From The Vault

From The Vault

We had a crazy busy night last night at work – so busy that I woke up pretty sore this morning. I really wanted only to stay in bed all day and tool around the house, but since I was on call, my disaster program manager had other plans for me. I was with one of our most experienced volunteers, so we hung out and discussed some of the changes that are happening lately. On our way out, we randomly ran into our regional manager who was giving a manager from NJ a tour of the building, and our regional guy mentioned something about a part of the building I didn’t even know existed. I asked my other volunteer about it and she was more than happy to give me the not-for-public tour. 🙂

On our little tour, we found a room that held a bunch of old framed pictures and some shelves. The shelves were mostly bare, except for a few old, thin books. Among the books we found the ones pictured – Introduction to the Red Cross, and First Aid Textbooks. These books were from 1945, 1947, and 1951 (if I’m remembering correctly), and contained writing and pictures. I’ve been fascinated with things like this since I was about 10 and I stayed with my great-grandmother during the day while my parents were at work over the summer – she had huge photo albums full of pictures, report cards, and other important documents dating from the late 1800s through my early childhood years. I was always enthralled with the pictures, the descriptions on the back of them, the report cards, and the letters. I’ve always loved seeing a window into the past. So seeing these books from just after World War II totally made my day. I was like a kid in a candy store.

The call that we went on was rather difficult, but getting the secret tour and finding the old books made it all worth it. Next time I need to waste some time and I’m in the area, I’m going to try to find them again and read through them to see how much has changed. 🙂


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