Grazing Like Cattle


For day 2 in Omaha, I have managed to impress everyone with the seemingly unlimited capacity of my belly. Shocking, I know.

When I asked someone last night about the breakfast at the hotel, they replied, “It’s not bad.” Well, I clearly don’t do “not bad;” I need to go for the good stuff. So I trekked to a different part of the city and had breakfast at Lisa’s Radial Cafe all by my lonesome. I got one of the breakfast specials, plus some egg whites. All told, I had 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, 2 egg whites, and a bajillion cups of coffee. I was good to go… for an hour or so.

Since I wasn’t expected into the office until 10 am, I took the extra morning time to go for a quick jaunt around the Aksarben neighborhood. (<– Fun fact that I just learned: Aksarben is Nebraska spelled backwards.) I stopped in at a place near our hotel called Jones Bros. Cupcakes and got my second breakfast of the day – a sweet & salty (chocolate caramel) cupcake + a maple bacon croissant donut + New Orleans-style cold brew.

Okay, okay, fine, I fibbed. This is all mine, but I only drank the coffee; the donut and cupcake I put in my mini-fridge for later; it wasn’t really second breakfast. šŸ™‚

Lunch was at our client’s office and I decided to go the healthy route with a hummus & veggie wrap + fruit. I knew what we were in for for dinner, so I was trying to preemptively balance it out.

Speaking of which, dinner was at a super-fancy steakhouse called 801 Chophouse. I caught a glance at the total bill before we left, and I’ve honestly never seen such a food bill in my life – and I’ve worked in restaurants since I was 16.

Somehow (ahem) I was put in charge of ordering the appetizers for the table. IĀ started by asking for some foie gras torchon and roasted bone marrow, and then stopped when I caught the waiter’s facial expression. The pure shock on his face was priceless. We thought he was thumbing his nose up at only ordering two appetizers, but he wasn’t. His words were, “No, it’s just that those are really unusual selections for a group of people. Most people are afraid of those two. You guys must be really adventurous eaters.” At which point, everyone just looked at me like “what have you gotten us into?” Sorry, but in Pittsburgh, those just aren’t outlandish appetizers anymore… maybe 10 years ago they were, but not now. Anyway, to be on the “safe” side, for those who may have been too afraid of the marrow or the foie gras, I also ordered some mussels.

Foie gras torchon… it was dark, so sorry for the grainy pictures.

Roasted marrow bones.

P.E.I. Mussels in San Marzano broth.

I’m very happy to report back that everyone tried everything, and everyone was very pleasantly surprised that they liked the foie gras and the marrow. I’m changing lives here in Omaha!

Our waiter came back to describe the different cuts of steak for us before allowing us some time to decide.

One of our client folksĀ told us it’s actually Omaha Restaurant Week right now, and wouldn’t you know, our waiter accidentally left one of the Restaurant Week menus in one of our menus. We believe it was an accident because there was only one available for a group of 10 people, and because when we asked him about it, he momentarily looked mortified. Oh well, sorry, dude.

I opted for the RW menu, only so I could try a few different things.

For my first course, I ordered the Heirloom Caprese Salad, which was very pretty (and delicious).

And for the main event, I ordered the 12 oz NY Strip steakĀ au poivre with bleu cheese croquettes and grilled asparagus.

This may have been one of the most expensive meals of my life, especially when you add in the drinks and the appetizers. Thank goodness I didn’tĀ get the bill.

Our waiter forgot to bring the desserts that came with the RW menu, so he brought them in boxes at the end. I opted for the triple chocolate cake, which I look forward to enjoying for part of my breakfast tomorrow.

After all this food, people were stuffed… but not me. I insisted on grabbing ice cream at Ted & Wally’s since we were so close and we all know I can’t pass up ice cream these days.

One of our client peeps even made the trip with us, which was really cool. I tried the Irish Coffee ice cream, but ordered a scoop of Vanilla Malted. I’m not much of a vanilla ice cream fan, but the Vanilla Malted was incredible.

If I’m being totally honest, I could go for a little snack, but I’m feeling too lazy to go out. Plus, I should maybe hit the gym – there’s more eating to be done tomorrow.

Day 2 in Omaha was a great success! Looking forward to Day 3!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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