I don’t often buy ice cream at the store, simply because I don’t eat it much unless I’m on vacation (and then I go hog wild, as I’m sure I’ve demonstrated). When I’m at the store and buy it, I take it home and have one serving of it and then I’m usually done with it. Maybe the next day I’ll have some, but generally I’m a one and done type of girl. I know, it’s weird. But my tastes change so frequently that I’m rarely in the mood for the same thing two days in a row.

Except that all changed last week when I got the urge to buy Breyer’s Cookies & Cream while I was in Walmart. I indulged myself in the whim, glad that I’d only be spending $3 or so to get the idea of cookies & cream ice cream out of my head. I took it home, made dinner, and dug into the carton for dessert. The next night I had to open the freezer to get something for dinner, and saw the carton there… and so I had dessert that night as well. The third night, well, it just sort of became a bad habit after that… so now I’m almost through the carton (approximately 3 servings left) and I’m wondering where it all went. Sure, I remember eating ice cream 5 of the last 7 nights… but I feel like there wasn’t enough ice cream in the carton. Did cartons get smaller? Or did my belly get bigger? Wait, don’t answer that.

Now I’m stuck with a decision to make – do I want to finish this carton off and forget this ice cream experiment ever happened, or do I want to find a new flavor to start the weekend off right?

Sigh. If you need me, I’ll be trying on stretchy pants…


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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One Response to Dangerous

  1. maryaquino says:

    Containers got smaller, by the way….but we’ve leaned towards buying the “single serving” pint containers of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia FroYo. It’s frozen yogurt so it’s healthy, right?


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