Five Things Friday: 05/27/16 Edition

It’s finally warm in my house (and outside)!! Huzzah!

So far, this Friday morning is filled with less ennui than the last one. I’m still bartending, but it seems like the “dark age” is over… at least for this week. I’m not dreading going in tomorrow, but I would rather be outside enjoying the weather, kayaking, hanging with the puppies, or going to help at a fire instead… but that’s not so out of the ordinary. Who wouldn’t rather wrestle with two adorable furballs than go to work? So yeah, I feel a lot better about things vs this time last week. Hallelujah, I hope it lasts!

  1. Currently Reading: I finished Eligible last Saturday and immediately moved on to Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I’ve read a few of her things and I’ve liked them, but I just couldn’t get into this one. Maybe its charms are revealed later in the book (very likely), but it feels like a Harry Potter knock-off and I’m not digging it. So, instead of wasting more time on it, I hit up the library and grabbed Lust & Wonder by one of my all-time favorites, Augusten Burroughs. I love love love love LOVE it and I’m already nearly halfway through. I’m kind of dreading the book ending because I love it so much. Not so much the content – if you’ve ever read any of Augusten Burroughs’s books, you probably realize that I don’t really identify with the content – but the writing. I freaking love his writing style. And the stories are highly amusing. If you’re looking for a great fast read, this is it.
    I might circle back to Carry On once Lust & Wonder is done; I’m not sure yet.
  2. Currently Eating: While in NYC earlier this month, I stopped at a place called Gourmet Garage, which became one of my favorite NYC things. Gourmet Garage was like Whole Foods meets Trader Joe’s meets the East End Food Co-Op – so many unique foods and drinks in that place! I got a container of Bulgarian Mint & Olive Oil Feta to eat as a snack and it blew my mind. I loved it so much that I bought a second container to bring home. I’ve since torn my way through both containers, and I miss it. So, I bought a gigantic container of feta from Costco last week, thinking I’d try to replicate it. The problem is, Président feta tastes nothing like the Bulgarian feta. They may as well be cheddar vs brie; they taste that different. So now I’m stuck with an enormous container of feta that I don’t love. Plus I have a bajillion blueberries from Costco, but I’m happily munching my way through them… I envision a watermelon-blueberry-feta-mint salad in my future.
  3. Currently Craving: Just like last week, a full day and night off. Unlike last week, I’m technically getting my wish – I’m off Sunday and Monday. However, Sunday is the big family picnic at my parents’ house and I’ve already been told to get there early in the morning because they need my help with a bunch of things… and then the rest of the day will be spent making small talk with family I see twice a year and my parents’ friends. As much as I love the picnic (I really do), it’s exhausting. You’d think since I don’t live there, I’d be considered a “guest,” and not have to do all the work, but we all know that’s not how it works. And Monday, I’m technically off, and probably at my own house, but I’m on the volunteer schedule. That’s my own doing, but part of me wishes I hadn’t put myself on the schedule that day.
    Food-wise, no cravings. Weird, right?
  4. Currently Loving: I came prepared with links today! I’ve noticed that there have been a lot of really terrible incidents going on in neighborhoods very close to my own the past few weeks. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been paying more attention to the different Facebook groups for fires/accidents/incidents, or if things really have gotten out of control, but there have been multiple shootings nearly every day this week (at night AND in broad daylight), and lots of break-ins/robberies. It’s been bugging me a little, and I had a dream earlier this week where I was on a fire scene and someone drove by and shot me. Granted, I’m kind of okay with that, but it was a little disturbing. Anyway, I needed some good stuff this week, so I went out and found some. 🙂

    First, I saw this article last night about a college student and what he’s doing in his community and just love the story – what a great idea, and what a great person. I wish I enjoyed lawn care more than I do; I think this would be a fantastic service to provide for the elderly and those that aren’t able to do their own upkeep. Unfortunately, lawn care is one of my most hated activities, but who knows, maybe some day I’ll cut my elderly neighbor’s lawn while I’m cutting my own.

    I found this video of a dog desperately doggy-paddling trying to catch ducks, and I thought it was pretty adorable. I could watch him swim all day.

    I’ve been enjoying the I Hate Everyone Facebook page lately as well, but I get the feeling that might be a very specific brand of humor. In particular, I laughed for a long time at this one – I can imagine someone hugging me at a volunteer thing (that’s where I seem to be hugged the most… weird) and I just quietly whisper in their ear, “You smell different when you’re awake.” I might actually try that on someone; I know just the right person who will only be temporarily freaked out and then laugh.

    And last (but not least), the Pens are in the Stanley Cup Finals! Woohoo!

  5. Currently Anticipating: A funny thing happened when I got my latest volunteer promotion – the schedule was changed, but in the opposite direction. Instead of showing me as the head honcho for my shifts the rest of May, I now show up as a regular teammate. This is because there are already other head honchos assigned to those shifts, so it makes sense… so for the rest of May, all of my volunteer shifts are carefree. I don’t have a leader shift until June. At first I was a little miffed, but then I realized that this is a great thing – for the rest of May, I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want without worrying about carrying incident trackers and pens along with me. I still need to be available and ready to go at a moment’s notice, but the responsibility part is gone until June. It’s kind of nice. I’m still very much looking forward to being the top dawg in June, but it’ll be nice to have a little break before the insanity starts. It actually worked out pretty nicely, the more I think about it.

    Speaking of volunteer stuff, I have my regular shifts today and Saturday, but I’m off entirely from everything – including volunteering – on Sunday in order to attend the family picnic. I don’t think I’ve had a day off from everything since… January? Not that Sunday is going to be a totally carefree day (lots of work to do for the picnic), but at least some of my responsibility will lie with entertaining and wearing out two crazy pups. I can handle that.

    I think I’m most excited about having Monday off. I feel like I (or we, including everyone at work) have been going crazy lately and it’ll be great to have a day off. Even if I am volunteering for part or most of it, I’d rather get called to a fire than have nothing at all to do.

Have a great, safe weekend, everyone, and enjoy the time off!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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