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Our jerky supplier at work apparently is no longer making and selling jerky, which saddens my team (and me) more than you might think. We got hooked, and then the jerky was just taken from us without much warning. I put one last order in at the beginning of December, and hopefully it’ll show up in the next month or two. If not, I’m afraid I’m out quite a bit of money.

But never fear, there’s a new jerky sheriff in town!

After scouring dozens of different websites for recipes, cuts of beef, and techniques, I finally made and finished my first batch of jerky. It most definitely will not be the last. I’m calling it my “Black Nugget” flavor – it’s sort of a slightly spicy, smoky teriyaki with black and white sesame seeds. Between the oven (plain and with the addition of wood chips in a foil pouch) and my dehydrator, the jerky took about 32 hours from the first cut into the brisket to the last piece dried. (I dried it on an Amazon box, hence the picture. Don’t judge me.)

I took it in to work today and let some coworkers try it. They were super-impressed, and (not to get a big head) so am I. This jerky is BOMB. It’s so friggin good, someone suggested I make more and sell it. Considering the demand for jerky round these parts, I may just do that.

Next up, though, I’m going to try experimenting with some new flavors. I’ve written down my recipe for the Black Nugget blend; I think next up will be a sriracha jalapeño one.

Who knows, maybe with some more practice, this really could turn into a little side job (at least just for my team at work). Huzzah!

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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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