Today was the absolute perfect example of why I generally dislike taking more than one day off at a time – almost everything that could go wrong, did… and then things that I never would have thought would go wrong went wrong too.

It started off with me driving to the park & ride early, getting a good spot, walking to the bus stop, and realizing I forgot my wallet (with bus pass and work ID) in my gym bag at home. So I had to drive all the way back home, grab it, and then drive all the way back to the park & ride and get a crappy spot and was almost late for my 9am call. Luckily, the person running the call was late… but on the ride into town, I received about 20 panicked emails about an account that basically started a metaphorical fire. Most excellent start to the day.

Due to the aforementioned “fire,” everything was thrown off. I have no idea what happened between 9:00 and 7:15; all I know is that I ran meetings, spoke with HR several times, played firefighter (the same account started 4 more forest-sized fires before I was even able to get through the first one), had to enlist not 1 or 2 but THREE separate people to help me (plus two of our three managers and some top-level people), and somehow managed to do all of the administrative things I needed to do before leaving. It’s like I did all this stuff, but I blacked out and don’t remember any of it. Apparently the day is almost over at this point? I have no idea; I’m still stuck back at 10 am in my head.

Once I finally managed to escape, I still had to log in at home to finish calming everyone down.

I won’t say I needed a drink when I got home, but something needed to calm me down. If ever there was a day to require a drink, it would have been today. So a gin & tonic it was, sipped while looking up some info on a little vacation I’m taking.

So while I’m excited to have a full (long) weekend off from both jobs, I’m not so excited about the mess I’m going to walk into when I get back on Tuesday. It’s almost not worth taking the time off work. But on the plus side, I’m super-excited about what I have planned for this weekend, AND there’s a light at the end of the work-tunnel (more to come on that at a later date).

Bon voyage to me; see you all on the other side (literally…).

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An Acquired Taste

For as long as I can remember, I’ve very strongly disliked James Spader. I don’t even know why – it’s probably not even him I dislike, but the characters he plays.

Regardless, I started watching The Blacklist earlier this week, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. For the first time in my life, I like James Spader and his character. Maybe he’s an acquired taste?

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The Merry Berry Month of… March

I got two bits of awesome news today at work – both of which I’ve been kind of waiting for since December. To celebrate, I decided to make myself a strawberry pie. Not because I really had a desire to make a pie, but because I had a craving for Eat’n Park’s strawberry pie and I didn’t want to be disappointed if they didn’t have it (March is not exactly notorious for ripe strawberries in Pittsburgh, you know). So part of my post-work celebration entailed grocery shopping, but hey, that’s kind of baller, no?

I made everything but the pie crust (next time, maybe), including the vanilla whipped cream. It is (was) delicious, and super-easy.

Not to humblebrag, but I managed to work 9 hours, play a volleyball game, get home on the bus, get groceries, fill up Winnie Cooper’s tank with gas, make dinner, and make a pie all before 10pm. Guess it doesn’t sound so humble when I put it that way, eh? :)

Still… take that, Martha Stewart!


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I had a small fire in my house today, so that should tell you how the day went.

I was simply trying to make smoked pork chops with a foil packet of wood chips, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention, and the next thing I knew, my oven was on fire. I caught it pretty quickly, and ended up beating it with a fork to extinguish it, but in the process I burned myself a little. I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be trying to smoke meat in the oven, but it totally works. Case in point: the pork chops turned out amazing.

I will never learn this lesson, so I may as well stop trying.

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Have you ever had the kind of breakfast where your brain just melts and turns to mush while eating? I had that experience today, and I still haven’t recovered – nearly 12 hours later.

We’d originally intended to go to Second Breakfast in the Pittsburgh Public Market, but they weren’t serving due to a private event… so we walked up and down the Strip until it turned 11 o’clock, at which point I got super-excited and exclaimed, “Let’s go to Kaya!”

I’d been to Kaya once before, for a birthday dinner, and I left feeling really underwhelmed. But then I started looking at more and more brunch places online and I kept seeing Kaya mentioned alongside their fried chicken and waffles. Count. Me. In.

Even though we got there at like 11:03, there were a lot of tables taken. We didn’t need a reservation at that time, but if we’d come a half hour later, I bet we would have. We both got the same thing – coffee with chicken and waffles. I also got a bloody mary with cilantro vodka, because duh, cilantro vodka.

The chicken and waffles… man. It was love at first sight. Take one crispy Belgian waffle, top it with perfectly seasoned fried chicken tenders, and place a dollop of tabasco butter on top, with maple syrup on the side. It’s friggin Heaven on earth. I loved it so much that I kept saying afterwards, “Man, that chicken and waffles was soooooo good!” I’m sure the BF loved listening to that all day. :)

So yeah, it’s safe to say I will definitely be back for more chicken and waffles. I want more right now. I don’t care that I’m not hungry, I just want them! And Kaya’s fried chicken nights on Thursdays? I’m sure I’ll be “willing” to check one of those out sometime soon as well.

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Sweet Slow Burn

Sriracha jerky = success!

It’s not as spicy as I wanted it to be, but it has a nice sweet, slow burn. If you eat enough of it, you’ll end up reaching for some water… so I guess the trick is to get people to eat a lot of it, eh? :)

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