Five Things Friday: 11/4/16 Edition


This week has been… different. I’ve worked from home 4 out of 5 days, which has been nice (but weird). The reason being that something strange is going on, and I’m not 100% sure what it is.

You see, last week at volleyball I crashed HARD. You might call it hitting a wall, but I don’t think that was it. The reason why I don’t think that was it is that it’s happened several other days since. One minute I’m great; the next, I can barely move. I think part of the problem might be my first ever toothache – it’s been building up for a few weeks now, and Wednesday I hit my breaking point. I know which tooth is the problem (my dentist and I have kept an eye on it for the past 4 years; we knew it was going to be a problem at some point), and I’ve made a dentist appointment for tomorrow morning for a “cleaning,” at which point we can hopefully fix the problem. I’m hoping it’s just a cavity that’s gotten bigger, but the pain this week was unreal.

Wednesday I almost cried at work because of the pain. It was so painful that I kept feeling like I was going to throw up the entire time I was at work. Then weird stuff started happening – on the bus home, I put my head against the window (which, gross, but it was the one thing that seemed to dull the pain). When I did that, the pain seemed to disappear, but I got suuuuuper sleepy. So tired that I was once again afraid to drive home. And my legs felt like dead weight – they felt like they were made of lead, and they just got heavier and heavier as I inched my way closer to my car. By the time I reached my car, my arms started to feel like lead, too. I made it home and immediately collapsed into bed for a 2 hour nap – and I never ever nap, unless I’m legitimately sick. I fell asleep early Wednesday night and the pain mostly went away yesterday… until volleyball, when my legs and arms felt like they weighed 2,000 lbs and I suddenly was overcome with exhaustion. I sat in my car for a while following the game to get my strength back to drive, but it was another scary night. And then today, I mostly feel fine, and my tooth hasn’t hurt for one second – even through hot coffee and ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper.

Since Tuesday afternoon, I’ve been taking antibiotics that were left over from my eye surgery in July 2015, and I think they’ve been making all the difference. Considering that today I’m just tired and my arms and legs are unnaturally sore (and still a bit heavy-feeling) but otherwise I feel fine (so far), I’m wondering if it really is a tooth issue, or if something else is going on. Someone at volleyball suggested the flu, but it doesn’t feel like any flu I’ve ever had before – but then again, maybe I’ve never really had the “real” flu? In any case, I’m glad I’m starting to feel better.

I still have my dentist appointment for tomorrow morning (Saturday morning dental appointments – how convenient is that?!), and I’m a little nervous – I’ve never had anything more than a cavity and wisdom teeth extraction. I’d rather not start down the path of root canals and the like if I don’t have to.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

  1. Currently Reading: I’ve pretty much passed out early every day this week, but I’ve gotten a teensy bit of reading done. I’m still working on Wheat Belly Total Health, and I’m not even halfway through yet. Slowest. Reader. Ever.
  2. Currently Eating: Veggies are my friends. I’m a happy camper, food-wise. It’s still amazing to me how I no longer think about food or crave random things – from someone who used to think about food almost constantly  (because I loved it and enjoyed the variety), the difference is truly life-changing.

    Yesterday I made my garlic-sriracha green beans for dinner, but I added some Dijon mustard just for kicks. Winner!

    I am, however, getting a little tired of my standard protein options. I mainly eat chicken breasts or salmon burgers from Costco, and they’re both great, but I could go for something different. That brings us to…

  3. Currently Craving: Not so much a craving, as a desire for variety. I could go for some red meat. That’s not something I normally say, and I only really eat red meat at work on Saturdays (and that’s if there’s any left, which isn’t often), but I could really go for a nice steak. Or even a burger on a plate or on a lettuce “bun.” Or a pot roast. I’ve been looking rather pale, and I have a history of anemia, so I’m thinking I could use a little iron in my life.
  4. Currently Loving: No videos today, sorry. I’ve been a little distracted and tired. 😉

    I just got the go-ahead to lead two more volunteer training sessions, and was asked to present something I’ve been working on at our monthly meeting in 2 weeks, so I’m a happy camper.

    I was also just asked to assist another volunteer chapter on an initiative, so that’s also pretty cool. Things are running a little smoother this week, and I haven’t had as much involvement in stuff (luckily, with the state of things this week). Normally I want to be “all-in,” and I still do, but it was fateful that the slowdown happened this week while I wasn’t feeling 100%.

    I’ve been coming up with some great ideas for my 17 in ’17 list to try to build on what I’ve done this year in terms of volunteer stuff. I’m not sure of the logistics and feasibility just yet – 2017 is looking to be much more expensive than 2016 – but I’m excited for different ways to help out in the Pittsburgh community.

    And finally, while I wish we could have summer all year here in Pittsburgh, it’s getting colder, which means I’ve been slowly unpacking my winter goods. This morning, I was cleaning the area beside my work desk and found a hat I love wearing, but stopped wearing last year because it was starting to come apart. Since I had some time available to me, I got the ole thread and needle out and made like I was back in Home Ec class. Now my hat is fixed and ready to cover up my sloppy mop of hair at the first sign of snow. I’m not loving the idea of cold weather and snow, but I am loving that I’m self-sufficient enough to make simple adjustments to apparel I thought I might have to throw out. Yay, me!

  5. Currently Anticipating: Part of me is excited to go to the gym tonight, and part of me wants to nap until my dentist appointment tomorrow. It’s looking like this might be a dud week for gym-going, even though I’ve really only skipped Wednesday. My bed is where my heart is right now, though.

    While I’m nervous about the dentist appointment tomorrow – and I’m not usually afraid of dentist appointments because I don’t normally have anything wrong – I’m also a little excited to go. I don’t know if what’s wrong is a tooth/gum infection, an infection elsewhere/a systemic infection, or something completely different, but I’m hopeful that I can get some peace and resolution tomorrow. Even if it’s that my teeth and gums are fine – it’ll be great to rule something out. Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that I need to get a cavity filled (at minimum), and hopefully whatever does need to happen can happen before work tomorrow… and hopefully I won’t be all hopped up on Novocaine and painkillers for work. Then again, that might make work fun. 😉

    Last, but certainly not least, I have three volunteer events this week and that makes me supremely happy. One is to bring on a new worker-in-charge/soon-to-be leader; another is a new volunteer orientation that I’m leading (for all I know, I’m leading it by myself this month), and another is our team leader meeting that we were supposed to have this week and that’s been rescheduled for this coming week. Thank goodness it was rescheduled, because I can easily make both the meeting and our volleyball game this week (as opposed to this past week, when I would have had to skip one). It’s really all about me and my schedule, clearly. (KIDDING!) I am at my happiest, though, when I can do the two things I love most in the same day. ❤


That’s it for this week. Wish me luck at the dentist, and hope y’all have a great weekend!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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