Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Today was kind of awesome, and I had a couple great things to look forward to. For starters, I worked from home since my boss is still out of the office. I could really get used to only going into the office one day a week. Which, I’m allowed to do that, but I know once he comes back I’ll be getting more work… and while the working from home has been so fantastic, it’s really because I’m carrying a lighter-than-usual workload. But I digress…

For lunch, in an effort to continue using up my fridge, freezer, and pantry inventories, I made a salmon patty! My mom used to always make them and I always hated them (because we had them so often, not because they were bad). But it’s been years since I’ve had them, and I had a half of a small can of salmon left over from a salad earlier in the week, so I scraped it together with some onion, breadcrumbs, and egg whites. I was surprised – my version was a lot healthier than the ones I grew up on (think: more breadcrumbs, no onions, full eggs, and cooked in an inch or so of oil), but it tasted the same as what I remembered. It was a nice little lunchtime trip down memory lane.

The fun part of the day started after work, though – I had a Team Lead volunteer meeting and volleyball conflicting with each other. I went to the meeting first and got to stay for about an hour before leaving. It was sooooo nice to see everyone back in one place again! I said to another volunteer, “Geesh, this is like a big family reunion, but one I actually want to go to.” I missed them all. I missed some a LOT, and we basically talked through the entire meeting (whoops!). It was great to not only catch up with my people, but to also get some official word on some changes that have occurred and will occur soon. And then I opened my big mouth and volunteered for not one, but two initiatives… and apparently got myself added to another when I had to leave early for volleyball. Meh, I’ll basically do whatever they’ll let me do, so I’m okay with it. 🙂

I had to get up and leave in the middle of the meeting in order to make it to volleyball in time. I figured I’d be late, but it turns out I was right on time. We actually won a couple games, which was amazing, and then we got some bonus volleyball since the game after ours was forfeited. I think I was there for a full two hours, and it was awesome! What was not awesome is where all the sand ended up – in my underwear, in my sports bra, in my hair, in my ears… I’m still picking sand out of my hair, after a shower. Gross. I guess I should be thankful it’s only in my hair now and out of all the other uncomfortable areas. Ahem.

Time to rest up – I have one more relatively easy day of working from home to get through (minus having to do a demo in the afternoon) before the weekend starts! 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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