ˜‰

  4. Currently Loving: I’m still getting my work emails and it’s just blowing my little mind that I don’t have to hustle to respond to every little mishap at work. Like, I actually had a nightmare of sorts yesterday while I was on my marathon sleeping binge, and towards the end of it, I realized I didn’t have to respond to any emails for six weeks and I couldn’t even handle that sort of freedom. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Really, though – I’ve never ever had six weeks off from work since I started working at 16. That’s almost 21 years that I’ve been going strong… hot dang. Luckily (?) I have fire school starting tomorrow, so that’ll at least keep me grounded on which day of the week it is…
  5. Currently Anticipating: I’m not sure if “anticipating” is the right word, but I’m nervous about going to school tomorrow. I’ve confirmed it’s a classroom-only day and we don’t need our gear, but still – I’m not sure how well my incisions are going to stand up to me being upright and attentive for 9 hours tomorrow. And if you’re wondering if I can’t just make up the first class, nope. I tried that already. Blergh.
    1. Tonight I’m going to rest as much as I can and head to bed early.
    2. Tomorrow I need to leave my house by about 6:30am to get the squad vehicle and then drive to the county fire academy for class.
    3. I’ll have class until 5pm, at which point I imagine I’ll pass out upon arriving home.
    4. Then I have nothing at all scheduled until next Saturday. (Muahahahaha)


Hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoy St Patrick’s Day responsibly! πŸ™‚

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Five Things Friday: 3/8/19 Edition


Look at those little faces! I mean, don’t look too closely at Tank’s, because he has something all over his face (whipped cream?), but they’re such handsome boys! They must have gotten “spa baths” at the doggy daycare this past week, so my parents sent me these pics. Sigh. I miss my little buddies.

Anyways… happy Friday, y’all! How has the week been? Mine’s been fairly busy with work stuff, since I’m trying to get everything done before I go out on medical leave. Fun! Speaking of which, I got a call from my doctors that I’m officially out of work for at least 6 weeks post-op. I’d originally put 2 weeks on my short term disability paperwork, but they kiboshed that. So yay, 6 weeks with no work! I can hardly wait!

  1. Currently Reading: I finally got a chance to read some of The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind, and so far I like it. It talks about medical things, but not in a highly-scientific way. It’s kind of perfect for me to read right now since all of my own testing is so fresh in my mind. Plus, lucky for me, I’m going to have 6 weeks with nothing to do soon enough, so I’ll have a chance to actually read. Yay!
  2. Currently Eating: For someone who had big plans to make a bunch of meals before surgery, I’m really sucking at getting all that done. I’ve done a fair job of eating my way through my perishables, but I haven’t restocked them with anything yet. I expect Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be full of shopping and cooking.
  3. Currently Watching: I finished watching Future Man and moved on to Broad City. I was sure I’d hate Broad City based on a few clips I’d seen on YouTube, but I actually like it a lot. It really makes me want to move to a big city, though. I remember how easy it was to get around everywhere in Paris and New York thanks to public transportation, and it makes me sad that our Pittsburgh system is so far from robust. I can only imagine how much fun I’d have with free range to a large city while I’m on post-op painkillers. πŸ˜‰
  4. Currently Loving: I’m thisclose to being out of the office until the end of April! After today, I work on Monday (cleaning things up), and then I’m done. Hooray! Plus, I learned that I get paid 100% of my salary up to 12 weeks, and we get pay increases while I’m out, and we get bonuses too. Thank goodness, because even with good insurance and a maxed-out HSA, I’m still going to owe UPMC a bunch of money (blergh).

