Last Glimpse

Last Glimpse

Today was really much busier than I expected it to be, but I suppose that’s a good thing – the day flew by at rocket speed.

I started the morning by initiating (and mailing) a Target buyback for my old iPhone, which is something I should have done years ago with my last two phones. It’s not much, but I’m getting about $80 for my old iPhone 5s – the money (which will arrive on a Target gift card) is great, but I’m also thrilled to find a good use for it and to get it out of my house. I have so many old phones and iPods in my house that it’s ridiculous. Now I need to look into selling a 2nd generation iPod, an iPhone 3g, an iPhone 4s, and a little old Nokia…

After simply figuring out the buyback and mailing it, I felt super-accomplished… but then I returned some library books, got some new ones, led 4 meetings, finished out my timesheet for the year, and worked on some volunteer stuff before calling it a day. Before leaving for the bus, I decided to take a walk around Market Square to see all the Christmas decorations that I “missed” during Light Up Night since it was so insanely crowded. I wasn’t missing much, but I did get to play with the Live photos option on my phone while I was at PPG Place – you can’t tell from the static picture above, but on my phone, there are people whizzing by in the picture. Pretty neat; wish it would translate over to flickr and WordPress…

Today was probably my last day Downtown in 2016, or at least my last glimpse of the holiday decorations before Christmas is over, so I was glad I went to the office. I’m off until Wednesday, when I’ll work two very light days (everyone else is off, so I’ll be working from home) and then have another long weekend off until 1/3. I’m very much looking forward to some time truly off, without work or volunteer work – aside from a dentist appointment tomorrow, acting as a supervisor on Christmas Eve and working on some documentation stuff, I’m free as a bird.

Happy almost Friday, friends, I think we’ll be okay after all.


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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