Shawty Fire Burning On The Dance Floor

Shawty Fire Burning On The Dance Floor

I legitimately don’t even know where to start with where today went wrong. Maybe the beginning would help?

I received a volunteer call yesterday afternoon, for an event that happened over a week ago… which is in and of itself a weird situation. But making it weirder was that I was told not to take a team out last night (which would have made at least a little sense), but to wait until this morning. Okay, fine. So I waited until this morning and gave the appropriate teammate the information… except then we discovered that the schedule was all sorts of jacked up. I was calling people to go on a call, but the people I was calling were scheduled by mistake and not actually available to go with me. It was a hot mess.

Eventually, we got things sorted… but then we got another call right before we were getting ready to go to the first. That’s happened before, so it should have been no big deal. But the dispatchers relayed some information that made me second-guess everything, and I ended up calling a staff member in order to clear up exactly what the expected response should be. Unfortunately, the staff member is sort of new to the process and wasn’t able to be of much help. That person referred me to another team lead who was not on call today. I have a great relationship with that person, so we chatted. We then decided to loop in two other team leads on a conference call to try to sort it all out. At this point, it was nearing 11 am and I was off the schedule at noon. With that in mind, the other team leads were gracious enough to take over the second call (even though some of them weren’t on the schedule at all), which really ended up saving me time-wise.

So I grabbed a team and we headed out to the first event. I had a brand-new (first call) trainee with me and one of the people who was on the schedule mistakenly since he offered to tag along. The call was slightly unusual, but I think we handled it really well. It may have been one of my best calls ever, compassion-wise. I’m becoming more human every day. 😉

Anyway, we got back to the office and it was around 2:30. I thought I had to be at work at 3:30, so another volunteer offered to grab lunch with me in the Strip. We headed to Lucy’s Banh Mi outside of Bar Marco and I told the volunteer he could thank me for the taste explosion later (which, he did). We grabbed our banh mis to go and walked back. At this point, I got a little flashback to about an hour before while we were at the client’s home when my 1 hour pre-work alarm went off. It went off at 2pm, which would mean I was scheduled for 3pm. But it was already 3:08. Panicked, I looked at my calendar. Sure enough, I was scheduled for 3 and not 3:30. I kind of sort of thought I was going to have a heart attack – I’m never, ever late for work, and certainly not a full half hour late.

I ran into the office, changed my clothes, and drove like a speed demon to get to work. I got there and it was really no big deal since it was a small wedding and we had plenty of time. Whew! Even so, I had to eat my poor banh mi while multi-tasking. That worked well until I took a big bite of jalapeno with seeds and thought my mouth and lips were on fire. Not fun (but delicious nonetheless).

At this point, I should mention that it had been raining all day. Like, alllllll day, without stop. Full-on downpouring at some times. I distinctly remember proudly announcing to my other volunteers, “Well, on the plus side, not that you guys care about this, but since it’s raining so much I won’t have to stand outside at an uncovered bar at work tonight!”

So of course the skies cleared up literally as soon as I got to work, and I ended up being stuck outside in the sticky heat… in long black pants and a button-down long-sleeved shirt buttoned to the collar. As soon as I started getting the outside bar together, I was damp all over – without even moving. So gross.


To my relief, the wedding reception went really well… until bad things started to happen. First, the DJ blew a fuse and there was no music for a while. Then, there was a thing that happened that caused the fire alarm to go off incessantly, which caused the fire department to pay us a visit. This, after the fire department had to come to my full-time job earlier this past week. I’m starting to think I’m a fire department magnet, and I know I should feel sort of bad about that (not that I had anything to do with either alarm), but secretly I love when the fire department visits us. I mean, come on. How many single straight girls wouldn’t love a bunch of firemen striding into their workplaces and taking charge? I’m starting to wonder if I’m not secretly doing this volunteer stuff so that I can be near firemen more often.

Anyway, after the alarm fiasco, the night just really took a nosedive. I can’t go into specifics, no matter how much I desperately want to. Oh, the things I could say… (dangit!)

So the day started off crazy and strange, continued in the exact same vein, and then ended in a trainwreck. For the record, I’m totally fine. Despite all the insanity, I’m in a pretty great mood and I did nothing wrong (aside from showing up to work late). It was an entertaining day and night. I could do with less hecticness in the morning, and without all the events we had no control of in the evening, but I fared pretty well.

I do hope I get to go out on more calls tomorrow, but I hope they don’t require intervention from other leads or staff. I want some straightforward events, if I can get a say in the whole ordeal. Give me something super-easy, universe! Please? 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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