    This week I’ve been telling people at work and my customers that I’m going to be out, and I haven’t hidden why. I’ve been really open about it, which has caused people to be a lot nicer than usual to me. It’s like people hear about a baseball-sized tumor and they automatically think, “Let’s make the rest of her time here more bearable.” Hopefully that spirit continues after I return at the end of April. πŸ˜‰

  5. Currently Anticipating: Being out of work! Surgery! Drugs! And… the return of Fire School! Yeah, that’s right – I’m supposed to go back to Fire School just a couple days after surgery. TBD if I can actually make that work…
    1. Tonight we have our first Lenten fish fry of the season at the Fire Department. I’ll be there, doing who knows what. It’s my first fish fry and apparently it’s a big deal. I’m cautiously excited for it, especially since I don’t know when I’ll be cleared to help at another one.
    2. Tomorrow I offered to take an extra bartending shift, my last one for the next few months. Assuming all goes well with Fire School and I’m able to handle it so soon after surgery, I’ll be spending the rest of my Saturdays through May at the Fire Academy after this week.
    3. Sunday I’m free, but will likely either be hanging out with M or shopping/cooking.
    4. Monday is my last day of work, and then I’ll be shopping/cooking/cleaning.
    5. Tuesday starts my time off, and I’ll be tying up loose ends.
    6. Then I’m off to surgery and recovery for the rest of the week!

I don’t know if I’ll be feeling up to being online/moving around next Friday, so don’t be alarmed if there’s no Five Things post next week.

Have a great weekend, friends, and enjoy the slightly warmer weather!

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Five Things Friday: 3/1/19 Edition

Hey Friends, happy Friday!

It’s been kind of a weird week – lots of stuff going on. The weirdness culminated last night during our fire department drill night. We were sent to a nearby fire department to drill, because they were smoking out their building and sending people in to practice search and rescue techniques. I’m currently on medical restrictions, but I was able to take a TIC (thermal imaging camera) in and watch what was going on, even though the smoke was so thick that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. It was super duper interesting, but that’s not the crazy part of the night. I was appointed the driver of one of our squad vehicles, and it’s a truck that has wide mirrors. I’m used to a tiny Mini Cooper, so I had a bit of an accident when I tried to park the truck in the lot. I asked the passenger, “Jimbo, are we good over there? I can’t see.” To which he replied, “Yeah,” presumably without looking. The next thing I heard was a scraping sound, and then I yelled, “Jimbo! Seriously! Are we too close to that car? Did we just hit it?” Jimbo: “Nah… Oh wait. Oh sh*#!”

I’ve never hit another car in my life, so of course my first time had to be after almost 21 years of driving and while in a fire department vehicle. The damage is, of course, to a neighboring firefighter’s car. I kept apologizing profusely and the dude was very nice about it, and the guys at my station laughed it off (“Everyone does it at some point!”), but I feel terrible. On the plus side, that’s why the stations have insurance, and from what I understand, my insurance won’t even know. Still. Ugh. What an IDIOT.


Let’s get down to business, shall we?

  1. Currently Reading: Yesterday I downloaded The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: My Tale of Madness and Recovery, by Barbara K. Lipska. I didn’t have a chance to read it at all last night since we had a couple fire calls and I didn’t get home until after 2am, but I am nearly certain I watched some sort of presentation by this woman and I was just amazed at her. She’s a neuroscientist who suddenly had a complete personality change and essentially “lost her mind” due to brain cancer. From what I recall, she was able to study her own brain, and eventually once she was done with treatment, her personality resumed its original traits. The whole idea of that is fascinating to me, and horrifying – imagine not only changing abruptly, with no notice, but also understanding what’s going on and not being able to stop it. Incredible. I’m really excited to read the book, even if I am a little short on time these days.
  2. Currently Eating: I’ve made my way through most of my work leftovers, and I currently have a pork shoulder for carnitas in the slow cooker. I’ve been making good progress on cleaning out the fridge – I made a list of things I want to get rid of, and I’ve eaten my way through over half of it. Some of it is easy – drink 1 bottle of seltzer / 1 bottle of beer. Some of it is harder – eat all of the apples and oranges. I have the list on a whiteboard on the fridge, which comes in handy when I do the fridge-staring thing. If I’m hungry, I can look at the board and decide that yes, I’m hungry enough to eat an apple, or no, I don’t want an apple and I’m really just bored. It’s a good system!
  3. Currently Watching: I finished Letterkenny and I WANT MORE. There are so many quotable moments from that darn show, and it’s so funny. When I find myself lacking in motivation, I imagine Wayne saying, “Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er” and I go do something. Gah. Come on, Canada, give me more Wayne, Squirrely Dan, and Dary!

