Add It To The List!

Based on this week, I’m totally adding Seattle to my list of places I’d like to live. It’s been a super fun time, and I love it here. 

Today I did some exploring all around town. Since it’s late and I have a flight in about 20 minutes, I’ll just list out what I did:

1. Visited the Japanese Gardens and zenned out a bit. 

2. Had a bacon, maple, fig biscuit with bacon jam for snack/small lunch at a place called Morsel. 

3. Made my own makeshift charcuterie platter from Paris Grocery, and ate it along the waterfront. 

4. Got sidetracked by some homemade ginger beer and Moscow Mules. This one was a pomegranate lavender mule and it was amazing. 

5. Visited the area where the rich folk must live – imagine looking out your kitchen window and seeing that view every day!

6. Tried my first nitro coffee. It was interesting, but not all that different from regular coffee. 

7. Visited the Starbucks Reserve store, which was cool but way pricy. 

8. Met up with some family for dinner at Tom Douglas’s Serious Pie. Noms. 

9. Snagged some delicious strawberry balsamic ice cream from Molly Moon’s. 

I’m scheduled to be back in Pittsburgh late morning, and then I plan on heading to bed for a nap (I try – but always fail – to sleep on planes). 

Seattle, you’ve been amazing, and I hope I get to come back again soon. 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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2 Responses to Add It To The List!

  1. Nicole says:

    Seattle! We planned to go to Seattle this month until we decided to quit talking about it & just do it (London) so Seattle got bumped to next year (it’s been bumped every year since 2013 when I broke my hip and we had to cancel the trip to Seattle). So I’ve loved your recent posts. How were the Japanese Gardens? They are on my maybe list because of wheelchair accessibility questions. Yes, I have the whole trip planned, we just have to execute!

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    • Lindsay says:

      Umm, I’m totally jealous. Seattle is great and all (really, it was AMAZING!), but London? LONDON?? Sigh…

      The Japanese Gardens were nice, but the thing I didn’t love about them was how close to the road they are. It seemed like every time I let my mind wander to pretend I was far away from the city, I’d hear someone honk their horn, or I’d hear tires squealing. But they were pretty – tons of picture-taking opportunities. The path is largely gravel, but it’s that small/fine gravel that you often find in parking lots. Also, it’s not as large as I’d expected, so you might not get that tired navigating the gravel.

      If you want some good restaurant or activity recommendations, let me know – I got through a pretty huge list and I ate ALL the things! 🙂

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