Big Data

Big Data

I had a pretty whirlwind day, but I managed to get a lot accomplished.

I had a volleyball game scheduled for 7:45, but I had my clothes ready to go in my car and I had no reason to stop home… so I decided to cross visiting the Wood Street Galleries off of my 16 in ’16 list tonight.

I should preface this by saying I know absolutely nothing about art. Less than nothing, actually. So take this all at face value.

The current exhibition is called data.matrix, and it was created by Ryoji Ikeda. The exhibit consisted of a row of projections against a wall in a dark room – I think there were 8-10 projections being shown at the same time. The projections appeared to show data in different forms – numbers, codes, data points, etc. The entire length of the synced video(s) lasted around 10 minutes, so I was able to watch it a couple times.

There was a strobe light warning outside the galleries, and within the elevator, but i wasn’t quite prepared for just how intense the exhibit would be. There was some noise accompanying the images, and at times it made my teeth hurt. There was one section where it felt like I was undergoing electroshock therapy, so that was interesting. The main thing I got out of the show was just how beautiful data can be, oddly enough. I’ve worked with data for the past 10+ years – as a database builder, a data analyst, and now in building systems that analyze spend data. Never in those 10 years have I thought of data as “beautiful,” or anything other than utilitarian. But after viewing this exhibit, I have an appreciation for a new way data can be used – as art.

I’m glad I took the time to visit Wood Street Galleries this evening, even if I’m a little disappointed that it took me so long. For something that took less than a half hour to visit, and that is literally steps away from my office (right across the street), it’s absurd that I’ve never visited before. But now I know – Wood Street Galleries is a nice place to take a little break from work! 🙂


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