    After I finished all of the available Letterkenny episodes, I started watching Future Man. I wasn’t so sure how I felt about it at the beginning, but I’m getting into it now. I like Josh Hutcherson, and Wolf is an interesting character. I’m gonna keep watching it.

  4. Currently Loving: Last night we had a couple fire calls after drill, and the first one was literally two doors down from my house, at one of our ladies auxiliary member’s houses. It was just for a gas leak; no fire and no one was injured. So we had our member and her brother hang out with us in the trucks while we waited for the gas company. We had the lights on (no sirens) while we were sitting there, and it seems like half of our street is owned by firefighters. One of them lives right across the street from where we were, and we all joked about busting into his house and waking him up to come sit outside with us. The more time I spend with these people, the more I love them.

    We got called to another gas leak while we were at the first, so I was out until after 2am. This morning I had to leave for a hospital appointment, and as I walked out the door, I saw a man in my driveway, shoveling off the snow. It was my neighbor’s brother. He thanked me for showing up last night and being out late by clearing off my driveway. I was kind of stunned. That’s never happened before, and I’m fairly uncomfortable with people doing things for me. It was probably the nicest thing a neighbor has ever done for me since I moved in almost 10 years ago. I legitimately almost cried.

    The appointment this morning was for a cardio stress echo as a follow-up to some pre-op testing that didn’t look so great. I was (ironically) stressed out about the test – I had all visions of bad things happening and having to run until I collapse… but nope. It was fine. It was much less scary than I’d imagined. They told me I’d need to be on the treadmill until I was as close as possible to 100% of my max heart rate, but what they didn’t know is that I’ve been at the gym a lot the past month or two. They said it would take 6-10 minutes, but at 11 minutes I was still talking normally, not at all out of breath, only at about 79-80%, and they gave up. I kind of got a kick out of them getting bored and shutting me off, though. Yay, exercise!

  5. Currently Anticipating: The weekend! It’s been a rough work week. Merp.
    1. Tonight I’m free as a bird. I might go get myself some custard, and maybe go to Target. Big plans!
    2. Tomorrow I get to work at night! We have a big boxing event, and it’s all hands on deck; that includes me. Yay for extra cash!
    3. Sunday I’m free! M is away at the Army this weekend, so I’m not sure when he’ll get back Sunday night.
    4. Monday I tentatively have plans with a friend… ?
    5. Tuesday or Wednesday I’m probably hanging out with M.
    6. Thursday is our monthly fire department meeting.
    7. And then Friday is my first ever fire fish fry as a firefighter. Apparently it’s tradition to serve people, clean up, and then drink together. I can be convinced to participate in that.Β  πŸ˜‰

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, y’all!

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Five Things Friday: 2/22/19 Edition

Hey y’all, happy Friday!

I’ve been oddly productive this week and I’m keeping the streak going today, so this will be fairly short.

  1. Currently Reading: Nothing. I started reading Slaughterhouse-Five last week, but I didn’t read a word of it this week. With all the other stuff I’m doing, and with all the other issues, I’ve been exhausted when I crawl into bed. Exhausted = no reading. Merp.
  2. Currently Eating: I’m making my way through my fridge this week. I have a whiteboard list of foods and drinks that I want to disappear before I have surgery, so I’m eating my way through that. Once the majority of it is gone, I’ll plan a fairly large grocery run and start building up my pre-cooked meals. That’ll ensure that I have plenty of minimal-effort food to eat post-op while also abiding to the doc’s rules for not lifting anything >10 lbs for a month afterwards (grocery bags get heavy). Bonus: a lot of the food I have hanging around in the fridge and freezer is healthy, like fruits, vegetables, and egg white quiches. Healthy and easy for the win!
  3. Currently Watching:Β  M got me hooked on watching Letterkenny on Hulu by showing me this clip while we were out getting “sushis” one night. I thought it was funny enough to start watching the show, but now I think it’s hilarious and can’t stop.
  4. Currently Loving: I got to hang out with the pupperonis last weekend and there were lots of puppy snuggles. It’s always so hard to leave them – they give me these ridiculous looks and follow me to the door. I keep offering to take them home with me, but my parents won’t let them go.

