Stay Gold, Pony Boys

Stay Gold, Pony Boys

Normally I get a little annoyed when people make small talk on Mondays – “how was your weekend, did you do anything fun?” My answer is almost always a terse “I worked,” especially if the small talk starts before I even have a chance to set my stuff down or to get coffee. As you might have guessed, I’m not a morning person, and like Garfield, I don’t do Mondays well.

But lately Mondays have been fun(ish). I like the element of surprise and slight confusion when someone asks how my weekend was and I cheerfully reply, “I toured a coal mine!” It’s just not what people expect to hear from me first thing on a Monday.

Which is why I’m especially excited to engage with people tomorrow morning… cause when they ask how my weekend was and what I did, I at least have a lot to tell them. “Well, on Friday I took off and went to Fallingwater, then Ohiopyle, then a winery and a distillery, and then the Fayette County Fair… oh, and then on Sunday I went to the Pony League World Series.” That’s just not a list of things that people put together in their minds and think, “I can see Lindsay doing that.” But I did.

Despite knowing no one playing, my parents and I met up to attend game #8 of the world series in Washington, PA today. Fun fact: Washington, PA is the home of Pony league baseball. I never knew that before today. I also didn’t realize how far away these kids came from – the team Washington played today was from Mazatlán, Mexico, and teams from other countries played earlier in the day.

We sat on the Visitor’s side, which, ironically, was Washington’s side. On the other side of the bleachers was a Mexican flag, a whole lot of Mexican women, a man in a very large sombrero, and a man wearing a lucha libre costume. The Washington side of the bleachers, despite being mostly filled (hosting team advantage and all), was church-mouse quiet compared to the Mexican bleachers. My mom and I wanted to go hang with the Mexicans, because they seemed like they were having a crazy good time – it was non-stop clapping, cheering, singing, and dancing on that side of the field. They made the rest of us look incredibly boring. My dad, however, said no since we were there to cheer on Washington. Booooo.

The one thing I really liked about watching this game was the sportsmanship among the teams. The catchers for both teams made it a point to shake hands or “pound” fists with every batter that stepped up to the plate, which I thought was cool. And upon running through a devastating out on a really solid hit, a Washington batter was approached by the Mexican catcher and a little “hey man, nice hit” conversation happened, followed by a pat on the back. We were all so impressed by how well these kids handled themselves – they’re 13-14 years old, they had ESPN cameras on them (in some cases, close-ups as they were warming up), it was a double-elimination game, and they were all still exceedingly polite and happy to be there. They got frustrated, and it showed at times, but they never gave up and they never lost composure – even when it was clear Washington was going to lose. I know adults who could stand to take a few lessons from these kids. Heck, I could take a few lessons from them myself, I’m sure.

Watching part of the Pony League World Series was absolutely a good use of a Sunday, even without knowing anyone playing. It was a great end to a pretty great weekend. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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