Five Things Friday: 07/29/16 Edition

Happy Friday!!

I’ve actually ended up having a pretty great week, surprisingly. Work stuff has significantly slowed down, and thought I know it won’t last long, I’m enjoying the quiet while I can. My boss was out of the office this past week and is out some more next week (and maybe the week after that), so I’ve been enjoying working from home an extra day or two. I know that as soon as he gets back, I’ll probably have a new work project added to my workload, so I’m taking full advantage of this relatively calm period. 🙂

  1. Currently Reading: I decided to stick with Out of Orange, but I have a small problem – the lending period expired this morning and there was a hold on it, so I need to wait for it to be available again before I can finish it. I have some other book options at my disposal, but I’m not sure which I’m going to choose yet. I hate when my book needs to be returned and I have to start another book before I’m done with the first. Drives me a little batty. Oh well, though, there’s not much I can do about it.
  2. Currently Eating: Anything and everything in the house. On Monday, I updated my fridge/freezer/pantry inventories and rediscovered some food that had been hiding from me. My new goal is to get through as much of this food as possible before our family beach vacation at the end of August. I’m pretty sure I go through this process every year around this time, but each time I do it, it always feels so exciting. The inventory is responsible for both making me appreciate all that I have (something that I tend to forget on a regular basis), and also for making me be more creative in the kitchen as I try to figure out what I can do with chickpeas, pasta, and canned salmon (for example). It’s times like these that I’m glad I’m not seeing anyone and no one is relying on me for dinner – while I’m totally cool with random foods mashed together, I would feel really weird forcing someone else to eat like this. #brightside
  3. Currently Craving: Last night, my volleyball team decided to meet up for margaritas before our late game. We haven’t exactly been the greatest team in the league this summer (understatement of the year), so we thought maybe a change of pace would do us good. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for our W-L record), the other team forfeited and we didn’t get a chance to play after all. But, we still went for margaritas at Patron in East Liberty. As we were walking there, we passed by Pizza Taglio and the pizza craving struck me. I didn’t get a pizza, not even on the way home, and now I’m kicking myself for it. Pizza Taglio is BOMB and I love them. I really want a Greenpointer pizza, like right now. The best I’m going to be able to do is to make a homemade pizza for dinner tonight… at least I still have Mike’s Hot Honey from my trip to NYC in May! 🙂
  4. Currently Loving: Post-margaritas last night, my friend Tony and I walked around Whole Foods in order to sober up (as one does). We were in the frozen aisle when I spotted Halo Top ice cream. I’d read about Halo Top before, but I didn’t quite believe the hype – I once bought a pint of Arctic Zero, which seems like it’s similar, and ended up throwing it out almost immediately because it was disgusting. I saw the Birthday Cake Halo Top, though, and in my not-totally-sober state decided to give it a whirl. The first thing I did when I got home was open it up and dig in (because what goes better with too many margaritas than ice cream? Don’t answer that)… I was really surprised – it was good! Like, really good, and not just for what it is (low-cal ice cream – 280 calories for the entire pint, 70 calories per serving). Color me impressed. I don’t know if it’s worth spending $6 on a pint (and that was on sale), but it was way better than I expected it to be.

    A couple weeks ago, I started watching How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix while I was at the gym. I didn’t realize there are only two seasons on Netflix, so I cruised through them pretty quickly and was left hanging at the end of season 2. I liked it quite a bit once I got into it, which made having only 2 seasons available a little torturous.

    Earlier this week, I arrived at the gym to realize that I’d run out of HTGAWM episodes to watch, so I was tasked with finding something new. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend showed up as something that was recommended for me, so I played the first episode on a whim. OMG, you guys. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is amazing! I love shows where I can relate to the main character, and despite the main character’s actions (moving to West Covina, CA to be close to her ex-boyfriend is absolutely something I would never do), I share a lot of the same traits as her. She’s a super-smart lawyer who’s a little clumsy and does stupid nonsensical things and she’s super-likable. I don’t think I’ve ever almost fallen off a treadmill from laughing before watching this show, but now that’s a regular occurrence. I actually need to hold on for dear life because I’ve doubled-over laughing at this show. It’s perfectly corny, and the characters break out in song spontaneously, but it’s absolutely hilarious. Yesterday, this song made me laugh so hard that a guy five treadmills over wanted to know if I was okay (heads-up, it’s a little explicit). I have officially become the crazy girl at the gym. 🙂

    Finally, the pupperonis got a baby swimming pool this week, so my parents had to document their first foray into the water. Despite appearances in the picture above, they both loved it. There’s even video of Tank completely submerging himself and trying to dig through the pool, like a total goober. 🙂

  5. Currently Anticipating: Since we were all relaxed after our three weekends off, we had a good night at work last Saturday. I’m already looking forward to working again tomorrow night. Guess those three weekends off were just what I needed in order to not hate things. 🙂

    Despite being on the volunteer schedule for nearly every day this week, I haven’t been out to a fire since Sunday. I’m sort of hoping that I get to go out this weekend, especially since we have some new trainees and I wrote up some [unofficial] documentation to help them through the process. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the new people I haven’t met yet; hopefully I’ll get to do that soon!

    Speaking of volunteer stuff, apparently we don’t have our regular team meeting during the summer, so I’ve missed seeing everyone. Lucky for me, I’ll get to see at least some people at a team lead meeting next week. It’s not the best timing because we have a 7:30 volleyball game that same night and I’ll probably need to miss it, but a lot has been going on and I’m excited to get back and hear some official news rather than hearsay and speculation.

    In other news, I pulled the trigger on starting the process for another volunteer opportunity. I met with some people who I know have volunteered with this organization for a couple years, and they convinced me to go for it, so I filled out the application and even obtained references. However, later that same night, I did some more research and learned that this organization typically rejects over 50% of their applicants and they won’t specify why the applicants are rejected. I don’t love that. I compared myself to some of the rejected applicants’ stories, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably be rejected as well. You’d think the volunteer work I currently do would help my case, but based on the testimonials, it’ll hurt me. Plus, the fact that I keep so busy otherwise… it doesn’t look good for me. I haven’t heard back at all after submitting my application, so I guess it’s too early to say… but I guess I’ll still have my existing volunteer activities if this one doesn’t work out. I just really want to do more, and I’m not sure of the best way to go about doing more if I’m rejected. Guess there’s no point in speculating until I hear something official, though, right? In the interim, I’m excited for what could happen, if I do get accepted.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, folks! 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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One Response to Five Things Friday: 07/29/16 Edition

  1. Nothing Personal says:

    I can’t believe the rejection rate is that high for that particular volunteer group. I guess I can see why in today’s world, but I have a feeling you’ll be accepted. And that whole foods place is great. Better than the one in the North Hills because it’s a bit smaller and more intimate. Nice atmosphere.


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