Five Things Friday: 05/20/16 Edition

AKA, the “Should I stay or should I go” edition.

As of today, I officially no longer need to wear a splint on my hand – unless, of course, I’m doing something where I need some additional support. The hand/thumb still hurts like crazy, but I have a lot more movement in it than last week, so I’m putting my foot down and saying the hand isn’t broken. Badly sprained? Probably. But broken? I doubt it. So that’s good, but I’m still dealing with limited movement and regular pain. Merp. Good thing we have a couple weeks before the sand volleyball season starts…

In other news, I’ve been very strongly considering paring life down to one job + volunteer work. There are a lot of reasons why – some more recent than others – but I’ve been considering it for quite a long time. My policy is to not make hasty emotional decisions, so even though a few times a year I think, “This is it, I can’t handle this anymore,” my practice is to finish out the night and come back the next week. If I still feel the same way the next week, then I’ll give leaving further consideration. This works out really well, because I almost always feel 100% better the next week – there are always going to be horrible nights, but that’s all they are… horrible nights, not a horrible job. But lately the feeling has stuck with me, and certain things are pushing me further and further into wanting to leave. It’s really hard to look forward to going to work when the one person you’re working closely with for 8 hours rolls his eyes at everything you say, openly mocks the one thing you feel passionately about (volunteering), and constantly tells you how awful/fat/worthless/useless you are. On the other hand, I love the group I work for (family business, super-nice people) and love my other coworkers. Plus, the money has historically pulled me back into reality – bartending is generally a fun and easy(ish) way to make some extra cash. So. Current status: making a pro/con list. This might be my last weekend as a bartender… but it also might not. I almost wish the decision would be made for me.

Moving on… what’s been happening this week?

  1. Currently Reading: I’ve spent a lot of time reading this past week, and I’m now about 3/4 through Eligible. I like that it’s light, easy reading; I don’t need to think through anything while I read it. It would be a good beach read, but unfortunately, I’m nowhere near a beach at the moment. I’m hoping that I’ll have some time this weekend to keep pushing through the book; maybe by this time next week, I’ll be done with it.
  2. Currently Eating: I made the mistake of “treating myself” to Coffeemate Natural Bliss Salted Caramel coffee creamer in lieu of regular half & half. Unfortunately, it tastes awful, so now I’m stuck with it tainting my coffee until I get a chance to run to a store to get plain stuff. As I sit here writing this, I’m cringing from the gross aftertaste it’s left in my mouth. ::shudder::

    I’m pretty excited about lunch, though – I took home some chicken caesar salad (sans dressing) from the volunteer meeting last night, and that’s what I plan on chowing down on for lunch. It’s nice to have lunch already made for me. 🙂

  3. Currently Craving: A full day and night off, but that’s apparently not happening this week.

    Food-wise… nothing, really. I have pizza in my fridge and an abundant supply of cookies and cake in the house. I guess the one thing I’m sort of craving is exercise, but considering I’ve made it to the gym 3 of the past 4 days, I’m not even lacking in that. I do kind of feel gross after pretzels, beer, pizza, and cake yesterday, so I’m hoping maybe a lunchtime walk will get me back to feeling more normal.

  4. Currently Loving: UberPuppies came to Pittsburgh yesterday, and while I was disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy any puppy playtime, I love seeing all the news coverage and pictures of them. Such a great idea, and I love that the money goes towards animals at the Humane Society. It almost seems silly that no one thought of this years ago. Also, I wish this was something that could happen every day – imagine the decreased stress levels of workers AND all the money that would go towards the Humane Society! Four-legged Furry Fridays, anyone?
  5. Currently Anticipating: I have a long to-do list of small chores that I anticipate will make me feel very accomplished today, should I complete them all. Things like “cut grass,” “get gas in car,” and “buy unflavored half & half.” Part of me wants to get up on a ladder and try to clean my gutters, but a larger part of me knows that I’m clumsy and I’ll fall and break something more than just my hand. So, seeking volunteers to come hold a ladder so that I don’t die…

    I have a lot of time on the volunteer schedule this weekend (as usual), but not as much as I’d like. That’s because I have to work not only Saturday, but also Sunday night this weekend. Weekend? What weekend? But I hope to take advantage of the volunteer time that I’m able to get in.

    I’ll be honest, I’m not really looking forward to this weekend at all. I’m hoping that tomorrow we’ll have an astoundingly amazing night at work and it’ll make me want to stick around. But in the meantime, I’m working on a revised no-second-income budget.

Happy weekend, all! Hope you get to do something exciting and you’re not stuck working all weekend!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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3 Responses to Five Things Friday: 05/20/16 Edition

  1. Nothing Personal says:

    I cant believe you have to work with someone like that. Actually I can because thats why I left Pitt. That sucks.

    Screw him.

    What ever happened to respect and kindness?

    In other news, glad your hand is coming along. 🙂


    • Lindsay says:

      This person has been like this for much of the three years I’ve worked there, so it’s nothing new; however, the attitude seems to be reaching a fever pitch in recent months. And considering how strongly I feel about the volunteer stuff – the work we do, the people I work with, the entire mission – I find myself completely infuriated with our conversations each night I work.

      Not to mention that the time I’m wasting getting frustrated and mad could be time spent helping people who actually appreciate me and the work we do. I’m just so tired of arguing. Tired of feeling bad about myself every night I work. And tired of feeling I need to defend every single word that comes out of my mouth, when I’m not saying anything bad at all.

      BUT… we’ll see. I’d like to stick it out a few more months to build up more savings, but I won’t be super-disappointed if I can’t take it anymore when I get there tomorrow.


      • Nothing Personal says:

        I can understand that. When you’re passionate about something , your friends or co-workers should encourage that and not try and squash it. For someone to do that to you when it’s so obvious how much you care about volunteering seems immature.

        Regardless of what anyone says, you’re doing great things at the RC.

        Good luck with work this weekend. Hopefully things go smoothly.


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