Boule, Interrupted

Boule, Interrupted

Tonight was hands-down one of the most “exciting” nights I’ve ever worked… but not necessarily in a good way. Initially, I was pretty pumped because instead of a wedding, we had an event, and instead of wedding cake, we were serving my all-time favorite – boule de neige. I went to go take a quick snack break, and was one of the first to arrive in the kitchen in time for our staff meal. You bet I snatched up one of the leftover boules. I even grabbed a plate full of steamed vegetables to balance it out!

But between the last few bites of vegetables and the first few bites of boule de neige, there was a bit of a commotion. Something happened (and I apologize, but I can’t be more specific than that) and chaos ensued. My quality boule time was interrupted by having to search high and low for equipment we apparently don’t have in-house, and I cursed my inability to do anything more useful in times of a crisis. Working at a venue that often features dancing (weddings, events, etc), it would be helpful to be CPR/AED/First Aid certified… and really, it’s on my Red Cross to-do list. But since I’ve been a part of the ARC, we haven’t had a class available, so I haven’t had my chance to get certified yet. I have a feeling that after tonight, there will be some sort of staff-wide training in the near future (at least, I really hope there will be), and if not, I might have to email some people to see if we can schedule an ARC class very soon.

Needless to say, without divulging specifics, everyone was shaken up tonight. For the record, everything turned out okay in the end, but there was quite a long time where we weren’t sure how things would go. After all the excitement, the event fizzled out a little early, so I was able to leave early. Thank goodness since I have to be at work at stupid o’clock tomorrow morning.

And as for my boule de neige, I went back to retrieve what I’d left behind – as if there was any doubt. However, with all the craziness and uncertainty, it seemed to have lost its flavor. With any luck, we’ll have it again, and on a not-so-crazy night.


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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