Retro Uniforms

Retro Uniforms

I had a fun little volunteer-filled day today, and I’m feeling pretty darn content.

I’d planned on spending the morning and early afternoon at home, cleaning up my house before my parents arrived, but a disaster call changed that. No one was available, and since I was scheduled for 6pm, it kind of fell to me… so I just agreed to stop cleaning, hoped that my parents didn’t insist on visiting the house, and then headed out to the call. It was nice, because I got to go with one person that I hardly ever see, and another who hasn’t been on the schedule in a while. Both people were experienced, though, so my job was pretty easy. 🙂

On the way back to the office from the call, I got in touch with my parents to see where they were planning to go, and they agreed to just meet me in the Strip and we’d go to dinner from there. That left me with about an hour and a half to waste after we got back to the office, but I was okay with that – I always have things to do.

When I headed upstairs, I dropped in on an informal orientation that was happening, and I got to meet a new recruit. The guy is a former EMT and he was so! darn! excited! to be joining our team. Like, I love the kid already – he asked me lots of questions and then asked if I work there. Anyone who thinks I have any authority whatsoever is a person I automatically like. 😉 He was so excited to be on the team that he asked to jump on the schedule tonight, so we exchanged numbers. All night long, he’s been texting me questions about the team and training, and he’s also been sending me these little hopeful screenshots of PulsePoint fire notifications. When people are that excited about what we do, I tend to geek out hardcore, so we’ve had a fun text conversation going all night – enthusiasm is contagious, n’at. I’m excited that he’s excited, and I’m so happy our team is continuing to grow. ❤

Anyway, at some point, new guy left and I was left to my own devices, so I headed downstairs to the basement to look for something while I waited for my parents. I never did end up finding what I was looking for, but instead I found this adorable little uniform – a nice blast from the past. We have so many historical outfits, posters, books, pictures, etc. in the basement that I could easily get lost down there for hours at a time. Should we ever have any reason to use the old clothes for an event, I might just call dibs on the one in the picture; I think it’s pretty cute.

Eventually my parents made it to town and we went to dinner at Bigham Tavern, and then they dropped me back off at the office. So far it’s been a quiet night, but we still have an hour and a half left. Doesn’t look like the new guy is going to get his first call tonight, but his enthusiasm has made me excited to train someone new again.

Not a bad little Sunday! 🙂


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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