Five Things Friday: 10/7/16 Edition

I am sooooo glad this work week is over. Lots of good things coming up this weekend and next week, though, so I’m a happy girl.

  1. Currently Reading: I finally (as of about an hour ago) finished Why We Get Fat. It seemed to take forever to read, but it was a worthwhile time investment, I think. I now have a better understanding of some things I’ve seen over the years, and I’m starting to change the way I think of food. This book completely reverses everything I’ve ever heard about obesity, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s, and all of the data presented makes sense. It’s caused me to adopt a lower-carb lifestyle (emphasis on lower, not necessarily low) over the past three weeks or so, and I feel like I have more energy. I’m thinking long-term (life-long) for these changes, so I’m trying to do it right. So far, so good.
  2. Currently Eating: The oatless oats are really growing on me, and I think it’s because I made them a little differently this week… also because I’ve been adding a tablespoon or so of almond butter to them, so the mix keeps me full all morning now.

    The garlic-sriracha green beans are still killer; I’m going to need to find a way to do the same thing with other veggies (for variety). I’m thinking a green bean/broccoli/red pepper/onion/kale stir-fry over riced cauliflower, and maybe with one of the salmon burgers I bought at Costco. Speaking of which, I ate my first Costco salmon burger last night and it was sooooooo good. They’re probably going to become a regular purchase.

    For snacks, my miso kale chips have been doing a fantastic job. I took them into work yesterday and offered some to my coworker. He looked at them and turned his nose up, but then I made him smell them – they smell a little like the beef jerky I make. That intrigued him, so he tried them and reluctantly admitted that yes, these kale chips are and that they kind of sort of taste like jerky. #win

  3. Currently Craving: Another one of those salmon burgers. Really, it was crazy-good. Maybe I was just really hungry last night, but it was awesome.

    Not really craving sweets, nor pizza, which seems strange (and good). I completely skipped breakfast this morning, simply because I wasn’t hungry, and I can’t remember the last time that happened.

    Otherwise, I’m craving more kale chips. It’s like the more leafy greens I eat, the more I crave them. So weird, but kind of nice.

  4. Currently Loving: As usual, the bright spot of this week was volunteer stuff. I was able to obtain some access I’ve wanted (turns out if you email people often enough asking them to do things for you, they’ll eventually tire of your shenanigans and give you the access to do it yourself!), and I’ve set up a New Volunteer Resources folder within our online site. Within it, I’ve added some documentation that I’ve been working on, and there’s [potentially] more to come.

    I’m also going to be assisting with my first orientation session this coming week, so I’ve been seeing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that was previously hidden. We have what might be the largest batch of incoming volunteers ever this month, just being added to our little team. When I was told the current number of attendees, I almost choked – it’s about 1/3 the size of our existing team. Hot dang! How awesome is that?!

    With the addition of more trainees comes more opportunities for mentoring. I’ve made myself available to help organize things, so I’m hoping I get to do more. I know that I’m getting at least one, if not a few more, new mentees. #excited

    And finally, my volunteer engagement responsibilities have started, which is exciting and fun. I’ve been going back and forth with people on the best way to do things, and I think we have a pretty solid plan in place. Only time will tell, but at least it’s a start. When I got my mail this afternoon, I found a card in it thanking me for inviting the RC to my workplace on Wednesday, and for stepping into the engagement role. You know, I never ever send cards – I don’t even do Christmas cards – but it’s situations like these that make me second-guess that. They’re such a simple, inexpensive way to show appreciation – all it really takes is a handwritten note to make someone’s day and to give them the warm fuzzies. Message received. 🙂

  5. Currently Anticipating: So many things!
    • I’m on-call this weekend (as usual), but even if I don’t get a call from our Philadelphia office, I have lots of things to keep me occupied. I’m excited to have something to do with my Friday nights now. (OMG, stop showing the world how lame you are, Linds!)
    • I’m leading the charge for an onsite meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss some volunteer mapping initiatives. I’m pumped to get the chance to see people outside of a disaster and outside of our monthly meeting, and also thrilled to show off some of the stuff I’ve been working on. My goal for the meeting is to help us adopt a hybrid approach that’s both analytical and approachable. We’re going to be missing at least one key person, plus maybe one or two others, but I’m confident we’ll get things done.
    • Also anticipating that new volunteer orientation session. I’m always excited to meet the newbies.
    • Finally, the thing I’m probably most psyched about, is that I’ve been matched to a Little for BBBS! I’m not 100% sure what I can share, other than I’m going to meet my Little, a 10-year-old girl near my neighborhood, on Monday. After learning about her, I’m crazy-excited – she sounds a LOT like me. I’m nervous since I don’t regularly interact with kids, but she sounds absolutely amazing, and I’m so anxious (in a good way) to meet her!

That’s it for me! Have a great weekend, everyone, and if you’re in the path of the hurricane, stay safe!!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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