    I signed up for my April and May fire school classes last night, so I’m ready to rock through and including my interior fire fighter class. My chief is going to talk to the program director regarding my first couple weeks back (post-op), and the preliminary word is that it shouldn’t be a problem if I sit out of the physical activities for a couple weeks. I also asked some of the instructors when I was there last week, and they echoed that. Granted, if the surgery becomes more invasive (there are three potential options that’ll happen, and I won’t know which way the surgery goes until after I wake up), I will have to delay my classes. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, though.

    Also speaking of fire stuff, we had drill night last night and someone asked when I was going to be out. That set off a bunch of questions from people who didn’t know anything about the surgery, along the lines of “Is it a secret or something?” So I told some of the guys, and oof. There are few things that’ll make you feel more warm and fuzzy than a bunch of hardened old firemen hugging you and telling you they’ll take care of you and get you whatever you need. Not that I want anyone to take care of me, but it was a nice gesture. Anyway…

  5. Currently Anticipating: The weekend! Not that the week has been all that hectic, but I have a mostly-free weekend and the weather isn’t supposed to be disastrous. I’m excited!
    1. Tonight my plan is to go to the gym, do some quick shopping, and then continue to clean my house.
    2. Tomorrow I have no plans! None at all!
    3. Sunday at noon, my mom and grandma are coming to my house and then either M or I will be driving us all to the Benedum to see The Phantom of the Opera, where we’ll meet up with two of my friends. My mom and I love The Phantom and we’ve seen it live several times and in several venues; this will be M’s first time seeing it and my grandma’s first time seeing it as well.
    4. Monday night I (maybe?) have plans with a friend.
    5. Tuesday or Wednesday I’ll be hanging out with M. I imagine we’ll likely hit up the new Caliente (my fave pizza joint) that just opened up right between our houses. πŸ™‚
    6. Thursday night is fire department drill night.
    7. And then Friday morning I have to do another round of pre-op testing because my doctor didn’t like the results of the first round. (FUN.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Five Things Friday: 2/15/19 Edition

Hi, friends!

Meet Bailey – he’s a k-9 doggo who works with the fire marshals. He’s adorable, and he even has his own badge. He visited us towards the end of one of my fire classes this week, and he totally made my day. πŸ™‚

It’s been a fairly busy week, what with classes, appointments, and other stuff going on. So let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Currently Reading: I finished The Wee Free Men earlier this week and then took a couple nights off from reading due to fire classes. Although it doesn’t fall into one of the genres I typically read, it was fairly interesting and pretty easy to read.

    I just started on Slaughterhouse-Five, and I’m too new to it to know how I feel about it. Part of me just wants to give it back without reading it, and part of me thinks I should read the whole thing. Meh.

  2. Currently Eating: I finally finished up all of my leftovers, just in time to go to the office to get more leftovers. Luckily, the lunch that day was DiBella’s, so I have leftover subs at home to tide me over. Noms!

    Otherwise, I’ve been rocking a lot of cereal. I eat it for breakfast sometimes, but mainly I eat it straight out of the box as a snack. My current favorite is the Aldi brand of Cinnamon Toast Crunch – so good!

