Five Things Friday: 08/19/16 Edition

Greetings on this fine Friday!

I just got back from an in-person volunteer interview, and I stopped at the East End Food Co-Op on my way back home. That used to be my go-to spot for a treat when I had an important early morning meeting back in the days when I used to work in the East End – I’d grab a coffee at the co-op before the meeting so that I’d be wide awake. I had my coffee at home this morning, but stopped at the co-op for a post-interview treat, so now I’ve had a total of 3 cups of coffee before noon. Oh boy. This is either going to make for an insanely productive day, or I’m going to be exhausted by 2pm. My money is on exhausted since I still didn’t sleep well last night. Sigh.

  1. Currently Reading: This week I managed to both start and finish The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan. It’s been on my reading list for years, and I’ve put it off incessantly because it just didn’t seem like the type of book I’d enjoy. But now I can say that I understand why it was so popular when it came out; it was a good read.

    Last night I started to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but I didn’t get far. I hate to say this, but I kind of detest it. Like, I don’t even want to continue past Act I Scene III. This is not the Harry Potter I’ve grown to love, and it doesn’t even read like JK Rowling had anything to do with it, other than allowing the other authors to use her characters. I’m not sure if I’m going to get much further with it, but I guess I’ll give it one more shot tonight.

  2. Currently Eating: While I was at the Co-Op this morning, I noticed they had lavender simple syrup available for their coffee bar. I squirted a little into my cup and whoa! It’s super-good in coffee. I would have expected it to be amazing in Earl Grey, but it seems to complement coffee just as well. So I threw some lavender in my basket and now the plan for the afternoon is to make my own lavender simple syrup. Floral coffee for dayzzzz!

    After being without electricity for about 20 hours earlier this week, I’d feared that I’d have to throw out most of my fridge and freezer foods. Luckily, I started tracking my inventory for them weeks ago and I’ve been slowly eating my way through all the perishables, but I was afraid I’d lose most of my freezer goods. I was diligent about not opening up my freezer during the time the power was out, so I was happy to find that I didn’t lose freezer goods. Just to be on the safe side, I made sure to finish off my latest carton of ice cream the night the power came back on, just to make sure it wasn’t spoiled. 😉 I did lose a couple things in the fridge, but not too many. It could have been way, way worse. Then again, I have a bad habit of eating foods that have gone bad, so who knows what’s to come in the next few days.

  3. Currently Craving: The pizza craving is starting to get out of control. I might have to cave in and do something about it. I’d prefer to keep making progress on the fridge/freezer/pantry inventory clean-out, but who knows where the weekend will take me.
  4. Currently Loving: Okay, so bear with me here since I’m still on my “OMG, TV!” high. The Amazon Prime commercial with the golden retriever dressed as a lion – OMG. I die. Every time. I love it so, so, so much.

    Also in commercials, I can’t stop cracking up at the GEICO Marco Polo spot. I mean, I literally bust out laughing every time I see it. It’s really not that hilarious, but I just lose it. I have a simple sense of humor.

    I’m still loving the Olympics, but a little less now that my favorite events are done. Volleyball, both sand and indoor, was a bit of a disappointment… but I enjoyed watching nonetheless. I’ve also loved watching the swimming and diving events. The track and field events? Mehhhh. Not my favorites.

    And of course, I’m absolutely loving the volunteer stuff lately, which probably goes without saying. I’ve been slaying it, both in the volunteer stuff that I’ve been open about, and in the stuff that hasn’t made it onto the blog. The new SOD position seems to suit me well so far, but I’m curious to see how I fare with the difficult situations that may arise. I’m also really enjoying being used as a guinea pig, because it’s giving me advance access to some systems. Plus, with additional responsibility comes additional visibility into things that a limited number of people have access to – things like 911 event logs. Thanks to reader Amy, I’ve been spreading the word about the PulsePoint app, which is linked to the local Emergency Management Service (really, anyone who’s volunteered with me over the past two months has heard me gushing about it)… but my new access allows me to see even more. Reading through 911 logs is my new favorite pastime. 🙂

  5. Currently Anticipating: I’m so happy that my in-person volunteer interview is done; I was stressing out about it more than I’ve stressed out about most job interviews. The organization I’m trying to volunteer with is highly selective, and while I know I had a pretty good interview today, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if I was rejected as a volunteer – after all, my schedule is kind of insane. The next step is for the organization to work through my clearances and references, and then I need to attend an orientation session. Only after all of that is finished will I know if I’ve been accepted or not. And if you’re thinking that it’s volunteer, there’s no way they’ll turn down people… wrong. I know some very nice, decent people who have been turned away. So. I’m anticipating the orientation session and receiving my letter to see if I’ve made the cut or not.

    One of the things I’ve been given access to as a guinea pig is our mass text messaging service that sends out notifications when we need additional volunteers to respond to a disaster. Assuming I’m available the next time we need to send a message, I’ve gotten the go-ahead to do the honors to make sure that the instructions the team is going to be provided describe the process correctly. I’m strangely excited about this.

    One of my favorite volunteers has returned this past week after an extended absence, so I’m excited to work with her again. It’s the little things. 🙂

    My family is apparently having some sort of strange Thanksgiving in August thing on Sunday, which I’m going to try to make it to. It’s kind of a last-minute thing, and it’s not an obligatory thing, but I do love me some turkey and mashed potatoes. And puppies (obviously). But, I’m on the on-call schedule on Sunday, and there’s not another team leader on the schedule, so I’d feel bad taking myself off of it. So if I get the feeling we won’t be called out, I’m going to try to go eat some turkey. Mmmmm!

    And finally, in non-volunteering things I’m anticipating, vacation starts in just about one week. Huzzah!

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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5 Responses to Five Things Friday: 08/19/16 Edition

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  2. Amy says:

    I’m feeling the same way about the Cursed Child … just can’t get past the first couple of pages. I hope that the three e-books that JK has coming out are more in line with her vision.

    Also, YAY on the PulsePoint app! I feel so much safer knowing you’re out there helping, and hope others catch on soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lindsay says:

      I can’t thank you enough for letting me know about PulsePoint – I love it so much; it’s made the volunteer stuff so much easier now that I know what to look for. I’m such a fan that I wrote it into new volunteer orientation materials and got permission to start distributing as part of our official documentation (along with other things, but that’s my favorite part of the materials). Anyone who goes on a call with me hears about it the entire time we’re out. 🙂


  3. maryaquino says:

    Okay – three things:
    1. Love the Amazon Prime ad too. Still, Mer Mutts is on my favorites list…
    2. Did you notice the llama in the Marco Polo ad? I only noticed him very recently.
    3. Is this the normal family vacay?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lindsay says:

      I don’t really understand the point of the llama in the commercial. I was too enamored with the Italian and the humor that I think I totally overlooked him the first few times.

      And yep, the normal family vacay… except for some reason we’re only spending part of the time in MB this year. They’re making me to go VA for part of the week. Still, there’s a beach there as well, so I guess I can’t complain. 🙂


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