For someone who’s been slightly miserable for much of her waking hours over the past few days, I sure did spend a lot of time outside today.

My initial plan for the day was to stay in bed, but it seemed so nice out. It was a little chilly, but otherwise beautiful. So instead of perfecting my bedhead look, I drove to the Strip and walked around for a while. Since this week kicked off the Lenten season, I’ve been seeing pictures of fried fish everywhere. One picture in particular stuck out in my mind as a Thing I Need To Try, and that was the battered cod from Wholey’s. For as many times as I’ve been in Wholey’s, I’ve never bought any of their prepared foods until today. Now that I’ve tried the fish, I can’t imagine it’ll be the last time – it was pretty darn fantastic.

I kept walking and stopped at Lotus for some miso paste, and then decided to meet up with a friend. So I walked back to the volunteer office (where I’d parked) and met him, and then together we walked the whole way back into town. Our destination was one of my favorites that recently opened for the season: Betsy’s Ice Cream. We took a little bus safari (T safari) to get there, but eventually we made it. I opted for half a scoop of Sage Salted Almond and half a scoop of Candied Bacon. I was quite the happy kid, and I’m so happy ice cream shops are reopening now that we’re (fingers crossed) out of the danger zone of winter.

Eventually we safaried our way back to the volunteer office and I headed home. As soon as I set my bags inside the door, I got the strange urge to go back outside and clean up the yard. Since my nearest neighbors have apparently moved away, I feel like I have a bit more privacy now… so I was much less self-conscious about cleaning up some of the dead stuff in the yard. I ended up spending two hours out there, until it got too dark for me to see what I was doing. Within those two hours, I filled about four garbage cans’ worth of dead branches/plants/leaves, cut down the better part of a tree that was hanging over my property (I’m really digging having a saw at the house, although I wish it were mechanical), and found a skull from what appears to be a medium-sized bird. There was also a patch of land that looks suspiciously like someone had buried something beneath it recently – it was a rectangle of earth that was upturned and soft and sinking – but to be honest, I was too nervous to dig into it to see what was happening. Let’s all just hope there isn’t a dead body in my backyard, okay?

In the process of doing all this mysteriously gratifying yard work, my other neighbors came out of their house. I’ve met them a few times in the nearly nine years I’ve lived here, but we haven’t talked much. They were cool when I met them before, though. They started up a cheerful conversation with me, and I made it turn awkward real fast. Here’s a rough transcript of where it went wrong:

Guy: My name’s [guy], and this is [lady].
Lady: Yep, we’ve met, nice to see you again.
Me: Hey, nice to see you again, I’m Lindsay. [To guy, remembering the station license plate on his truck and that I used to see the Allegheny Co. Emergency Services Vehicle in front of their house all the time] Hey, you’re a firefighter, aren’t you?
[Awkward pause]
Lady: Uhhhmmm, no. That was my husband, he was the chief. He passed away two years ago.
[Insert the sound of my face turning bright red and me wishing I could sink into that weird rectangular patch of upturned earth in the yard.]

But it was all good, the neighbors were super nice about the whole thing, and I learned the story of how they met. Apparently their kids put them on Tinder (I couldn’t make this up if I’d tried), and now they’re all gushy and in love and it’s pretty darn adorable. And bonus, the guy has a “nice Jewish son, 27, he’d love you!” that he plans to bring over some time. 😉

So while I may end up paying for spending a full 8 hours or so outside in the chilly air today, at least I had the chance to eat some good food, find a carcass in my yard (hopefully just one), reconnect with my neighbors, and maybe even snag a date.

Not bad for a day I’d planned to stay in bed!


About Lindsay

I'm a Burgher who loves trying new foods and activities. I also seem to love getting myself into trouble. Basically, I'm a trainwreck waiting to happen. :)
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