Question: What goes well with bourbon, cod, and ice cream?
Answer: NOT the treadmill.

Tonight my friend Natalie and I went out for our traditional Lindsay’s Getting Older dinner, courtesy of the Big Burrito group. Through the years, we’ve hit up all of the Big Burrito restaurants except Umi, and some we’ve hit up two or more times… we discovered tonight that this was probably the 8th year we’ve done this. So crazy how time flies!

I had fond memories of my miso black cod at Soba from my birthday dinner a couple years ago, so we decided to meet there again tonight.

We started with happy hour cocktails, obviously. I chose the tetsu old fashioned and she got the bangkok tea. I liked mine a lot more than she liked hers, but a few couple sips in and I started getting silly. I really seem to have no alcohol tolerance… blame it on getting older, I suppose. Since it’s a Monday and we both have to get to work tomorrow, we got the bao buns as an appetizer to slow the rush of booze to our brains. The bao buns were pretty tasty, what with their fried chicken and pickles. Noms.

Before our entrees came, we got our second (and last) round of drinks – she got the asian plum sangria and I chose the white lychee sangria. Both were good, but mine was pretty great… I can see myself making it at home. Soba’s happy hour ends at 7, and we had to have gotten our second drinks somewhere around 6:30… but for some reason, we were charged full-price for them. Strange, but unfortunately we didn’t notice until we got our credit cards back.

Obviously, I chose the miso black cod for my entree. It didn’t seem to be completely cooked, which seemed weird, but I usually pack up half of my meal to go anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. As usual, the flavors worked amazingly together and I loved it (the fully cooked parts).

In lieu of the chocolate pretzel stack that we usually get for dessert (mind-blowingly good, btw), we decided to head to nearby Millie’s for ice cream. I got one scoop of chocolate in a waffle cone and it was pretty tasty. And as a bonus, getting there and eating the ice cream allowed us some time to sober up. 🙂

After we parted ways, I considered going straight home, but I missed the gym. I figured I’d just knock out a few laps in the pool and call it a night, but when I got there, swimming immediately after drinking and eating just didn’t seem like a great idea so I hopped on the treadmill. Unfortunately for me, I was wary of the wrong part of the workout. About 25 minutes after I started the treadmill, I got a weird feeling in my stomach and threw up a little… in my mouth. So gross. But luckily, no one around me noticed and I was able to continue on my way. I finished up my session and then headed to the pool, just for fun. I didn’t expect much from the pool portion of the workout, but it was actually the one thing I needed. The mixture of cold water + increased metabolism + time to clear my head = I was sober and happy and relaxed-ish after the first 5 laps. I kept it short with 40 laps tonight, but they were good, strong, fast laps. They felt good.

Earlier in the night at dinner, I had a sudden realization – I had no responsibilities/nowhere to be/no one depending on me at that moment. My next bout of adulthood is tomorrow morning when I have to go to work, but I’m not working now, and I’m not on-call, and I don’t have somewhere to be. I can’t remember the last time I had a night like that, especially after the insanity of this past weekend. It’s such a weird, carefree feeling. I think every single night I haven’t had work things or other obligations over the past few months, I’ve volunteered to be on-call. And although there’s no guarantee I’ll be dispatched while I’m on-call, I realized tonight that it just kind of hangs over me – the possibility of having to leave wherever I’m at at a moment’s notice, and the requirement to stay within a certain radius and to remain sober and yadda yadda yadda… all things that I’m 100% willing to do on a regular basis, but when those restrictions are removed for a night, it just feels weird. How soon we forget, right?

Well, I’m back at it tomorrow, so I’m off to enjoy the last of the freedom while I can. 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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