Five Things Friday: 09/23/16 Edition

AKA, the “OMGImSoTiredIWantToCry” edition.

I finally – finally – made it home last night. By the time I landed in Pittsburgh (after many delays), disembarked, grabbed my checked bag, walked to my car, waited in a looooong line of cars to pay for parking (since when is there a line to get out of the airport?!), and drove home, it was after 1:30 when I got home. From there, I grabbed a shower, put a few things away, and was in bed by 2:30.

The project manager I’m working with for our cutover activities today threatened to call me at 7am to make sure I was awake to work on my cutover tasks, and I stupidly told him, “I’m not on-call tonight, so my phone is going to be silent. Good luck with calling me.” But I also said he could text me if he didn’t see me online by 9, knowing that I’d feel/hear the text vibration.

Fast-forward to 4:56 am, when I received a volunteer text. Since I was on-edge about not missing my cutover activities, I woke right up and my adrenaline started pumping since I thought it was after 9 and I thought the text was from my PM. Then I saw it was a volunteer text, but it was too late – I was already wide-awake. I reluctantly replied that I could go out if I was absolutely needed, and didn’t expect to hear anything back… except I was added to a group chat at crazy o’clock and started preparing to leave my house. In the end, I ended up coordinating a small team of other people to go and I got to stay home, but I had a nice hour’s worth of “work” in there during the 5am hour. I was kind of keyed up from that, so I couldn’t fall back asleep until around 7. Finally, at 9:03, I got another text – this one from my PM.

So yeah, it’s been a rather eventful night. I could use a nap right about now.

BUT, I’m working on finishing my cutover tasks, then have meetings in the afternoon, and then I’m on-call (for real, this time) until noon tomorrow. I’m going to die from tiredness, aren’t I? Sure feels like it.

  1. Currently Reading: Still working on Why We Get Fat. I didn’t have much of a chance to read this week, so I haven’t made much progress. Whoopsie.
  2. Currently Eating: As is to be expected from me, I have some leftovers from the trip to Omaha. I’m currently working on eating the maple bacon croissant donut I bought on Tuesday morning (still tastes pretty fresh), and I have some leftover oven-fried chicken to eat for lunch. At least I was smart enough to bring leftovers home with me since I knew I’d be pooped today – not having to make food is one of the few things I have going for me today.
  3. Currently Craving: More coffee. I’ve had two cups today, and that’s normally my limit. I might need to make an iced matcha latte so I can really wake up.

    Also craving some sleep, but that’s a given. I didn’t sleep well on the trip – I think I averaged about 3.5-4 hours every night – and last night/this morning’s sleep didn’t help.

  4. Currently Loving: While I was out of town, my dad stopped by my house with a chainsaw and chopped down a large part of a “nuisance tree” in front of my house. It was getting out of control, and my parents have begged me not to purchase my own chainsaw (they know me too well; I’d end up in the hospital or dead), so the alternative is for them to help out. Surprisingly, my dad seems more than willing to drive the hour to Pittsburgh and to spend a few hours cutting things up if it means he doesn’t have to hear me whine about an amputated arm. So when I got home last night, although it was dark outside, tree remains scattered along my bank were the first thing I saw. I tried to take a picture from my kitchen window this morning (see above), but it doesn’t do the mess justice – it’s wicked. I have a lot of work cut out for me today, in order to dispose of the limbs/branches. BUT, I’m loving the fact that the tree has been cut and it looks a lot better.

    I’m also loving being back home. I like traveling, but I love my bed.

    Oh, and one last thing I’m loving – I just finished my cutover activities, ahead of schedule. Despite being sleep-deprived and under-caffeinated, I’m on top of this whole work thing.

  5. Currently Anticipating: It’s a weird thing for me to anticipate, but I’m looking forward to some shopping this weekend. My favorite business travel bag – the one I keep my laptop in on trips and take to client sites – started unraveling (literally) at the airport yesterday. I think I was still in Omaha when I first noticed it. By the time I departed Minneapolis later in the night, the bag was nearly destroyed. I really didn’t think it would survive the walk from the PIT airport to my car, but miraculously, it did. So now I’m tasked with trying to find a new, functional, nice-looking bag at a decent price. Searches on Amazon haven’t yielded much – the bags I like are too small to hold a laptop + notebooks + flip-flops (my travel essentials), so I think I’ll be hitting up TJ Maxx and Marshalls this weekend to see if I can find something that’s reasonably-priced and moderately stylish. Now if only I could expense it…

    I’m not really looking forward to work tomorrow, but if you were following along the earlier part of this week, I’m sure you’d understand why. However, I am anticipating making some money (hopefully) since I’ll need to pay for my Omaha expenses on my credit card before I receive my reimbursement from work.

    And finally, I’m anxiously anticipating sleeping in on Sunday. I can’t reasonably look forward to doing so tomorrow since I’m on-call, but Sunday is the next day I don’t have anything planned in the morning. I only have to get through two full days before I can anticipate some real sleep. I can do this. I’ve got this. Eye of the tiger. Omg, I’m going to die.

That’s it for this week. Happy weekend, all; get some sleep for me! 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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5 Responses to Five Things Friday: 09/23/16 Edition

  1. maryaquino says:

    I’m having some serious deja vu here – so if I’m repeating myself…sorry.

    TJ Maxx has been my go-to lately for most things but I’ve had a TON of success with travel accessories there. Good luck finding the perfect bag.


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