Five Things Friday: 12/02/16 Edition

Happy Friday!

The other day when I blogged about how I have so much more to learn about the volunteer stuff and how there is still so much access to obtain? No joke, the next morning, one of the first emails I saw was someone requesting administrator access to that site on my behalf. Surely that can’t be a coincidence. I’m just a liiiiiittle creeped out.

As for today, I’m on a quest to use up nearly 2 weeks of vacation days before the end of the year, so I have the entire day off… Except I put myself on the on-call schedule for the day (my first daylight shift during the week!), and I’ve spent the majority of the morning working on volunteer emails, trainings, and creating documentation to put on our portal.

So much for actually using the day off as a day OFF…

  1. Currently Reading: I read a few pages of Wheat Belly Total Health, but I’m a lost cause these days. So many things to do, so many new responsibilities, and no “free” time whatsoever. I renewed the book, though, so I still have it for a couple weeks. If I don’t finish it before it’s due again, I might give up.
  2. Currently Eating: I’ve always liked yogurt well enough, but I’ve never loved it the way some other people do. Maybe that’s because I’ve been eating the wrong kind. Move over, Greek yogurt, Icelandic Skyr is where it’s at. I bought my first Siggi’s yogurt a few days ago and ate it yesterday at work. I was floored. It’s so darn thick that I spent about 15 minutes playing with it (ugh, that’s what she said). I put it on a spoon and made a yogurt airplane, and I even tried shaking it on the spoon to get it to fall – nothing worked. It’s so thick that I had to either eat it or bang it on the side of the yogurt container for it to move. Impressive. Plus, a container has 8g of sugar – not ideal, but much less than many other brands. It’s my new favorite thing, and I actually went back to the store and got a few more. They’re not cheap, but the best things in life rarely are.
  3. Currently Craving: Meh, there are a few things, but none are food-related, and all are related to things I probably shouldn’t state publicly – especially since I clearly have no idea who’s reading this thing.

    One thing I’d really love is to have an entire day off from everything – no work, no part-time work, no volunteer stuff of any kind, no emails/texts/phone calls. Just one full day where no one needs me for anything. Based on recent events and transitions, I don’t foresee that ever happening. And let’s be honest here, if I went an entire day without any volunteer interaction, I’d probably be sad and initiate conversations on my own. Our volunteer team is my kryptonite.

  4. Currently Loving: A few things.

    A friend from high school posted something on her Facebook wall about those gift trees you usually see in stores and workplaces around this time of year – they usually contain paper ornaments with the age of a child and what they want for Christmas, and the idea is that you purchase the gift and return it unwrapped to the organization that’s set up the tree. She and her daughter recently saw one of those trees in our hometown mall food court, but there was a twist – the ornament tags weren’t for children, they were for senior citizens who don’t have family or anyone to visit them during the holidays. When I read her post last night, it absolutely gutted me. We (society) are so focused on giving to children in need during the holidays that senior citizens are often overlooked. I admit, I hadn’t even thought of it until I read what she wrote. But now it has me thinking, and it’s an idea I’d like to follow up on. The way things are going, should I make it to an advanced age, I will likely be alone and without any family to visit me (I have no brothers or sisters, and I’m not super-close to any of my family outside of my parents). I love the idea of donating to seniors, and I’m going to try to do something on my own even if I can’t find a similar tree in the Pittsburgh area.

    On a less virtuous note, I’m loving the fact that I might be getting a new computer for work. Surface Pros are the absolute worst computers in the history of technology, and when I took my computer to IT yesterday for the millionth time, they told me they’re actively engaged in selling the Surface Pros back to our retailer since they suck so much. I got the go-ahead to purchase a new computer, so now I’m in the research phase. The last thing I want is to get a new computer and have it suck as much as this one does.

    Another great thing is happening as the result of an annoying thing – I’m getting a new phone! And work is paying for it! My poor little iPhone 5S has been randomly deciding to stop ringing and vibrating without warning. For someone who’s on-call a good portion of her life, this turns me into a hot mess – I’m constantly checking my phone these days to make sure I haven’t missed a call. It’s not exactly a fun situation, and I’ve been dreading getting a new phone because a) they’re enormous these days and b) they’re insanely expensive. But there’s good news, because if the price of a new phone is billed monthly and rolled up into my existing cell phone bill (it will be), work will pay for my phone. So huzzah! My brand new iPhone 7 Plus with plenty of storage space will be shipped sometime over the next couple days. I. Can’t. Wait.

  5. Currently Anticipating: The arrival of my new phone so I don’t have to constantly check mine as though I’m more important than I really am.

    I’m not so much anticipating this, but I have 2 dentist appointments next week. My tooth has felt fine, but it’s probably going to be judgment day for it. I’m just anxious to be done with it all.

    I apparently worked my last Friday of 2016 back in mid-November… thanks to needing to use up vacation days, I’m off every Friday for the rest of the year, plus almost all Mondays (except 12/5), and I have a bunch of half-days that I’m taking as well. December might turn out to be a good month after all.


Have a great weekend, everyone!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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