Five Things Friday: 12/9/16 Edition


Sorry I’m so late with this week’s edition of Five Things Friday, but I’ve had a really awesome day and I’ve had zero time to stop and sit down until now.

I took a vacation day from work today and instead went to the volunteer office to shadow our program specialist and to learn more about the side of things I never get to see during the evenings, overnights, and weekends that I usually volunteer. I arrived at around 10 and stayed until about 4:30, which wasn’t too shabby for a day of work when I was technically off work.

I got to spend the day meeting people who have apparently heard a lot about me (one woman did the Wayne’s World “We’re not worthy” bow when she realized who the mystery person in the office was, which was hilarious and made my face turn red from embarrassment because I’m completely socially awkward). Along with meeting a lot of new people, I got to hang out and get to know some other people a lot better – it’s amazing how many stories can be exchanged in 6.5 hours.

Aside from meeting, greeting, and talking, I actually did a decent amount of work! I set up our big meeting room for an all-day preparedness event that’s happening tomorrow, moved some things around, put together a nifty little hard hat that I’ve since adopted (let’s face it, if anyone needs a hard hat walking through life, it’s me), got some additional access to more things, learned a lot about casework, discussed some opportunities with our director, got an application for a company credit card, updated a bunch of client records, and harassed a few other volunteers via email, text, and phone. It was a fruitful day, and it was an absolute blast. I kind of sort of want to repeat today’s adventures every single day for the rest of my life. ❤

Anyway, onto the main event…

  1. Currently Reading: I haven’t touched Wheat Belly Total Health this week, but that’s because I’m taking a break and getting into Pastrix. This is another book by Nadia Bolz-Weber, who wrote Accidental Saints. That book just blew me away, not least of all because the subject matter was outside of anything I’m typically interested in. The same is happening with Pastrix – I love it, and it’s making me think differently (which is good). Love it so far, and it’s a nice break from the academic-style Wheat Belly.
  2. Currently Eating: A lot of roasted vegetables – so many that I just ran out of them today. I guess I know what I’ll be doing either during the day tomorrow or on Sunday. I’m also really enjoying Snap Pea Crisps, which do have rice flour in them, but they’re gosh darn delicious. Coming from someone who abhorred peas until recently, that’s saying a lot.
  3. Currently Craving: I’m going to sound like a total weirdo for this, but I’m craving taking more days off from my job to work in the volunteer office. Honestly, I loved it so much today; I’m having trouble putting it into words. It wasn’t hard work, but there was always something to do, and I know that some of the stuff I did could eventually trickle down and legitimately save a life. I’m off again on Monday, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday of next week, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide to spend at least one of those days in the volunteer office working on my day off again.

    [Edited to add: In the time between starting and finishing this post, I’ve gotten confirmation that I’ll be going in again on Monday and I might be going to actual negotiation meetings – business casual for me on Monday!]

  4. Currently Loving: I can’t get into the details, but we took a call today where someone is moving and their rent is paid for the next month and a half.. and they want to donate their apartment (including furnishings) to a family that recently lost their home to a fire. Like, the person saw the fire story on the news and is actually giving the affected family their home for a month and a half. How incredibly amazing is that? I almost cried when I heard, and I’m not involved in the slightest. The more I hang out at the office, the more my faith in humanity is restored.

    After my day in the office today, I decided to surprise my parents and my fur brothers by driving an hour to see them. What I didn’t know was that the pups had spent the day at doggy daycare and were completely knackered. They still mustered up their usual exuberance and enthusiasm when they saw me, but they petered out after only about 20 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours. Still, it was fun to hang with them, and they’re both ridiculously lovable when they’re sleepy. I got to test out my new phone’s camera on them, and so far I’m pretty pleased. In the picture below, it looks like Taco is yelling at Tank. It might be my new favorite picture of them both.


  5. Currently Anticipating: I wasn’t going to attend the volunteer event tomorrow, but after the conversation I just had, I probably am – at least for part of the day. After that, I will head straight to work. Sometimes I dread spending the entire day and night away from home, but I find I’m much more willing to do so when part of my day is spent in that office.

    I’m looking forward to a real day off on Sunday – Little’s mom canceled on us for this week, so I have the entire day to myself (minus an on-call shift starting at 6pm). So far my plan is to roast some veggies if I don’t do that tomorrow, review some documentation, maybe take an online training or two, and maybe hit the gym. On second thought, that doesn’t sound like much of a day off…

    I’m pretty excited about Monday now that I know I’m going back to the volunteer office. While I was there today, I had a conversation with our director, who’s interested in discussing some opportunities with me; maybe we’ll get a chance to do that on Monday. I was also added to some new groups (including the team that I mentioned last week… strange how I was mysteriously added to it the very next day after I blogged about it), so I’m anxious to nose around and see what else I can learn on my own. If nothing else, I have A LOT of ideas for things I want to do with the team at-large, so coming in on my days off is allowing me to explore that and pick peoples’ brains. Basically, I want our chapter to be one that NHQ (national headquarters) looks up to as a model – at least for the disaster stuff. Based on discussions today, my thinking is in-line with the boss folks’ thinking, so I’m excited to see how I can help develop the team.

    And lastly, I’m hoping next week is awesome because 1) I’m only working 2.5 days; 2) I have my work holiday party (which is essentially another half day off since no work happens in the afternoon that day); and 3) we have our volunteer holiday gathering. I wasn’t going to attend the volunteer event since it’s wayyyyy out of my way and I won’t have my car with me, but I rub elbows with some of the greatest people in Allegheny County (nay, the world) and they are insisting on picking me up, driving me there, and then driving me back to my car afterwards. You try arguing with excessively nice people – it can’t be done. You can’t tell them that it’s no big deal if you don’t go, and you’re way out of the way for them – they don’t listen. They’re incredibly stubborn, exceedingly accommodating, and they’re the absolute best people to know. I feel lucky every day I get to interact with them. ❤


Have a great weekend, everyone! I know I will! 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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