11 in ’11!

On New Year’s Day, 2011, I proclaimed one of my resolutions to be trying one new thing [at least] every month. This is the collection of the 11 in ’11 entries. Enjoy!

January: Rock Climbing at The Climbing Wall

February: I went dark… haired, that is.

March: I explored The Mattress Factory and The North Side of Pittsburgh for the first time.

April: I tried a new-to-me restaurant, Kaya… and started my last year in my 20s.

May: My first half marathon at The Pittsburgh Marathon!

June: I road-tripped with my parents and grandmas to Nashville (& The Grand Ole Opry), Graceland, and Memphis… and survived without killing anyone. 🙂

July: In keeping with the patriotism of July, I visited the Flight 93 Memorial site in Shanksville, PA before heading to a winery and the beach on a random day off. In addition, I played a super-fun volleyball match in a thunderstorm… and watched my first 3-D movie.

August: I went to a Pirates game with my coworkers – during what was at the time a legit winning season – and had my first pulled pork & pierogi stacker on a pretzel bun before I posed for pics while throwing gang signs with the Pirate Parrot – so much fun!

September: I ran my first Great Race /my first 10k!

October: I got crafty and transferred some family photos to wood in an attempt to get a jump on Christmas presents.

November: Following in October’s DIY footsteps, I renovated my living room all by myself. New paint, new floorplan, less clutter.

December: I took my parents to our first-ever Steelers game for their Christmas gift!


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