Riviera Maya: Day 3

If you’ve missed the recaps from Day 1 and Day 2, check them out!

Day 3: Sunday the 1st

Sunday, for all intents and purposes, was very similar to Saturday. We spent most of the day on the beach and then finished the afternoon at the pool. The difference between the two days is that we had a drink in our hands almost nonstop from breakfast until dinner… this meant that we were exhausted by about 4 pm. The last time alcohol made me that sleepy was in college… which makes me think that I haven’t drank that much since college. The funny thing is, we both felt tipsy, but never actually drunk. For two people who don’t drink all that much in their day-to-day lives, we should have been hammered. Maybe the heat and humidity threw us off. Or the sun. Or the salt water. In any case, it was a fun day, and I was very sad to leave the sand to head back to the pool.

Riviera Maya Halloween 2015

We had scheduled our à la carte dinner for Sunday night, at Le Gourmet restaurant. I’d done some research before leaving, and saw that the majority of people raved about their dinners at Le Gourmet, compared to the other à la carte dining options.

My mom deferred to me to order for both of us… I certainly didn’t get my food obsession from her. We tried to order the foie grass, but they were apparently out of it (blergh). Instead, we got the salmon timbale for our appetizers, then the champagne salmon cream soup, followed by the filet mignon with Roquefort cheese parmentier, duxelle mushrooms (none for me, please), and a chardonnay sauce. I did take pictures, but they all look gross, so I’ll spare you. Everything was good, but nothing was spectacular. The salmon timbale was much larger than expected, but the filet was much smaller – the filet was only about 3 bites’ worth. The flavors were good, but nothing really stood out. We had a couple options for dessert, and I chose the apple tart with mascarpone ice cream. The apple tart itself was a baked apple – nothing special – but the mascarpone ice cream was actually pretty good. My mom got some sort of passionfruit meringue thing that she seemed to like, but to me it tasted boring. Despite the small portion sizes, we were actually pretty full by the time we left – I’m thinking all the alcohol finally caught up to us. We did take a stroll through the buffet, though, just to see if there was anything different on it. There wasn’t, but they had some Día de los Muertos decorations up.

Riviera Maya Halloween 2015

I think, in general, they just reused their Halloween decorations, but added some pictures of loved ones that had passed, along with some candles. You can’t really tell from the picture, but there were also bottles of tequila strewn around.

There was also this cool (creepy) butter (?) sculpture.

Riviera Maya Halloween 2015

Not creepy at all.

We walked around a little more, and then headed to the theater for the nightly show – a Michael Jackson tribute.

Riviera Maya Halloween 2015

The tribute was… interesting… but as my mom said, we’ve seen better at other resorts. Still, the guy who “played” Michael did a good job – when he spoke, he actually kind of sounded like him, and he could dance. It wasn’t the worst way to spend an evening.

When we got back to our room, we did some quick packing so that we’d have less to do in the morning. We might have actually made it to 11:30 or midnight before falling asleep, which I consider a feat considering how pooped we were by 4pm.


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