  3. Currently Watching: I started watching Party Down on Hulu and I mostly like it. For one thing, it’s basically the story of most of my weekends since the Party Down crew caters big events. For another, Adam Scott. And a bunch of the rest of the cast. I don’t know how I managed to never hear about this show before, but I’m digging it. However, sometimes it hits a little too close to home and it stresses me out a little. Ahh, the joys of being a server and bartender…
  4. Currently Loving: M and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with dinner this evening, and we brought his son along. M surprised me with a box of chocolates (I’m not used to getting anything, so it was a surprise), but the cutest part of the night was his son – apparently they made a pit stop on the way to my house so that his son could get me his own heart-shaped box of chocolates. ❀  Β He’s a good egg, that kid. I almost cried (blame hormones).

    Otherwise, I had a crazy-busy day today. I took the day off to take care of a bunch of appointments and testing, and even managed to get a few extra things done. First was a pre-surgery clearance physical, then bloodwork, then a chest x-ray, and then an EKG (all done at 4 different places). After all the appointments, I stopped at the gym, and then I made the terrible mistake of getting a haircut. Terrible mistake not because the cut is bad (it’s hard to mess up “just a trim”), but because I thought I’d be in and out in less than an hour and I ended up being worked on for close to three hours… for a wash and trim. I’m not quite sure how cutting an inch and a half around a thin head of hair can last so long, but it did. Considering I hadn’t eaten anything after the gym, I got really sick towards the end and I think I may have passed out. One moment I felt like I was under water, and the next, the girl was tapping me and asking me if I was really tired. So that was a trip… I just barely made it out in time to get back home and change before M picked me up. But hey, I got a lot of things accomplished today, and now I don’t have to worry too much about pre-op testing. Yay?

  5. Currently Anticipating: I’m back to a pretty normal week this week – much less schooling and running around. Yay for having some time to myself again!
    1. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go to an Incident Safety Officer class, but I’m dropping it. It’s supposed to be for experienced company officers, which I am not. Plus, early morning. Blech.
    2. Instead, I might go see my fur-brothers tomorrow. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just have the day to myself?
    3. Sunday I’ll be going to the gym, and at some point I’m going to be hanging out with M.
    4. Monday I plan to go to the gym.
    5. Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll probably be hanging out with M. The other day, I will either be going to the gym or enjoying some time to myself.
    6. Thursday is fire department drill night.
    7. And then it’s Friday again!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Five Things Friday: 2/8/19 Edition

Hi, friends.

It’s been a rough week over here, but by far the best part of it was taking a Basic American Sign Language for First Responders class at the county fire academy. I’ve taken a lot of language classes in my life – to some degree, I’ve learned nine different languages and I even have a masters degree in French. But oddly enough, I’ve never taken an ASL class until now. Granted, it’s a short class – only two nights – but I’m enjoying it. I’ve memorized the alphabet and a few key signs (get out, fire, where, etc) and I’ve gotten some inspiration for a little project. I’m working on creating a small booklet that we can laminate and put in our fire truck glove compartments – something that has a picture, an ASL sign picture, Spanish, and French words for common emergency situations. It’s not often we come across someone in our area who is deaf or who doesn’t understand us, but it’s better to be prepared ahead of time instead of being caught flat-footed. Besides, I like projects. I miss having projects. I need projects. I can’t concentrate worth crap these days, but I still like having something I can come back to and work on bit by bit. Projects save what little sanity I have left.

Health-wise, things have sucked a bit. I am officially an oncology patient now, and I had yet another appointment yesterday. That appointment left me so frustrated and overwhelmed that I just wandered through Oakland in the rain for hours afterwards. I was angry and confused and I just hated everything. I ended up having Dave & Andy’s ice cream for “lunch,” but even that didn’t make me feel better. I was a hot (wet) mess yesterday, and I’m not much better today. Surgery is tentatively scheduled, but I’m pleading with them to do it sooner. The timeline right now means I likely won’t be able to complete my interior firefighting class due to medical restrictions, so I’d have to wait until October or so to complete it. My chief has offered to talk to the academy director to see if I can still complete the course on time with restrictions, but I don’t like the idea of wussing out. According to my oncologist, I won’t be able to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds for 4 weeks after surgery – not even a laundry basket, she said. Considering my turnout gear for fires is well over 10 lbs, I don’t know what I can and should be doing. Plus, now I have to go get more testing done and have yet another doctor’s appointment before surgery. At this point, I really feel like UPMC is just milking as much money as possible out of me, and I don’t like it one bit. Arrrrrgh!!

