Parents Just Don’t Understand

I’ll take your no makeup selfies, Internet, and raise you one blood-encrusted one.

Feeling much better today, thank goodness. Yesterday was a bit of a blur, and I think I slept for probably 18 of the 24 hours, thanks to general anesthesia. I love anesthesia, but it’s always so weird – it’s like you’re asleep, but every now and then you have flashbacks where you remember things that happened while you were asleep. For example, I remember the doctors freaking out because my heart rate dropped really low and stayed there –  I remember they said it was at 33 and not increasing. Hearing this took me back to another time that I had anesthesia and the same thing happened with my heart rate and I remembered the doctors discussing it. It really kind of freaks me out to know that I can be unconscious and still aware. ::shudders::

Anyway, even though we had to stay a little longer than we’d expected (see above), I was eventually discharged and my aunt drove me home. I was pretty nauseous from all the medication, so when family and friends started texting and calling at around 7, I still hadn’t eaten. I know I had ginger ale in the hospital, and I choked down some lemonade that killed my throat (I couldn’t talk yesterday thanks to intubation), but I really have no idea what I ate for dinner. There was something in a bowl… ? For all I know, I was sleeping while I was eating.

Luckily, I felt a LOT better when I woke up this morning. For starters, I was allowed to remove the bandage covering my eye. The main reason why I slept so much yesterday was because it’s really friggin hard to watch Netflix or read when one eye is taped shut – the eye kept trying to open, which was made awkward by the tape and the gauze. So right off the bat, the day was better because my eye had been freed. I also got my first look at the incision and stitches, and saw the weird marking the doctors made on my forehead. Once I finally looked over my discharge instructions and sorted out the medications, drops, and ointments, I was good to go for the day. Hot coffee helped soothe my throat, so I was finally able to return calls, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t take any naps today. 🙂 I did lie down a few times, but there was no sleeping. I’m hoping that I conk right out as soon as I get into bed tonight.

At one point, my parents sent me a message on Facebook asking how I was doing. As I mentioned before, they’re on vacation right now, camping at a racetrack. When my mom asked if I’d had a chance to leave the house yet, I told her no, because I still had ink on my face. She then asked for a picture, and I sent this one. She wrote back, “Oooh, looks like a weird tribal tattoo! That’s what you should tell people. Woooo! Party!”

Which really just goes to show that my parents are 1000% more fun and cooler than I will ever be. 😉



About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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2 Responses to Parents Just Don’t Understand

  1. maryaquino says:

    Like wow. 772. Is that a lottery number or deli line number? Actually, I’m glad you’re okay. What would I read before bed each night if you weren’t blogging? I had withdrawal symptoms last night.

    Now, get well!


    • Lindsay says:

      Aww, thanks! 🙂

      We weren’t sure if it was 772, TT2, TR, Pi R, or something else. Turns out it was the doctor’s fellow’s initials in whatever language he speaks (when the doctor saw it, she looked at it with a funny face and a cocked head, then looked at the fellow and said, “maybe from now on, we’ll have you use *my* initials, and wrote them in English.”)… no idea what language he speaks, or what his initials actually are, but apparently that’s not English on my face. Go figure. 🙂


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