Five Things Friday: 04/29/16 Edition

OK, so I have no idea where this week went. Nay, I have no idea where this entire month went. Wasn’t it just February? How did we go from leap day to almost-May in the span of one deep breath? Is that part of the leap year magic? Is there a parameter we can turn off for that? Cause I really need life to slow down a bit. I only need the slow-down on the good days, though… the bad days can continue cruising by. ūüôā

  1. Currently Reading: Huzzah, I finished Eleanor & Park and I loved it so, so, so much. I read the last 25% of it in the span of one night, so yeah, it was good. I would have liked to have seen more from the last chapter, but otherwise, it was great.Wednesday¬†after my library volunteer meeting, I snagged my next read: Eligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld. It’s no secret¬†that I love her¬†novels, so I anticipate this will be just as good as the others.
  2. Currently Eating: I made the rookie mistake of purchasing an entire big bag of Starburst Sweets+Sours, so any semblance of eating healthier this week has gone out the window. Add to that¬†all of the free birthday meals and an upcoming week (almost) in NYC, and I’d better prepare myself for a lot of gym time starting the second week of May.
  3. Currently Craving: I’m currently sitting in a trainwreck of a conference call, so I’m craving something to spike my coffee. (Just kidding… kind of.)I’m a little weirdo, so I’m craving some disasters this weekend (sorry, world). Ideally, I’ll get a call around 6:30 or 7, while I’m wide awake, but at this point, I’ll take anything.I could also go for some strong hot tea. It’s been doing some sort of foggy, drizzling thing here in Pittsburgh for the past 24 hours or so, so I want to curl up in jammies with a cup of hot tea. Lucky for me, I’m working from home today, so I can do just that… minus the “curl up” part, because WORK.
  4. Currently Loving: Free food that I don’t have to cook, especially these past few weeks. I can’t wait for work stuff to get back to normal… and I’m hoping this frenetic pace isn’t the “new normal.”
  5. Currently Anticipating: Since Saturday, I’ve been on-call for quite a few volunteer shifts, but I haven’t actually received any calls… it’s been a very slow week. I suppose that’s good, and even though I hate to admit it, I¬†really needed a break, but gosh darnit, I MISS IT. I miss going to our volunteer office, and I miss seeing the people. I even miss the insane 3:30am calls! It’s one of those weird situations where you get so used to being there (nearly every day some weeks) that it starts to feel like home, and then when there’s no reason to go in, it feels like you haven’t been home in a week. What on earth is wrong with me? I have a home. It has a bed that I love. Yet I keep thinking the¬†office with the¬†disaster relief materials (and no bed) is home. Get it together, Lindsay!

    I’m tentatively anticipating the NYC trip, especially since I’m leaving on Sunday morning so I can enjoy most of one day by¬†myself, but really, this trip promises to be non-stop work. Still, all the food! I get to eat all the things (provided I can leave the office at some point)! I’m excited about that.

    And finally, I’m a little excited to go to work tomorrow night, if only so I can get some cash. I have no idea what I’m doing for transportation to/from LGA and which restaurants on my list are cash-only, so I plan on taking all my tips with me. Hopefully we get lots so I can spend all the monies (and get reimbursed later).

Happy Friday, everyone; hope your weekend is filled with things that make you happy!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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