Maybe my stupidity this morning was due to my thermostat reading 50 degrees when I woke up. Or maybe I got distracted by pretty colors on trees, and that’s why my day started off so poorly. Then again, maybe I’m just dumb? The world may never know. But I’ve had one heck of a day and I’m not even halfway through it.

Things started off with a late wake-up call. When it gets unnaturally cold in my house, I tend to huddle under the covers in lieu of turning on the heat, so I was extremely reluctant to emerge from my cocoon today. 50 freaking degrees inside my house. That’s crazy. Despite my best intentions, the heat might have to be turned on tonight.

So I woke up late and had to drive to another park & ride in order to make sure I got a reasonable bus. The day was still salvageable at this point; I was only going to be about 15 minutes late. So I get inside the building, see that my boss is working from home and didn’t notice when I came in, and went to the kitchen to heat up my breakfast. While I was there, I glanced down at my bag and thought it looked a little funny. Something was missing. It wasn’t until I was carrying my breakfast back to my desk that it dawned on me – I forgot my work computer at home.

I’m not so easily discouraged, so I headed to our IT department to ask for a loaner. I waited and waited, probably close to 15 minutes, before anyone even realized I was there. And then when I told my story I was met with “It’ll take us at least 3 hours to image a new computer for you to use for the day.” So. I had a choice to make – do nothing and take all my calls from my cell phone for the next three hours and then have 4-5 hours with a loaner computer, or go home. Obviously, I chose to go home.

However, before I could, my boss’s boss stopped by because he’s been trying to set up time for us to discuss a project. We were planning on meeting today, but now I couldn’t. It was fine; we’re going to meet remotely instead, but how dumb did I look when I had to explain, “Yeah, I have to go home. I left my computer there.” Idiot.

The other reason I was in the office today was to grab t-shirts for a volunteer event I’m leading tomorrow for work. I got in touch with the t-shirt person, and she gave me a huge bag filled with probably 50 shirts… that in turn, I had to take with me to the bus. Awkward. Luckily, the one break I caught today was that the bus is a lot less crowded at 10am heading to the suburbs than it is at 5pm, so it was awkward, but not completely unbearable.

And now I’m sitting at home, wearing about 6 layers of clothing plus gloves, and I just realized I didn’t have anything ready for lunch since it was supposed to be Free Lunch Wednesday. Argh.

So yeah, not the best start to a day ever. I’m hopeful that all the crazies have been worked out and the rest of the day is going to be smooth sailing.


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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