Putting On Weight

I had a pretty decent little Sunday today! I heard it finally raining outside, so I scrambled to grab my stuff and head out the door so I could test out my rain jacket. Of course, as soon as I got outside, the rain stopped. Still, the skies looked rather ominous, so I held onto hope.

My first stop of the day was the ATM to deposit last night’s tips, and then I headed to my Squirrel Hill gym in order to take advantage of their treadmills with individual TVs. I ended up watching an episode of Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock, and ironically, it was about healthcare. The healthcare stuff seems to follow me everywhere these days. Sigh.

After the gym, I headed to the library, where I took some time to browse some books that are outside of my regular reading realm. In fact, I ended up borrowing 3 books and 2 language CDs; none of the items falls into the category of my regular library haul. It’s nice to shake things up a bit, though. And one of the books I got, while nonfiction, sounds really exciting (to me, because I’m a data nerd). I’m pretty pumped.

After the library, I went to Costco, but walked out with nothing. I was able to procure some samples, though, which was key after 90 minutes on the treadmill.

The entire time I was going about my business, I was waiting for a fire call. Never did get one. Read about some fires online, but they were either vacant houses, commercial buildings, or outside of Allegheny county. I suppose that’s good, but I was a little frustrated – I needed a good call in order to make up for my feelings about something that happened on Friday (I’ll spare the internet the details).

Anyway, I made my way back home, pulled into my garage, and literally – I kid you not – as soon as I opened the door to my house, it started raining again. It was short-lived, but it happened. Nature is totally screwing with me.

After dinner, I did a little internet research on a topic I’m becoming interested in, and this led to me going to Walmart to buy a weighted vest. I won’t even bother describing the wormhole I went down to get to this point, but the fact of the matter is, I now have a 20-lb weighted vest in my possession. Out of curiosity, I loaded it up with all the sand bags and took it for what I expected to be a quick spin. Oddly enough, I did my full route around my neighborhood… and I ran. With 20 extra pounds strapped onto me. And I barely felt winded. Considering my usual workout entails me walking at a 15% incline at 4.4 mph for 60-90 minutes at a time, I impressed myself. I hardly ever run these days, but to do an entire 2.5-mile running workout with a 20-lb vest on, spur of the moment (and after spending 90 minutes on the treadmill just a few hours prior), and to feel incredible afterwards… well, say what you will about walking on the treadmill, but obviously it does the trick for me. I had no idea I had that kind of endurance left in me, considering I haven’t been trying to build it up. Go, me!

So now I’m considering adding a late-night weighted vest workout to my rotation every few days, just to keep things interesting. And who knows, maybe I’ll test it out on some push-ups as well. My only regret is that Walmart didn’t have a 40-lb vest for me to try out.

Commence Beast Mode. 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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3 Responses to Putting On Weight

  1. maryaquino says:

    I bought a water vest, is that the same thing? I’m supposedly doing a 5K on Saturday (after a Lungforce walk…IN DENVER) so I bought a vest for hydration…add water, and sip while you work out. I haven’t tried it yet. We’ll see what that’s like. I don’t think the vest will hold 20 lbs of water, as I think water only weighs 6+ pounds per gallon and this won’t hold a gallon. (Hubbie is a plumber…he can rattle off the weight of water when prompted, but he’s asleep)

    Hey maybe I’ll blog about Denver next week. 🙂


    • Lindsay says:

      By water vest, do you mean like a Camelbak? They do add weight (until you suck out all the water, anyway), but it’s a different concept. This one has 20 little 1-lb sand bags that I need to stuff into pockets in order to add the weight.
      And YES, you should write about Denver! I’ve always wanted to go there, but I’ve never had a chance (yet). You’ll have to let me know all the awesome things you do and eat there! 🙂

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      • maryaquino says:

        Yeah…it’s a Bell “Tanker”. Not sure I’ll bring it. But…yes, I expect to check in every place I go and I will “recreate” my trip. It’s my first time to Colorado too.


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