Breakfast Movie

Breakfast Movie

On the way home from seeing the pups last night, I stopped for milk and decided to splurge on a Redbox flick for the night. I’d heard great things about Bad Moms from a bunch of friends, but I never went to see it in a theatre. Unfortunately, I got pulled into other things last night once I got home, so the movie had to wait until this morning’s breakfast.

[Funny enough, and totally off-topic, I woke up to a nice-sized bruise on my jaw and neck – it looks like someone decked me pretty hard. Unless I mysteriously blacked out at some point, I don’t think anyone did… but that sure was fun to try to cover up (and explain) at work today. Plus, it’s sore. So weird.]

Anyway, the movie lasted a little longer than I’d expected, but maybe it just seemed like that because I was anxious to leave the house. Still, I laughed a lot and I loved it. My favorite part wasn’t funny, though, it was the part during the credits where the different actresses are being interviewed with their own moms. I thought it was really sweet, and it drove home the point that every mom (and everyone) makes mistakes, but things usually turn out just fine in the end.

After the movie, I took my sweet old time driving to the volunteer office since the parkway was closed. What usually takes about 23 minutes, took nearly 45 today. Ugh. Thank goodness I didn’t have to be anywhere until much later…

While in the office, I ran into some people I haven’t seen in a little while, and I also met some new people who work with other groups. I got some intel on my Wednesday evening orientation attendees, and caught up on some emails and schedule things while I was there as well.

Eventually, I had to leave for work, and we actually ended up having a pretty decent night. Lots of entertainment, and a fair amount of money. It was kind of a nice day and night.

I have a bunch of things I should do tomorrow, but I might take it easy instead – I’ve been running around a lot these days and while I’m having a ton of fun, I know I’m going to pay for it someday soon. Either way, I should head to bed – I’m going to need some sleep to heal that wicked bruise on my face!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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