Five Things Friday: 07/15/16 Edition

Goooood morning. This picture was the text I received at 5-ish this morning, waking me up on the first day I got some decent sleep. Love the picture (though that position doesn’t look comfortable, Taco), but I would have loved it more had I received it after 8 am. 🙂

  1. Currently Reading: I read the Vancouver portion of Eyewitness Travel Guide: Pacific Northwest while I was there, but that’s the only book I cracked open while I was there. I was instead focused on sightseeing, alllll of the walking, and then checking emails/catching up on regular life stuff when I got connected to wifi every night.

    When I got on the plane Wednesday night, I opened up my Kindle and started reading Food: A Love Story, by Jim Gaffigan. It’s so rare to read a book that feels like it’s reading my mind, but it looks like I’ve found one. It almost doesn’t seem necessary to read it since it’s so “me,” but I’m comforted knowing that other people (or at least one other person) feels the way I do about food. 🙂

  2. Currently Eating: I’m surprisingly not hungry… or maybe it isn’t much of a surprise since I ate literally everything in sight this past week. I’m looking forward to eating like a normal person again, but I might extend vacation-style eating for another couple days since I have off this weekend. I feel like it’s only fair to treat weekends off like mini-vacations since they hardly ever happen.

    One thing that I bought yesterday and tried today is CAcafe coconut coffee from Costco. I recently sampled it in-store and was surprised at how yummy it was. When I went to Costco yesterday, I realized it was only $5 or so, so I figured why not get it? I’m glad I did; I made a cup this morning and it was both easy to make (basically like those International Coffees – drop a couple tablespoons into hot water and stir) and delicious. What I don’t love about it is that it’s 150 calories per cup, which I suppose makes sense since there’s both sugar and coconut in it. I’m not used to having much sugar first thing in the morning, but I have to say, I’m loving it today. For a day when I expected to be completely exhausted from catching up with everything, I’m feeling pretty darn good; I’m thinking the extra sugar is saving my butt.

  3. Currently Craving: Meh, not much. I indulged all of my cravings this past week, so I’m good now. I could use a salad or two, or a smoothie, though…
  4. Currently Loving: I secretly kept up on emails through the week, so my inbox was fairly normal-looking this morning. The upside to all of this is that people didn’t know I was checking emails, so no one expected anything from me. I was able to flag a bunch of items that need my attention today, but I’m not on the hook for getting through them until next week. It was so nice not having to wade through allllll of the emails this morning; I could just skip to the important ones. Smart move on my part.

    I also love that people from work texted me and since I was connected via wifi, I got their messages… but I pretended I didn’t since I told them I wouldn’t be available until Friday. So people sent texts, but I was able to safely ignore them. I feel like that’s only right, since I was ON VACATION and the place won’t collapse if I’m out of pocket for a couple days. So I’m kind of proud of myself for ignoring the texts and not giving in like I normally do. Way to set boundaries, Linds!

  5. Currently Anticipating: One more full weekend off! I have a bunch of things I’d like to do this weekend, to take full advantage, but then I realized that I also need to get back to the volunteer schedule tonight, so some of the things I want to do will need to be put on hold. As much as I love the volunteer stuff, it was kind of nice to get away from it as well. I’m happy to be back at it this evening, but I won’t be too sad if we don’t get a call – I could use some more rest, and I’d love to head back to the gym.

    I do have Saturday afternoon and evening completely free, though. I’m torn between going to visit the puppies or crossing a couple things off of my 16 in ’16 list. There are three things in particular on the list that I could cross off relatively easy in one day… but that would mean no puppies for me. Decisions, decisions.

    And I know this is going to sound dumb since I’m so exicted about having another weekend off, but I’m preemptively excited to go back to work next weekend. While not as expensive as it could have been, Vancouver wasn’t exactly cheap. I could use some extra cash to make me feel comfortable again.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, everyone!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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