Five Things Friday: 10/28/16 Edition


Happy Halloween weekend!

I tried so hard to get some sleep last night, and I mostly succeeded… until this morning. I turned out the lights by 10:30 and was probably fast asleep by 10:33 (I crashed pretty hard), but then I was woken up at 5 for a volunteer “APB” (all points bulletin), as someone called it this morning. I tried to ignore the request for help because I felt like I was dying, but then people started calling me instead of the person they were supposed to call. I have no idea what happened or why, but somehow my information got mixed up with the main person’s info and I received some responses to the “APB.” So between fielding phone calls and forwarding voicemails and texts to the appropriate person, I was wide awake by 5:20 or so. Sigh. Even when I’m not scheduled, I’m on-call. Normally I’d be all in on that (who doesn’t love feeling important?), but it was almost painful this morning.

I’m still totally wiped out, and all I really want is to take myself off the schedule for tonight and overnight so that I can try to build up some energy. The problem with that is that I’m the only person on the schedule tonight, and I hate leaving the schedule empty. I’m a little frustrated, but it’s really my own fault for being on the schedule every day. I mean, look at the timesheet above. That’s just crazy. As of this morning, I’ve either been on-call or did some sort of volunteer work for 47 days straight, without a break.

Just thinking of that makes me want a nap. It might be time to take a day or two off.

  1. Currently Reading: I finished Accidental Saints and absolutely loved it. I adored it so much that I requested Nadia Bolz-Weber’s first book, Pastrix, from the library. I’m still waiting for it to arrive, but I’m excited to pick it up when the time comes. In the meantime, I’m back to trudging my way through Wheat Belly Total Health. Compared to the humor in Accidental Saints, WBTH is much drier and more difficult to get through. It still contains great information and I want to learn more, but it’s really hard to concentrate on this book when I’m so worn out to begin with.
  2. Currently Eating: I made a grain-free, low-sugar banana almond bread a couple days ago, and it’s surprisingly fantastic. It doesn’t taste like it’s low-sugar and grain-free, and it’s a nice little dessert with some peanut butter on top. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble eating the entire loaf before it dries up.

    I’ve been rocking the grain-free, low/no added sugar thing for a little over a month now, and yesterday was my first time eating wheat in a long, long time. The lunch provided at the service project was a box lunch of ham or turkey sandwiches on whole wheat buns, apples, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and milk (whole milk & chocolate milk). I knew I’d be hangry if I only ate the apple in the box, so I ate the apple and the sandwich and chose a chocolate milk for “dessert.” First off, the chocolate milk was ridiculous. When you try not to add sugar to your diet and then you drink some chocolate milk, it’s just about the best-tasting thing ever. Second, I mostly felt fine after I ate the sandwich, but I really started to notice a difference later in the day. Not only was I starving by 4 pm, but I started to get irrationally annoyed at little things. Plus, the speed at which I lost steam during our volleyball game was something that’s never happened before – I literally went from happy/energetic/excited one minute, to so tired it hurt to talk the next. And by the time I left the game, I was in a terrible mood – I’m blaming it on the tiredness, but it could very well be because of the change in diet yesterday.

    So with that said, I plan on sticking to this plan long-term. There will be exceptions – DiBella’s day at work, for example, and the upcoming holidays – but 90% of the time, I plan on maintaining the grain-free/low or no sugar lifestyle. It just feels better, and I think I’m probably a much nicer person when I stick to it. 🙂

  3. Currently Craving: Not much. By the end of the night last night, I was regretting the lunchtime sandwich, so now I’m mostly craving vegetables. Good thing I have a big batch of them already roasted!
  4. Currently Loving: By this point, I’m sure a lot of you have seen this, but this video of a guy dressing up as his dog’s favorite toy is just ridiculously cute. At first, I was nervous for the guy – Taco and Tank would love that, but they’d also bite (chew toy, n’at). But this dog was just so darn excited and happy. How adorable!

    I know some of you have seen this video as well, but I thought it was cute. This sparked a conversation with one of my work teams earlier this week – we all want to move to TX. For the tacos, the margaritas, and now to vote for this dude.

    And finally, the video that gets funnier every time I watch it – Black Jeopardy with Tom Hanks. I freaking love Tom Hanks. Always have. Always will.

  5. Currently Anticipating: Meh.

    — I’m wishing very hard for a quiet evening and overnight, disaster-wise. Basically, I’m anticipating some rest.

    — I have to work tomorrow (big surprise), but if we can make a decent amount of money, it’ll be worth it.

    — On Sunday, I have my first Big/Little outing. I’m absolutely terrified, and a little bit excited.

    — We get paid on Monday, so that’s happy news.

    — I think we have a Team Leader volunteer meeting this coming Thursday, which directly conflicts with my volleyball game. Right now I’m not sure which one will win out, but based on all the stuff that’s been happening and some things that I’ve heard are coming down the pike, I’m leaning towards skipping volleyball in favor of going to the meeting.

It’s been an exciting week filled with sending documents to the President, leading a work volunteer event, and responding to a lot of disaster calls. While it’s been fantastic, I’m hoping for a more peaceful upcoming week. 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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