Beast Mode

Beast Mode

The final day of our sessions went just as well as the first, if not better. Everyone was in a great mood, and we covered a lot of topics in 8 hours – 7 of which required me to present. Somehow, I still have a voice left, but I imagine tomorrow I’m going to talk as little as possible.

Before we headed back to Newark, I forced my coworker to go with me to Harold’s New York Deli in Edison, NJ. I’d read about the place, and the people we met with that live in NY/NJ knew about the place, so I knew we’d be in good hands. Little did I know, I was in for the most ginormous sandwich I’d ever seen!

When we peeked at the menu after finding our table, my coworker and I were floored. $25-$30 for a sandwich?! Are you serious? But we knew they’d be big. We didn’t know just how big, but even the menu said they encourage sharing. Although I like having my food all to myself, and even though we were expensing the dinner, we decided to split a two-meat sandwich on rye – hot pastrami, roasted turkey, and cheese. While we waited, we were invited to help ourselves to the world’s largest pickle bar.

I feel like I’ve seen more pickles in one place before, but to be fair, I’ve never seen anything specifically designated as a “pickle bar” before. Most of the pickles were good (except for one that just tasted like a cucumber… a “young” pickle, if you will), but my favorite thing from the bar was the slaw. It was vinegar-based and tasty.

Finally, the delicious monstrosity pictured above arrived, and we were just in awe. For once, I wasn’t the only one taking pictures of the food; it was so huge that my friend had to text a picture to his wife. Somehow we managed to transfer the halves onto individual plates… and yes, the part you’re seeing in the picture with all the meat is just one half. Seeing this much meat in one place just makes me so giddy.

To be honest, I didn’t get through much of my half before wrapping it up to take home. I made a little mini-sandwich with a slice of rye from the pickle bar, but that was all I could handle. We had a pretty amazing lunch, complete with my first tres leches cake, and I’d filled up during the day. But that just means that now I have probably enough fixins for a week’s worth of sandwiches, just from one half of an order. Crazy, and awesome.

I’m back home now, which is good since we’re supposed to get snow starting tomorrow. I’m just glad we made it back before the bad weather started.

One thing is for certain – I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight, with a little food baby in my belly. 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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6 Responses to Beast Mode

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  2. maryaquino says:

    Holy meat-a-lanche What the heck!!


  3. Nicole says:

    Whoa! How the heck does anyone fit that in their mouth like a sandwich?! And just how many toothpicks are there for structural integrity?! G would love the pickle bar.


    • Lindsay says:

      I didn’t even try fitting it in my mouth, and I don’t think my coworker did, either. He knife-and-forked it.
      I think there were three toothpicks (long sticks) in the sandwich total – 1 in each half, and then 1 tying the two halves together.
      It was amazing. And the meat was actually really, really good. I’d definitely go back… especially if work is paying again. 🙂


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