In A Pickle

In A Pickle

Wow, I am so not used to having an entire Saturday off with nothing planned. Since I still have a few days to waste before I’m allowed to run/lift/do strenuous activity, bartending is out of the question this weekend… which kind of sucks because I’m bored and I could really use the money – surgery is expensive, even with insurance! But contrary to how I feel about most of the rest of my body, I care about my eyes and I’d like to keep them both, so I’m following doctor’s orders (for the most part).

I did head into work today, but not to actually do work… just to pick up my paycheck before heading to see the giant pickle that’s floating over the Rachel Carson bridge. I got there just as the events started for the day, at 11 am, and the bridge was already PACKED. So crazy with people that I could hardly stand it – I did a quick walk-through, headed into my office building to grab a water (it was delightfully hot outside), and then walked back through to get to my car. The second pass across the bridge, I wanted to just plow everyone over – people walk like idiots. Then again, I sort of hate crowds, so maybe I just shouldn’t go to crowded events, right?

Anyway, the day improved after I fought my way through the throngs of people. I headed into Lawrenceville to visit La Gourmandine, and then went back home to get ready for the big event of the day – the pool! A few weeks ago, I found out that one of my gyms has an outdoor pool tucked away in Monroeville that my membership gets me into for free. The hours limit me during the week, and I normally work on weekends, so today was the first chance I had to check it out. I was very pleasantly surprised – the pool was HUGE, they had lanes marked off for people to swim laps, the changing facilities and bathrooms were nice, and there were even abundant lounge chairs for everyone to use. It wasn’t crowded at all, which was kind of surprising since it was such a beautiful day. I’m still not cleared for swimming or getting chlorine all over my face, so I stuck to the lounge chairs and took a couple quick dips in the shallow end to cool off. Spending the afternoon at the pool reminded me of summers off from school, when my great-grandma used to drop me off at the community pool and I’d stay there all day until my mom got off work. Sigh. Life was a lot easier back then. 🙂

After I was done with the pool, I headed back home and tried to find something to do. The problem is, since I normally don’t have Saturdays free, I don’t know what normal people do. I was in a bit of a bind. So I did what I did yesterday and took an unnaturally long walk. At least I won’t see any depreciation of workout stamina once I get back to 100%.

I’m not sure what tomorrow is going to bring, but there’s a good chance the pool might play a part in my day, and maybe even weed-whacking (provided the weather and my allergies cooperate). I could totally get used to this not working thing. 🙂

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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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