Together Again

Together Again

Holy smokes, today was insane!

I went into the office specifically because someone had asked me to so that we could meet up to discuss an upcoming trip/client meeting. I even showed up early, and waited. And waited. The dude never showed up. I was so tired this morning that I would’ve loved to have worked from home, but nope. No jammies for me today; had to put on real clothes.

There were two bright spots during the workday: I got to go for lunch with a friend, and I got to talk to another friend who just so happens to be one of our customer contacts but we’re obnoxiously close (obnoxious is probably the word our coworkers use to describe our unorthodox relationship). So I had a pretty great afternoon.

Then I got an email that someone at the ARC was holding a t-shirt for me, which I was not expecting. So, I took a long walk to the volunteer office after work and picked it up. While I was there, since I’d only eaten part of my lunch (my friend and I were talking a lot), I grabbed this packet of trail mix pictured above and was instantly transported into a nostalgic world. The first time I had this trail mix, it was on my first disaster call, and I’d gone straight from the gym to the office and then to the scene, without stopping to eat dinner. So around 2 am, when I was calling the Philadelphia office to activate assistance cards, someone threw me a package of trail mix. I sat there with the phone on speaker, calling out names and addresses and picked at the trail mix piece by piece. I distinctly remember the person sitting across from me staring at me like I was crazy because I’d pick up a half a peanut, chew, swallow, rest, and then pick up another one. S-l-o-w-e-s-t eater ever. Also, I was distracted. But they thought it was funny that I ate it like that and that I only ate half of the bag before tying it up. I ate today’s trail mix while taking the bus to grab my car to head to volleyball, and again the person seated in front of me on the bus watched me methodically eat the mix. Considering those 15 minutes or so were the only minutes of my day when I could enjoy some peace and quiet without moving, I didn’t much care.

Another thing I got reuinited with today was volleyball. I took a couple seasons off, and I was rather content with my time off… in fact, if I’m being honest, I was dreading our game tonight because I had a million other things to do and if I’m being 100% real, my legs were tired. But I went, and as soon as we started playing, I felt right at home. I went from dreading the committment to looking forward to our next game within the first 3 plays of the first game, so that’s a good sign. I’m still a little bummed that I’m probably going to have to miss a couple games due to volunteer meetings, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it work somehow. I’m just relieved that I like our team and that we seem to play well together and I don’t want to burn the entire place down [yet].

After our game, I dragged my hot sweaty [frizzy] self to Walmart to get some milk and then headed home. I must have gotten a text while I was driving, but I didn’t notice until I got home… as soon as I walked in the door and looked at my phone, I saw an ARC disaster text asking if I was available. Considering I hadn’t eaten anything since the half a bag of trail mix and I was pooped, I sent back a “2,” or basically, “I can be available, but take other people first.” Immediately, my adrenaline started pumping and I got dressed and heated up a makeshift dinner, thinking I’d get called in like last time… but so far, so good. I haven’t heard back, and I kind of feel like a jerk for not immediately responding back (since I didn’t see the text until I got home). But since I wasn’t called, I guess I can assume that they had enough people. And it’s not like I was on-call tonight; so it should be no big deal. Still, I feel like I’m missing out on something awesome. I wish I would’ve responded with a “1,” or “yes, I’ll be there.” I guess it’s probably for the better, though… for once, I think I can agree with the rest of the world that I need a little break and a little downtime.

So between being reunited with my friends, my volunteer trail mix (that’s what I call it), and volleyball, I’ve had a very busy but rather fun day and night. Here’s hoping tomorrow is an easy day since it’s Good Friday, and that maybe I get to respond to another disaster this weekend to make up for tonight. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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