15 in ’15!

What once started as a trick to get myself blogging more is quickly turning into a yearly tradition – the new year’s bucket list. The 14 in ’14 list was a raging success, and it gave me a lot of new things to look forward to throughout the year. These lists tend to keep things exciting, and they’re especially helpful for the rare days that I have completely off and can’t figure out what to do. No plans and want to do something? Check on the list and see what’s still outstanding. It works pretty well for me.

2015’s list is going to be similar in structure to the 14 in ’14 list – no predetermined schedule for completing each of the items on the list, but I’m going to make an attempt to get everything completed before 11:59 pm EST on 12/31/15.

There is a little bit of a theme going on this year, though – a bunch of items on this year’s list are what I’ve been referring to privately as the “Surrounding Counties Series.” They’re a way for me to explore the areas all around me that I’ve never really explored before – the counties surrounding Allegheny County (excluding Butler since that’s where I grew up). The goal for these items is to spend the entire day in the selected county, doing as many touristy things as possible. You may look at this and think “What on earth is there to do as a tourist in Fayette County?” but I think you (and I) will be in for quite a treat, as I’ve been researching and trying to find the best of each of the counties surrounding Allegheny.

So buckle up, Dora, it’s time to explore!


15 in ’15

(In no particular order)

1) Give Beets A Chance. — I’m a self-proclaimed beet-hater and I’ve been one for many years. They taste like dirt. Why do I want to eat something that tastes like dirt?? Vitamins, that’s why. And this vacuum isn’t getting any younger, if you know what I mean. The time to at least learn to tolerate beets is now.
Update 01/29/15 – We Got The Beets
Update 04/01/15 – Un-Beetable
Update 08/19/15 – Gimme A Beet

2) Surrounding Counties Series – Tour of Beaver County.

3) Surrounding Counties Series – Tour of Westmoreland County.
Update 10/04/15 – Fall Fest

4) Surrounding Counties Series – Tour of Armstrong County.

5) Surrounding Counties Series – Tour of Fayette County.
Update 08/07/15 – Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

6) Surrounding Counties Series – Tour of Washington County.

7) Visit and explore the Tour-Ed Mine in Tarentum.
Update 08/02/15 – Canary In A Coal Mine

8) Attend a laser show at Carnegie Science Center.
Update 05/01/15 – [She] Blinded Me With Science

9) Visit Gravity Hill in Bedford County and drift backwards.
Update 3/30/15 – Gravity

10) Go for a tour and tasting at Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia.
Update 04/12/15 – Sunny Sunday

11) Bowling at Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville.
Update 01/23/15 – Right Up My Alley

12) Take a trampoline exercise class. (Formerly listed as “Spend the day at Idlewild,” but then a whole bunch of people informed me that Idlewild is really only for kids and I would be wasting an entire day. So. New plan!) 

13) Attend the Winter and Summer sessions of Pittsburgh Restaurant Week. — Good food, great deals, ’nuff said.
Update 01/16/15 – Flavor Town, Reservation For Two
Update 08/10/15 – Pigged Out

14) Give knitting (or crocheting) a serious try. — I tried it once before and didn’t get very far. Time to try it again and see if I can do better!
Update 12/26/15 – Spin A Yarn

15) Get a first-hand account of the rodent groundhog in Punxsutawney dooming us to more winter OR travel to State College for ice cream. — This one is an either/or item, simply because I can’t predict my work schedule to accommodate specific dates (i.e., Groundhog Day). So in the event I’m not able to make it to Punxy, State College is my back-up. And as a Pitt grad, that pains me… but ice cream. 🙂
Update 06/22/15: Monday Funday!


Let me know if you can think of any fun things to add for 2016!


15 Responses to 15 in ’15!

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  13. steelcityfox says:

    Awesome list!!! I totally have suggestions for some of these if you are interested.

    Beaver County: Oram’s donuts in Beaver Falls (you have to get there very early though, because they WILL run out), Old Economy in Ambridge (plus a million awesome Ukrainian churches full of pierogies if you get the right day), and Frontier Falls Mini Golf in Rochester.

    Also, Fayette County is home to Laurel Caverns, so there is at least *one* thing to do there! Also there are signs in the shape of Marquis de Lafayette that you could find and pose with. And Gene & Boots candy is there.

    And since you are a foodie, here are a few places that make totally bangin’ beet dishes that will get you really warmed up to the root: Habitat (beets are great with honey & chevre, which is how Habitat does them), Vivo Kitchen (in Sewickley), and Sonoma Grille (they prepare it a number of different ways, depending on the menu, but everything I’ve had has been great).

    Totally love your list!!


    • Lindsay says:


      I had most of your Beaver suggestions already mapped out (a coworker of mine lives there, so she gave me the inside scoop), but I’ll have to look into the mini golf and the Fayette suggestions. We did Laurel Caverns this past fall, so that’s probably out, but from the list I’ve accumulated so far, I don’t think we’ll have much of a problem filling up an entire day there (I can’t even tell you how surprised I am).

      Also anything with honey & chèvre is amazing, so maybe I’ll have to check out Habitat’s beets sometime. That sounds like one of the best options I’ve heard so far. As of the week before Christmas, they still taste like dirt to me. 🙂


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