Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Howdy, friends. I am tired. I’m sure you’re surprised.

I spent the day with Little at Dave & Busters, which was interesting. I think I’ve only been to D&Bs with friends, at night, and while not 100% sober, so today’s outing was the opposite of all that. D&Bs is a much quieter place in the middle of the day, even with a Steelers game showing on the big screens. It was kind of weird, actually.

I’d forgotten how darn expensive D&Bs can be – I loaded $20 on a card (I told Little it was my Christmas gift to her – we’re not supposed to give big gifts, and she’s been dying to go to D&Bs) and told Little to go to town, but that $20 lasted less than an hour and the girl really truly tried to stretch that cash. In the process, we got to work on money (game credit) management skills – she knew how many game credits she had available to her, so she had to use them sparingly. She did a pretty good job, but she fell for some of those high-possible-ticket scam machines a couple times. We had fun, though, and she was thrilled to spend the day there.

After D&Bs, since we were in the area, I took her with me to Costco. To my surprise, she seemed to have a blast there as well – we browsed the sample tables (to the annoyance of one or two sample hander-outters) and took our time looking through the different aisles before I grabbed something for dinner.

After Costco, I figured she’d want to go home, but she wanted to stop at Target first – she likes going to the electronics section and trying on all the headphones. We hung out there for quite a while – listening to music, watching the tvs, and walking through the aisles. Eventually, it was time to drop her back off at home, and I had a couple more errands to run.

I tried my best to get all of my must-do stuff done before 6 (when my on-call shift started), and I mostly succeeded. I had a few smaller things that needed to be pushed to after 6, just because there’s only one of me and lots of things to be done – they can’t all get done at once. Still, I’m very very (exceeeeeedingly) thrilled to say that we haven’t had any fire calls yet tonight (knock on wood). I’m cautiously optimistic that one of the craziest weekends ever might finally be coming to a quiet close.

I’m off work tomorrow, and I think I might actually take the day to chill out at home. I feel like I haven’t been home in weeks, which isn’t totally true, but also isn’t far from the mark. Instead of going to the volunteer office or doing things that I should do, maybe I’ll just sleep in and do nothing. Okay, okay, okay, we all know that’s not going to happen – it’s not my style. But the sleeping in part, disaster-permitting, WILL be happening tomorrow, dangit. This girl needs some sleep like whoa!

Wish me luck on not having any calls tonight so I can finish up my errands and spend tomorrow in relative peace! 🙂


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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