Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

I Guess This Is Growing Up

Years ago, when I moved into my house, I was completely overwhelmed with all the STUFF I was required to purchase as a result of being a homeowner. Tools. Washing machine and clothes dryer. Hedge trimmers, lawn mower, and weed wacker. It all adds up, and when I’d just spent thousands on closing costs, etc., I didn’t really have any desire to spend more money on seemingly arbitrary crap. I didn’t want to do yard work, I reasoned, so why should I bother getting a good mower and a good weed wacker?

Welp, here we are seven years after closing (almost to the date – weird!), and I’m finally starting to see the value of buying quality products for jobs I hate. Had someone told me way back when that the real point of buying good products isn’t to splurge on things for the house, but to splurge on me, they could have saved me seven years of misery. Granted, I may not have listened, but if enough people had told me, I wouldn’t have had a choice. But instead, everyone was all, “no, you don’t need the high-powered weed wacker, just get the cheap one!” This led to weed wacking being ranked as my #1 most hated chore in the history of crappy jobs.

But then I got a brief taste of a nice, powerful, gas-powered weed wacker and I suddenly realized that maybe my tools are the problem. Just like with the lawn mower – I despised cutting the grass until I splurged on a self-propelled mower. I can’t say I love cutting the grass now, but I don’t do everything I can to avoid it anymore. Turns out, having the quality goods helps save your patience and your sanity. Huh. So when I took out my crappy battery-operated weed wacker this evening and both batteries lasted a grand total of less than 5 minutes combined, I knew what I had to do – off to Lowe’s!

After chatting a Lowe’s employee, we decided on a decent gas-powered weed wacker. The one he has at home and recommended was more than $100 less than the one I’d intended to buy, so I was sold! After a quick stop to get a separate gas can, gas, and oil to mix, I was on my way back home.

Somehow I managed to put the thing together without incident, and I even managed to mix the correct ratio of gas:oil. After a few tries, my new toy started right up and whoa Nelly, she is powerful! The yard that normally takes me several evenings to weed wack (I have to continually charge and recharge the batteries), took me a mere 20-25 minutes to get through with the new wacker. My mind is blown. I can’t get over how fast it was, and let me tell you, the hillside looked horrendous before I started. I won’t say it looks amazing right now, because it was sort of a rush job due to the hour (I finished at around 9pm), but it looks a ton better than it looked even a few weeks ago. I’m so happy with it.

So for anyone who’s new to the homeownership thing, take it from me – even though you’d much rather buy something more “useful” or fun or really just anything other than something for the house, do yourself a favor and splurge when you need to. Buying a good product now will save you years of dread and agony (not to mention money, buying replacement crappy products). Weed wackers aren’t sexy, but finishing your entire yard in less than a half hour instead of over multiple days is pretty hawt.

And with that, I think I’ve adulted enough for one day. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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