Lunk Alarm

Lunk Alarm

I’m not exactly proud of this, but I joined Planet Fitness today. As I’ve mentioned before on here, I have a gym membership through my health plan. This allows me to go to thousands of gyms for $25/month. I love the other gyms I go to, but my two favorites have shortened summer hours. On days like today, where I get pulled out of work early (or on time, but before I was ready to go) to go to a fire and I don’t get home until late, I need an option for a later gym. I have my LA Fitness membership, but it’s hard to go there on nights when I’m on-call – it’s too far away and it’s too loud in the event I get a phone call. So enter Planet Fitness.

I have mixed feelings about the place, though I do see the appeal for people who are normally intimidated by gyms. I’m not one of those people, so I was planning on mainly using the membership for late-night treadmill veg-out sessions… And then I took a little walk around and met my new best friend, pictured above.

What we have here is a very simple set-up: a trampoline and some medicine balls. The premise is simple – throw the ball onto the trampoline and it’ll be rebounded for you to catch. I’ve always loved playing catch, but as an only child, my catch partners were very limited. I almost never got to play catch; on the rare occasions my dad and I played, it was because he wanted me to practice skills for softball. I always loved those nights, but because he was always working (and is still a workaholic), they were few and far between. But now, with this little contraption, it feels like I finally have a friend to play catch with! In fact, I spent a good 15 minutes with it today, with a 12(?) pound medicine ball. I’m sure my shoulders will be killing me tomorrow, but it was so much fun!

So as much as I wanted to hate Planet Fitness, I think I’ve just found something to fixate on, and I’m sure I’ll be spending more time there than expected. I guess there are worse problems to have! 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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3 Responses to Lunk Alarm

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  2. Amy says:

    Did you see this?! The FDA takes the fun out of everything …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lindsay says:

      I did! I saw it the very next day; someone had posted it on Facebook as “FDA Ruins Cookie Dough For Everyone.”
      I haven’t gotten sick from it yet, so I ain’t scurred. Imma keep eating my dough.
      (If I don’t post for a few days in a row, I have obviously died from cookie dough consumption. Take solace in the fact that you warned me.)


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