Five Things Friday: 09/02/16 Edition

Hello again from the beach, where we’re in the middle of tropical storm Hermine. This is the first time we’ve stuck around during a storm – one other year, a hurricane headed our way and my parents decided we had to leave early. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the storm – I was on the beach earlier today with the sand and sideways rain whipping my body. Sometimes you feel like a nut, amirite?

1. Currently reading: I’ve been cruising through books at record speed this week. First, I finished Room, then The Julian Chapter: A Wonder Story, and then also finished Finding Audrey. I’ve also gotten pretty far into Better Than Before and Half-Broke Horses. No links since I’m writing from my phone, but they were all pretty good reads. I suspect the reading cadence will slow down quite a bit once I get back home and back to reality. 

2. Currently Eating: All the seafood. No crab legs, though, which I’d planned on trying. 

3. Currently Craving: Some vegetables, maybe. And my regular food. But it sure has been nice eating vacation food all week. 

4. Currently Loving: I believe I mentioned this yesterday, but I have a few long email threads going with people back home, and I love it. They’re keeping me current on certain events, and we’re learning more about each other in the process. It’s kind of awesome. 

Also, the doggy daycare people sent a picture of Taco and Tank; they look like they’re having a blast on their little vacation!

And finally, I’ll reiterate that I’m enjoying the weather. As I was writing this, I took a little break and we all went to the ocean to check out the water levels. On the road that runs parallel to the water, the water was up to my waist. Crazy!

5. Currently Anticipating: While I’m enjoying the tropical storm, I am anticipating the potential for one last nice beach day before we leave. And if not, well, I know we’ll make the most of it. 

And though I’d rather stay on vacation, I’m kind of looking forward to returning to normal life. Vacation is always great, but it always makes me yearn for my routines. At least I don’t mind returning home to my job and responsibilities – not everyone is so lucky. 🙂

Happy long weekend, y’all! Stay dry!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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