The Early Bird Gets The Coffee

The Early Bird Gets The Coffee

Today managed to somehow be both fantastic and awful at the same time; I was just a hot mess all day.

It all started last night. I looked at the volunteer schedule to double-check who was on, and saw that I was on with one of my favorite people, the guy I affectionately refer to as “Duuuuude!” I was thrilled, but since we’re usually on Sunday overnights together and that’s usually a quiet shift, I didn’t expect to hear from him. Still, I put my wishes out to the universe, because I really really wanted to hang out with him. I stayed up until 3, thinking we were going to get called. Around 3, I started to get tired… but just a few minutes after that, I simultaneously heard a PulsePoint notification and the fire alarms near my house going off. I checked the location, but it didn’t seem like an incident we’d attend to, so I tried once more to fall asleep. I didn’t get far.

About a half hour after the 3 am-ish alarm, there was another one and another PulsePoint notification. The notification said it was a fire alarm, and not a fire, so I finally let myself go to sleep, thinking we weren’t going to get a call.

Then at around 4:30, my phone rang and it was Dude. We were summoned to a fire near my place – the one that was listed as a fire alarm and not a fire, so I suggested I meet him at a nearby GetGo so I could rest up for a few minutes. I estimate I got about 45 minutes of sleep between the insomnia, the excitement, and the multiple alarms. We arrived at GetGo, and since I was nervous about leaving my car in a busy parking lot and the threat of being towed, we went inside to talk to a cashier who offered to let me park in the employee section. As we were heading out, she called after us and told us to take some coffee. “We love and appreciate first responders,” she called out after us. We let her know we’re not really first responders, but she insisted we are… so we grabbed some coffee, thanked her, and headed on our way.

The call didn’t last long, and it was one of the easiest calls I’ve ever been on, but I still didn’t get home until about 6:30. At that point, I’d already had coffee and it was too light outside for me to even attempt sleep… so I just stayed up and started work early. To be fair, I got a TON done today, and I even managed to do some cleaning. Also listed among my accomplishments for the day: updated new volunteer documents to include info on logging hours, told two different volunteers sincerely that I love them (“No, really, I like, REALLY love you guys”), and potentially got set up on a blind date. Plus, you know, work stuff.

I was so out of it by the time that I hit the gym that I was confused when I saw this:

Yeah, no water in the pools. Not a drop. And I only noticed it after I lugged all my swim gear with me. It’s my own fault – the gym was refreshingly transparent about the pools being closed this week, but in my delirious state, I forgot.

Hopefully there won’t be any more mishaps tonight, and with luck, I’ll stop telling random people that I love them. At least we know I’m a very loving insomniac. I think tonight might be a Tylenol PM night, just so I can be sure I catch up on a few zzz’s… based on my behavior, I think I might be a little deficient. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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