Pickles, Bikes, and Dogs (Oh My!)

Pickles, Bikes, and Dogs (Oh My!)

I was torn between crossing a few things off my 16 in ’16 list or going to my parents’ house to visit the puppies on my last known Saturday off. On the one hand, I’m very behind on the list activities. On the other hand, PUPPIES. Around noon, after I was off the volunteer schedule for the day, I made up my mind – I chose the list activities since it was a nice day.

So I drove to my second job (ironic, no?) so I could park in their lot, and then walked through the Picklesburgh festivities to get to a Highmark bike stand. Lucky for me, there was a girl standing there to help people with renting the bikes – I guess they thought Picklesburgh would drum up some business. The rental process was a little confusing, so I glad there was someone there to show me what to do.

I rented my bike and rode off towards the Point. On the other side of town, the trail just seems to stop, so I got lost and rode around in circles for a little while… but then I found my way through town to the Eliza Furnace Trail, AKA “The Jail Trail.” I remember people talking about riding on The Jail Trail in college, and I had no idea where it was. Even today, after looking at a map before leaving, I couldn’t figure out where it started… but eventually I found it and I’m happy to report I enjoyed smooth sailing riding after that. I rode past Oakland, past the South Side, to nearly Greenfield/Squirrel Hill, and then turned around. I was only planning on being out for an hour, but since I got lost a few times, I ended up riding around for an hour and a half. Though to be fair, I was back Downtown within the hour… I just couldn’t find another bike kiosk to return the bike. Once I found one, it was over the hour mark and I was going to be charged for another half hour anyway, so I kept on going. I continued on through town and into the Strip District before heading back again. I was a hot sweaty mess when I finally returned the bike.

I stopped by work to grab a drink, and then walked through Picklesburgh again intending to grab something for lunch… but it was too crazy with people and the lines were insane; there was no way I had the patience to deal with that ruckus. So instead I walked back to my car, intending to drop off my phone before trying paddleboarding… but then I realized I couldn’t go paddleboarding without eating anything, and besides, I wasn’t sure if you could just show up and get instructions on how to use the boards, or if you need to make an appointment. After some deliberating, I decided to hold off on the paddleboarding and instead head for the pupperonis.

As usual, they were super-excited to see me. My dad was supposed to be away this weekend on a camping/racing trip, but when I got there, I learned that he was on his way home early. So I got to see everyone, which was nice. Tank wandered around with his tongue hanging out for most of the evening, and Taco tried his best to help unload the camping trailer (either that, or he was trying to escape from Tank). After everything was unloaded, we headed for dinner. Afterwards, we came back home and took the pups for a walk and then we hanged for a bit before I had to come back home.

Today wasn’t the 16 in ’16 task eliminator I’d expected it to be, but at least I’m able to cross one thing off, and it’s always a good idea to go see puppies and family. I’d say I made the most of this Saturday off. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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