Pisco Power

Pisco Power

We had the earliest Saturday wedding known to mankind tonight, which was supposed to be a great thing – that meant we would be able to leave work while regular people were still out and about (nevermind the fact that we had to show up super early and missed the “good” parts of the day). We had a specialty drink of Pisco Sours, which neither of us bartenders had ever made before, so we got to try something new – plus, one of the attendees educated us on the origins of the drink. Additionally, a friend of mine – a former volunteer who moved away – was at the wedding, so I got to see her. All in all, it was supposed to be a pretty great night.

Then at around 7:45, while I was starting to tear down the bar, I got a disaster text. Since I was out for 12 hours yesterday and I was still at work, I ignored it… but then no one responded to it, and I started to feel guilty, so I bargained – if I could borrow a shirt to change into in lieu of my alcohol-smattered work shirt, and if they still needed someone after 9, I could go in. They jumped on that, so the last hour or so of my work entailed trying to clean up and tear down the bar while being on the receiving end of a flurry of texts. And then, as I was getting ready to leave, I was notified that there was another fire we were being sent to as well. So instead of enjoying a few hours of rest after a really long day yesterday and a looooong day of work today, I spent about 4 hours going to a couple more disasters.

The plus side is that I got to steal an instructor polo shirt… the downside is that I’m fairly certain I need to return it. Another cool thing is that one of the Salvation Army folks from yesterday’s marathon fire event was at one of the fires tonight and he recognized me and chatted me up. He said he’d leave his girlfriend for me, even… but he’s probably about 65 years old. 😉 (I’ve still got it!) And finally, maybe the best thing about tonight is that even though I was frustrated with some work stuff, I still got to end the night on a good note – any time I get to go help people, my day is pretty much made. So it was nice to end a hectic day on a high note.

I’m anticipating more insanity tomorrow, unfortunately. Little and I have an outing planned, and then I’m on call in the evening. Considering how ridiculous this weekend has been with fires and floods, I can’t realistically hope for a disaster-free evening. Maybe we got all the disaster crazies out Thursday through tonight, though, and tomorrow will be quiet. Let’s hope!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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6 Responses to Pisco Power

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  2. Nothing Personal says:

    You’re incredible. I thought about responding with a 2, but I was still battling the foggy hillsides of Greensburg. But I see you already had things under control. 🙂


    • Lindsay says:

      You were still in Greensburg at 8/9 pm?? Geez.
      I didn’t really want to go last night; what I really wanted was to enjoy the early departure from work, grab something from Redbox and have some time to myself. But dangit, I feel guilty when no one responds to a Swift911, and I can’t stop myself from offering to go. It’s (I’m) annoying.

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      • Nothing Personal says:

        Yeah, long story: I left my tablet at my third stop and had to double back and get it when I was almost at my fourth stop (I’m more annoying). That, plus a late start and crazy, crazy stores.

        The night you wanted to have was basically the night I enjoyed but only for about an hour because I fell asleep before I wanted to.

        I responded to a call this morning, kinda out of guilt because I couldn’t be on for tonight. It was a piece of cake compared to Friday though.

        Anyway, hope you have a relaxing night, with no calls.


      • Lindsay says:

        I know, I was texting Betsy about it before she sent the message this morning (the late morning message, not the 2am one). Saw you went. If I hadn’t had plans with my Little, I would’ve met Greg there.


      • Nothing Personal says:

        I’m actually glad I went. It was a little stressful, but that’s because my friend led me to believe his birthday party would be starting later in the evening, as opposed to just wrapping up after 6. Anyway, when I arrived at the chapter, Greg said, “I’m sure glad you’re going, because I haven’t been out on a call in months, and it’s nice to go with someone with experience.” That, along with so much exposure on Friday, was a huge confidence boost. I was even assisting Greg in doing the CAS mobile. Now, if only I could figure out my password problem and be able to do them on my own phone. As soon as I finish up some football articles, I’m going to attempt to change my password for a third time and use something totally different than the first two. Maybe that will work……….Anyway, thanks for the turbo-charged CAS practice on Friday. It came in handy today.


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