The daylight part of today was surprisingly stupendous (which of course meant that the nighttime part of the day blew chunks).

I started the day off by going to a new-to-me park & ride and taking a bus that I’ve never been on before. Since Port Authority changed the way they do things and there’s no separate pricing for zone 1 vs zone 2 anymore, I finally figured out I no longer need to drive 15-20 minutes to get to a park & ride – I can just drive to the one about 5 minutes away. There are 2 of them within 5-7 minutes of my house, actually, which is fantastic. And really, there’s a bus stop probably 10-15 minutes walking distance from my house, but it’s at the bottom of an enormous hill, which would mean I’d have to walk back UP the enormous hill on the way home. Anyway, the point is, I took a completely new route today and it was great. Not only did I get to work faster, but this park & ride actually has sufficient parking spots so I don’t have to park on the street. I never realized how much that bugged me before today – every day, I’d walk back to my car at night and wonder what had been done to it. I’ve had threatening notes left on my car, someone destroyed my passenger mirror on my old car with a bat (or something – it was the side against the sidewalk, not the road), and I’ve legitimately seen drug deals go down just steps from my driver’s door. It was such a relief not to have to worry about those things today. PLUS, this might be the best part – the ride home was faster, too, and I got to the gym earlier than I would’ve thought possible on a commute day. My feet were moving on the treadmill by 5:45, which was seriously impressive. I usually don’t get there until 7:15 or so, so we’re talking a huge improvement. AND there were seats on the bus! The P1 is always full and I have to stand half the time (or sometimes people sit directly on me); the people on this bus were nice and quiet and I had a seat all to myself. Hurrah! I might start going to the office a little more often now! (Okay, maybe not.)

Then, to make the morning even better, my boss walked in just a couple minutes after me and he was carrying a bunch of pizza boxes. At 8:45 in the morning. Someone made a joke about breakfast pizza, but for real, that’s what it was – he just bought our team breakfast pizzas out of the blue. He called Mama Lucia’s last night and they agreed to open early to prepare his order. How crazy is that? Super-cool, though. And since he made it a point to set a slice down at my desk, I would have felt bad not eating it… so I did. And I paid for it the rest of the day with bloating and feeling like I gained 200 pounds in 5 minutes, but gosh darnit, it was good breakfast pizza. No regrets. Fine, maybe some regrets since I still feel terrible almost 14 hours later, but it was worth it as a treat.

The rest of the workday went better than expected, so I was a happy camper. Things got a little screwy and not great in the evening, but whatever. At least part of my day was awesome, and now I know of a better way to get to work from now on!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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