Five Things Friday: 02/17/17 Edition


Happy Friday!

Normally I have Friday evening off from everything, but another volunteer asked me to cover her Friday night and overnight shifts. I’m actually a little excited, not because I’m planning on going out on a call (it’s a supervisor shift), but because I might get to play around with automatic notifications again tonight. That’ll make me a happy kid. I’m so easy to please. 🙂

  1. Currently Reading: I’m thisclose to finishing Sweetbitter – with any luck, it’ll be done tonight. I’ve really liked it, even though it’s made me a little anxious while reading it. Makes me really appreciate where I am in life. 😉 Not sure what’s next, after I finish the book – I might take a few days and catch up on some magazines to get them out of the house.
  2. Currently Eating: I’m on a spaghetti squash kick, if only because it’s super-easy and fast to make in the pressure cooker.

    I’m also enjoying the almond flour brownies I made a little tooooo much. I’m like an addict when it comes to them – I’ve been cutting off small squares (like 1″), warming them up for a few seconds, and then topping them with Breyer’s vanilla/chocolate/strawberry ice cream. At this point, it’s a wonder I don’t weigh 400 pounds.

  3. Currently Watching: Just a couple days before finishing season 2 of Madam Secretary, I got a notification that season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is now available on Netflix, so… yeah. That’s been keeping me entertained on the treadmill these days. Season 2 is good, but not quite as funny as season 1… but there are still moments where I almost pee myself laughing on the treadmill, so I’m pretty satisfied with it.
  4. Currently Loving: Still waking up early, still hyper to the extent that it’s completely annoying me. And if I’m annoying myself, I can’t imagine I’m not annoying everyone around me. Hence, I’m working from home today. I can contain the excitement a little bit when there’s no one around to share it with. 🙂

    I’ve potentially secured some time off from work in the next week or two, either for volunteer purposes or for interview purposes. Either way, it’s pre-approved. Yay! But we don’t get President’s Day off, so I feel like the world owes me some time anyway (not really). So there.

    Last night I got to hang with one of my favorite people, and since there was some miscommunication about a post-meeting happy hour, it was just the two of us. It was nice, and I feel like things are back to normal; there was no arguing. I’ve come to understand that it’s a sign that I really adore a person if I can argue with them and not resent them afterwards; normally I can’t stand arguing. So he might be one of the few people who fall into that category. He’s also one of the few people who manage to draw information out of me, as I ended up spilling my guts about something that I thought was a huge secret. Turns out, he knew, and not only that, he was able to provide details. No idea how he found out, but wowzers, now I’m paranoid about the things that I write on the internet. Still, I trust him, so it’s fine.

  5. Currently Anticipating: Tomorrow is going to be a really weird bartending night, as all three of us bartenders are scheduled to be there for an event that’s relatively small. There’s almost zero chance that I’ll get to leave early; I’ll most likely have to stay till the end, but I’m trying to savor all the time I have left anyway. If this new job thing goes through, my entire life is going to be upended and my evenings and Saturdays will no longer be available, so I’ll likely need to quit in a few months (or sooner). No guarantees that I’m going to get it, obviously, but I’m at the point where I’m preparing for the distinct possibility.

    I keep practically begging my parents to come visit me, especially since I’ve visited them a bunch of times over the last few months, but so far they’ve ignored me. Maybe at some point they’ll get the hint? I wouldn’t mind a breakfast date with them on Sunday. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the pupperonis, so who knows. Maybe I’ll take a little road trip to see them if no one comes to visit me.

    Finally, the weather is expected to be awesome this weekend, so I’m anticipating not being miserable. 😉 Spring can’t come soon enough!


Have a great weekend, everyone!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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