  1. Currently Reading: In positive news, I finally finished Surprise Me. I didn’t hate the ending as much as I disliked the rest of the book, so at least it ended on a good note.Β  I grabbed another book from the library’s Kindle loans section, but before I got a chance to read it, a friend lent me a few books. I’ve been working my way through The Wee Free Men, which isn’t really my typical style of book. It’s easy reading, though, and I could use a change from my norm. So far, it’s not half bad.
  2. Currently Eating: Aside from ice cream lunches, I’ve been rocking a ton of leftovers. I’m almost through last week’s leftovers now – I think I’ll finish them up during lunch today – but then I have more leftovers from this week. It’s a good problem to have, but I’d like to clean everything out and get some pre-made meals ready before surgery happens. I’m not supposed to go up/down stairs post-op, though, so getting the meals from my downstairs freezer to my kitchen might be a challenge. Plus, they told me I shouldn’t drive for two weeks post-op, so I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself. I guess I’d better stock up on some dry goods…
  3. Currently Watching: Still going strong with Superstore! I went to Walmart after our fire department meeting last night, and all I could think was, “Wow, I spend way too much time in this place.” But the funny part is, I barely go to Walmart. I was mistaking Cloud 9, the store in the show, with Walmart and confusing myself. I’m really enjoying the show, though – my favorite parts are the little scenes where the camera is just trained on a random customer doing something ridiculous in the store; I think that’s where the real comedy lies since it’s so realistic.
  4. Currently Loving: Meh. Not too much these days, if I’m being honest. I’m just so annoyed and frustrated with the tumor stuff that it’s overshadowing everything else. And the crazy part is, I kind of want to vent, but I don’t know who to vent to. M has tried to get me to talk, but it just seems strange (he certainly has no idea what the pain is like, and he keeps downplaying everything, which is possibly my own fault). My parents know the most about the situation at this point, which is good, but I can’t really say how I feel about anything because they’re both already a mess; I don’t want to make things worse for them. And that’s pretty much it. I’m not the type to willingly give away what I’m thinking or feeling; I seem to require things to be pried out of me, and it’s annoying for everyone involved (especially me). But ugh, I wouldn’t have minded so much if someone/anyone had just asked me yesterday how things were going. It’s like, I want to talk, but I also don’t want to talk. I just want someone else to know what I’m dealing with, I guess. I almost cried in the William Pitt Student Union when I stopped in to dry off for a while yesterday after my appointment – that’s how much of a wreck I was. Being a girl is so dumb sometimes.

    I did guilt my parents into sending me dog pictures last night, though, so at least that’s a small victory. πŸ˜‰

  5. Currently Anticipating: Again, meh. I have a lot of testing and appointments up in the air at the moment; I need to nail them down.
    1. Tonight I’m totally free and alone and have no plans. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about that at this point.
    2. Tomorrow I think I’m scheduled to work, but there’s a small chance I was taken off the schedule since the event was downsized.
    3. Sunday! One of my favorite people from college is coming back to town for two days and I’m meeting her for lunch. Something to look forward to!
    4. Monday I tentatively (?) have plans with a friend in the evening.
    5. Tuesday I have my second/final sign language class.
    6. Wednesday night I have a happy hour for work that I’m probably going to miss, and then a Hoarding and Vacant Properties class for fire school.
    7. Thursday is drill night at the fire department.
    8. And then Friday M has plans for us since Valentine’s Day is drill night. I told him I’m not big on V-Day (historically I’ve kind of hated it), but he’s all in. So, I guess I will be celebrating it this year.

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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