Ku Klux Lambs

1. Please don’t hate me for the name of this post – I’ll explain it.

2. No, I don’t think racism is funny and I’m not trying to make light of it. Personally, I think that anything dressed up in a white sheet looks ridiculous and it’s a guarantee I will make fun of it. This includes people dressed in togas and livestock wearing silly costumes (that probably have a real purpose that I don’t know about).

Tonight marked the 2011 traditional family trip to the Farm Show in my hometown.  I’ve written about it before, as it’s one of the highlights of my year – I can remember only one year in 29 years that I didn’t go to the Farm Show, and that was because I was living in Paris. So for every single year for which I have memories, minus 2004, I have been going to the Farm Show. Yeah. The hillbilly runs deep in me.

I managed to snag some of the infamous chocolate-covered bacon that I got last year, but before I did, we walked around to the different livestock tents since I love talking to baby animals. They understand me, obviously.

We had just finished watching a steer get washed and blown dry (no joke) when my mom, who was a few feet ahead of me, yelled back, “Oh look Linds! It’s the klan sheep!” I walked over, super confused. She was pointing at the sheep/lambs (seriously, what on earth is the difference?) and their little white sheets that they were wearing. Apparently the livestock clad in white sheets reminded my mom of the ku klux klan. I am not exaggerating when I say I laughed for probably the next 30 minutes straight. Even now, more than 5 hours later, I’m still chuckling about it. We both felt bad for the lambs since they had no idea what we were laughing at – they just continued to stare at us and look cute. And they were so innocent-looking that you just had to kind of pity them.

I would like to figure out what the sheets are for, though. Any ideas? And any clues as to the difference between sheep and lambs?

Ku Klux Lambs by lsnod · 365 Project


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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9 Responses to Ku Klux Lambs

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  7. mike says:

    I learned about the little sheep coats while watching my favorite television programming of the year: the PA Farm Show. Specifically the “sheep to shawl” competition. Keeps grass and bugs out of the fleece.
    Can’t wait to go to the Washington County Fair next week.


  8. George says:

    To keep their fleece as white as snow for when they shown or sheared.


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