Still Breathing

Still Breathing

It’s been a big weekend for disaster responses in Allegheny County, but luckily things quieted down a little today. Thank goodness, because I was pulled into things on Friday and yesterday, and I was on the schedule for 24 hours today (midnight to midnight) – based on how the rest of the weekend went, I was afraid I’d have to be out all night.

We did have one call today, and I was supposed to be a supervisor, but no other leads were available to go… so I just took it. I’m glad I did, because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been out on a call, and I needed a good reminder of what it’s like. When we got back to the office after we were done, I let the rest of the team go and I headed upstairs to work on some paperwork. When I got to our disaster desks, I saw one of my favorite volunteers there, working on casework. We got to talking and ended up spending a few hours together catching up. The entire time, we both felt like we were dying – it was so dang hot on the second floor that I was afraid I’d need to peel down to underwear. The other volunteer felt the same way; both of us felt like we were suffocating and couldn’t breathe, but we just kept talking… until she finally had a lightbulb moment and said, “I would have sworn I’ve seen those windows open before.” So we got up to check and sure enough, if you exert enough energy, the windows really do open!

So yeah, we felt pretty dumb for sweating it out for a few hours. It wasn’t warm outside today, but the freezing temps worked wonders to make us feel normal again once we opened the windows. For people who enjoy spending their free time helping others, it’s a little ironic that we enjoy torturing ourselves so much.

We stayed and talked long enough that we decided to go get food, and we finally managed to grab the drink we’ve been suggesting to each other for months. It was so fun to hang out and talk about volunteers, policies, deployments, work stuff, etc. It’s so nice to spend time with people who are as passionate about the organization as I am, and I swear I get a million ideas for how to make things better each and every time I grab a drink or dinner with another volunteer. Can someone pay me to do that? Give me an expense account that I can charge drinks to, and I’ll take your staff out and come up with ways to make your company better. That might be my new idea of a dream job. 😉


Speaking of jobs, since so many people have sent messages asking how Friday went, the short answer is “fine.” The interview seemed to have gone very well, and the conversation that was supposed to last less than an hour ended up lasting nearly an hour and a half simply because we were bouncing ideas and energy off each other. Buuuut… it sounds like where I live is a big problem. The job is in a neighboring county that isn’t too far from my house (and it’s less of a commute, time-wise, than getting to Downtown Pittsburgh from my house), but they’re specifically looking for someone within the county. I’m willing to consider moving if I get it (after all, I hate my house), but it’s my understanding that this is a big roadblock. From what I’ve heard from a friend, the company faced a similar hiring issue a year or so ago in another area, and they passed over their ideal candidate because she lived in another county. So… no word yet, and probably not until some time next week (tell my brain that so it’ll stop making me anxious and let me sleep!), but I won’t be surprised either way. I still hope I get it, though, so I can feel the same excitement and energy that I experienced in the interview on a regular basis. ❤


Hope everyone had a great Sunday!


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I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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