Five Things Friday: 10/16/15 Edition

Hello there, friends, and happy Friday!

Somehow I managed to sleep like a rock last night, despite all the creepiness, so I’m ready to rock this day!

  1. Currently Reading: It has been a monstrous reading week around these parts. Not only did I breeze through three magazines, but I also finished The Silver Linings Playbook and then proceeded to cruise through The Book of Awesome and The Book of Even More Awesome. To be fair, for the “Awesome” books, I mainly skimmed after the first half of the books. After a while, ending every “chapter” with the word “Awesome!” got on my nerves.
    Wednesday night I started reading The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion and I just couldn’t get into it. I got through about 15% and it was like wading through quicksand – I know I could do it, but why put myself through the pain of it when I’m trying to be reading for fun? So I gave up on it and moved on to the next book: It Was Me All Along: A Memoir. I’ve been devouring this book over the past 24 hours, and I anticipate finishing it pretty quickly. I love it, a lot.
  2. Currently Eating: I took my free Sheetz coffee from last night and blended it into my smoothie for breakfast. I wasn’t sure I’d like it – I’ve tried this before, to minimal success – but it was actually really good. I think I finally got the proportions of sweet to bitter correct, so it tasted almost like a healthy version of a mocha frappuccino. Holla!
  3. Currently Craving: Pizza! I know, I know – same thing, different week. My goal for today, which may or may not happen, is to go to Costco to get one of their take & bake pizzas. I’ve heard good things, but I’ve never given them a try. The reasons why this might not work: a) I’ve been recruited for a trivia team for Beer Friday at work, b) I planned on going to the gym and the gym is not near Costco, and c) Costco closes too early for me to make it to trivia, then the gym, then Costco. So. Who knows what will happen.
  4. Currently Loving: The fact that my team of super-genius smarty pants co-workers wants me to be on their trivia team and they’re not taking no for an answer. 😉 That, and the fact that I’m still getting props for a project I worked on back in March. They keep giving me gift cards, which means that they ❤ me.
  5. Currently Anticipating: 3pm, because that’s when trivia starts, and I’ll have an excuse to be away from my computer for the rest of the afternoon. Also, a team is moving our desks over the weekend, and we have to have everything (monitors, phones, etc) packed up in boxes… so we’ll all have to shut down a little early today. I’m not-so-secretly hoping for a very easy work day.
    Also: my parents are meeting me for breakfast tomorrow morning, and I’m scheduled to work tomorrow afternoon. All of this makes for a happy Lindsay. 🙂

Hope your Friday (and weekend) is great!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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